We all love to make some savings when we are shopping online. Did you know that you can make some great savings shopping on your favorite high street retailers by using cashback websites? Cashback websites or also commonly known as rebates websites, can help you make significant savings on your online shopping as you can earn cashback rewards, get coupons and vouchers for just signing up to these websites.


We have listed a the best tried and tested cashback websites for you to sign up to for free. Some of the best websites offer additional ways for you to make money online and add to your savings.

4 ways you can save money with cashback websites

As mentioned above cashback websites allow you to save money by offering you:



You usually get coupons for free when you sign up to the best cashback sites however, not all sites provide this. Normally coupons are for the top and best known retailers. Coupons can be printed and used in store at your favorite shops.

If you want to know more about coupons see our coupons page


Promo Codes

You might receive promo codes for popular online retailers when you sign up with the top rebates sites. Promo codes normally can save you between 5% – 50% on your next purchase.


Vouchers / Gift Cards

For cashback sites that offer rewards when you reach a minimum threshold, they might offer you to cash out your rewards with a voucher or gift card for a popular retail store. Just be careful that your voucher or gift card has an expiry date. If this is the case you may not be able to use it after the expiry date.


Cash Rewards

Getting cash rewards for your online shopping is the best solution for your finances. When you accumulate enough credits or points (depending on the Rewards website that you have signed up to) you can then proceed to cash out and receive your cash via check or Paypal.


The top 5 Cashback Websites And Rebate Sites 2024

Here is a countdown of the top websites that can save you money throughout 2024.

20) MyPoints

MyPoints have been offering cashback for over 20 years and continue to help their members save money. The cashback rates are normally lower than any of those listed below however the site is a reliable one and you will receive your rewards once you reach the threshold of $10  for a gift card or $25 for PayPal Cash.


19) Hoopla Doopla

Hoopla Doopla have been helping people save money since 2009. The offer decent cashback rewards and they have exclusive coupons and daily deals to choose from. Minimum thresholds for this site are $5 for PayPal and $10 to get paid via check.


18) CashCrate

CashCrate has been mentioned on Moneyjojo many times and has been listed in the top survey sites for 2016. Their payments for cashback is decent but not the best when comparing the rest of the list below.

Check out our full review of CashCrate.


17) Unique Rewards

UniqueRewards is a brilliant website and one where you can genuinely earn money and make great savings buy doing fun stuff like watching videos, answering surveys and save money by shopping online.


See our review of UniqueRewards


16) CouponSurfer

CouponSurfer do coupons only but have pretty good coupons, deals and offers for people who sign up to their website.


15) InboxDollars

With 1.6 Million Likes on Facebook, this is one popular website. This popularity has grown over the 15 years in which InboxDollars have been in business.

You can earn money with this website through answering surveys, playing games and completing offers, however the cashback side of the side is slightly limited to just a few leading retailers. Despite this limitation, you can still receive good cashback offers from this website.


14) TopCashBack

TopCashBack have tried to market themselves as the best cashback website and say that they offer the best rebates for your shopping. Overall it is a decent website to sign up for.


13) Cashback House

Cashback House is a plain and simple cashback website that offers rebates on your purchases and you can find many coupons, discount offers and promo codes.

With this site you will easily be able to save money with your next online purchase.

Cashback rewards are paid at a minimum of $10.01 and the service will payout weekly via PayPal and Check.


12) Ebates

Ebates is a big player in the cashback market and offer some of the highest cashback offers. There is a cash threshold of $10 for this website through check or Paypal.


11) GiftHulk

GiftHulk is a well known get paid to website (GPT website) that offers rewards for cashback with over 100 popular retail stores. They have a great opening line: “They say nothing is free. We disagree.”

With GiftHulk You get paid in Hulk Coins, where 1000 Hulk Coins are the equivalent of $1. Once you reach 5000 Hulk coins you can cash out the minimum threshold of $5 via Paypal but you can also receive gift cards.


10) Sunshine Rewards

By signing up to Sunshine Rewards, you can receive printable coupons, promo codes and cash back rewards for your shopping. This is a popular website and you may if lucky receive a cash bonus upon sign up. The cashout is $20. The site is reputable and has been around for quite a while.


9) Ibotta

Ibotta has become one of the most popular rebates websites through the success of their Facebook account, Android and iOS apps.

The cashback service offer rebates from a wide database of retailers online and offline including grocery, electronics, travel, entertainment and much more.

Payment by Ibotta is given by Paypal or gift cards worth a minimum of $10.



8) Gyft

With Gyft, you will get cashback points for buying gift cards for popular online stores through their website. You can buy gift cards for online and offline stores like Amazon, Starbucks, Target, Walmart and many more.

When you accumulate the minimum number of points to meet the threshold you can cash out with a gift card of your choice.



7) Retail Cashback

Established in 2013, the site is one of the newer rebates sites. By signing up you can get 30% cashback rebates on your shopping from over 4000+ stores.

Retail cashback is also a good site to find discount codes and coupons for all your favorite retailers.


6) SavingStar

SavingStar is a simple to use website where you can earn a percentage of their commission when you make a purchase by clicking through their links. Cash out from this website is at $5 which is relatively low when compared to others listed above.


5) Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a popular get paid to website that offer money for doing fun stuff online and also offer some cashback rewards.

Swagbucks is easily one of the best paying GPT website in the world. The rate of cashback they offer depends on the online shop you click to, however, Swagbucks are competitive.

See our review of Swagbucks


4) RefundSweepers

RefundSweepers is similar to CouponSurfer listed above and provide a wide range of coupons that you can print out but you can also receive rebates. Overall, you can receive coupons to make a huge savings on groceries, electronics and much more.


3) QuickRewards

QuickRewards is one of the best cashback and get paid to websites as listed in our various best-of money making websites for 2024.

Not only can you make money through surveys, watching videos and online games but you can also earn money through cashback rewards.

See our full review of QuickRewards



2) Mr. Rebates

Mr. Rebates was the king of cashback for 2017 as they offered a generous free $5 sign up bonus, however that is now gone. It is still worthy of its place as the 2nd best cashback websites and rebate sites 2024.

This site is a cashback and rebates site and they will give you decent cashback rewards on purchases that you make.



By signing up to this free website you can make generous savings and grab many discounts from over 2000 retailers in the US and Canada.

Cashing out, there is a minimum of $10 which will be sent to you either via check or Paypal, whichever you choose. Once you reach this threshold, you will be able to immediately request to cash out.

Another benefit with Mr. Rebates is their generous referral program where members earn 20% of the cashback rewards of their referrals for life.


Sign up to Mr.Rebates here for free.



1) Dollar Dig

Dollar Dig is a fantastic website offering good rates for their cashback offers. You can also get free coupons to use when you shop online and you get cashback on those also. It is easy to use and the rewards you get back on purchases are probably the best you will find online.

As a result it is number one in our list of the best cashback websites 2024.


There is a large selection of shops for you to choose from high end online retailers including Target, GameStop, Macy’s, Disney Store, Norton, Uber and many more!

The site has a $25.00 cashout threshold and you will get paid once you request your payment.


Get $2.50 free when you sign up here!


Your next step

You should now sign up to the top cashback and rebates websites today to start saving money. If you have any other sites that you know of and you are saving money from, use the contact form below. Don’t forget to sign up to our newsletters to receive updates on making money and tips for saving money.


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