How To Save Money

Saving money can be extremely difficult, however below are over 100+ ways that you can save money in 2019 and still live a happy life!

Saving little amounts on bills and shopping and other expenses from time to time can help you gain that little bit extra at the end of each year. Whether you are from the USA, Ireland, UK, India, UAE or China, there are numerous ways in which you can save money. Below are a variety of ways that you can save your cash and help you spend it on the thinks you love.

If you manage to save money, make sure you put your money into credit union or bank account.


How To Save Money At Home

  1. Cook Dinners at home and eat out less
  2. Turn off cooking appliances such as electric ovens at the plug when they are not being used.
  3. Turn off your TV at the plug then not being usedhow to save money
  4. Turn off radios at the plug if no one is listening
  5. Turn off the immersion when you have enough water
  6. Only boil enough water as you need from your kettle
  7. Turn off heating appliances if you are leaving the house or gone out for the day
  8. Recycle your waste
  9. Have your own compost bin for food waste
  10. Do DIY on things you can fix rather than getting a professional (Only where necessary)
  11. Grow your own fruit and vegetables
  12. Use your washing machine only when you have a full load.
  13. Install low flow showerheads and toilet cisterns
  14. Don’t use an electric shower
  15. Install solar panels or generate energy with a windmill
  16. Use only energy efficient appliances
  17. Insulate your home to reduce heat loss
  18. Insulate your water heater so heat doesn’t escape
  19. Bleed radiators so that they are efficient
  20. Use solar chargers for charging smartphones, tablets and laptops
  21. Cut your own lawns and hedges and do your own gardening



How To Save On Bills

Bills come in on a regular basis. Some include energy bills, heating bills, taxes, car insurance, home insurance, contents insurance and many more. Here are some ways that you can save money on your phone bills.




How Changing Lifestyle Habits Can Help Improve Your Wealth

There are some habits that we all have that costs us money. Some can be changed while others we can adjust to curb our spending.

  1. Go on a healthy diet that reduces your consumption of food
  2. Save Money by quitting Smoking
  3. Plan your meals to avoid food waste

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How To Save Money On Motoring Expenses

Having a car or motorcycle will cost you money on a weekly and monthly basis. Here are some tips to save cash on your motoring expenses.

  1. Walk rather than taking the car or public transport
  2. Cycle rather than taking the car or public transport
  3. Drive a hybrid car
  4. Shop around for motor insurance
  5. Plan your journeys
  6. Carpool to work or social events
  7. Eco drive your car
  8. Price different mechanics and garages for the best price for servicing your vehicle
  9. Wash your car yourself
  10. Fill up with gas when fuel prices are low
  11. Keep tires inflated to optimal level for best efficiency
  12. Use air con only when you need it
  13. Only have your window rolled down when stationary
  14. Only fit a spoiler on your car if you are racing. Spoilers reduce efficiency in day to day use.
  15. Shop around and look online for prices for new tires.

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Save Money On Insurance

Insurance can be costly, no matter if it is home insurance, car insurance or life cover, try these tips to reduce your spend:

  1. Shop around and compare insurance quotations
  2. Bundle your insurance policies to help you save money
  3. Switch insurance companies each year to save money
  4. Watch out for join now deals from insurance companies, they can save you cash.
  5. Ensure you get the right cover from your insurance or it may cost you more in the event of an accident



How To Save Money On Shopping

We all have to do shopping from time to time. Here are some ways that you can easily save your cash when shopping;

  1. Use coupons for items that you buy
  2. Use Mr.Rebates for cashback on shopping and to find coupons
  3. Buy items that are on sale
  4. Buy holiday decorations and gifts after the holiday is over
  5. Use a list when shopping
  6. Buy only what you need for your meals for the week ahead
  7. Check the best before dates of your food products before you purchase to save on food waste.
  8. Shop online for clothes to save a trip to your local clothing store
  9. Become a member of your local library instead of buying books
  10. Rent DVD’s instead of buying them
  11. Hire machinery and tools instead of buying
  12. Shop for items at discount stores
  13. Shop at cheap grocery stores like LIDL and ALDI
  14. Download smartphone apps that offer free coupons
  15. Buy groceries on offer in bulk if they have a long best before date.
  16. Reduce your dependence on buying water. Get a reusable container.
  17. Stock up on non-perishable items when they are on sale
  18. Shop for second hand items such as video games
  19. Download music and games online when there are discounts and sales
  20. Borrow items of friends rather than buying
  21. Buy gifts while on sale and save them for when they are due
  22. Find alternative branded items for sale on eBay
  23. Buy generic brands rather than high street brands
  24. Do not go browsing in shops if you do not need something urgently – This reduces temptation to buy something

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How To Start Saving Money On Technology

Technology costs money. Here are ways that you can easily save money on your tech.

  1. Use Google Docs and Google Sheets instead of buying Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel software packages
  2. Swap software with friends rather than buying it
  3. Get internet security license for a number of devices rather than one license
  4. What to do when your Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 will not turn on
  5. Use solar powered chargers to save you money
  6. Buy refurbished electronics at lower price than brand new items.
  7. Find news online rather than buying a newspaper
  8. Get a bundle for phone, mobile, television and internet
  9. Consider using Netflix or Hulu rather than paying a TV subscription



How To Save Money On Credit Cards

  1. Switch credit cards to those that offer lower interest rates
  2. Get a credit card that has a good rewards program
  3. Use a prepaid credit card
  4. Pay off credit card debt to avoid penalties
  5. Cancel your credit card if you are no longer using, to avoid fees



10 Best Ways To Save Money On Holidays

  1. Use AirBnB to find cheap accommodation
  2. Stay in holiday apartments rather than hotels
  3. Book flights months in advance of travel for best prices
  4. Use discount travel sites for package holidays
  5. Try last minute package holiday deals
  6. Travel to less expensive locations
  7. Buy foreign currency to your travel location when exchange rates are favorable.
  8. Buy currency rates at banks that have low to no commission rates or fees.
  9. Research where to eat at your travel destination to plan your meals.
  10. Buy holiday wear at the end of season sales



How To Grow Your Savings

  1. Switch bank accounts to get the best interest rates for your savings
  2. Download a budgeting sheet to keep track of your spend each week/month
  3. Aim to put a certain amount of cash into your savings account each month
  4. Switch mortgage providers or refinance your mortgage to help save on repayments
  5. Consolidate your loans into one.
  6. Do your tax returns each year to see if you are owed a tax rebate
  7. Do your own taxes online rather than paying someone to do it for you


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