The Best Ways To Make Money

There are countless ways to earn money, either by getting a job, making money online or starting your own online or offline business.

The best way to make money is by getting a job and progressing on your career. However as of late, jobs have been hard to come by in a large number of countries throughout the world.

With relatively high unemployment in USA and in countries in Europe, alternative methods of making money have become ever so popular.


Below are the 100+ best ways that you can start earning money. If you only want to know about ways to earn money online, see our making money online page.

We have numerous ways listed below on how to make money fast online, how to earn money with Google, how to earn money without investment and how to get free money.


100+ Best Ways To Earn Money In 2020


1) Start Writing For Cash

One of the easiest ways to earn money on the internet for free and without investment is to start writing for people. If you are good at writing and are proficient with grammar and spelling, then this could be a great job for you.

Text broker is a site that you could try for free to start getting paid for writing. There is also Fiverr, but the best way to earn money writing is to approach your target market directly and offer your services.

Check out writing for cash jobs


2) Earn money with a car wash business

A lot of people need their car washed buy someone else as they simply do not have time to do it themselves because of work and family commitments.

See how you can earn money with a car wash business.



3) Start a window cleaning business

Learn how to start a window cleaning business and make money cleaning windows for people in your local areas.



4) Online Marketer

Online marketing offers huge opportunities for people who want to work for themselves at home or work with any company. The fact is that today nearly every company needs online marketing to generate new business. If you learn the skills you will become employable or be able to create an ultimate side hustle to boost your income.


5) Sell Ebooks

Ebooks are popular among a wide range of audiences. If you have a particular interest in a certain area or you have a unique story, why not write about it, publish it, promote it and you will start seeing sales!



6) Earn Money As A Tradesperson

Are you good with your hands? Would you be interested in becoming a builder, carpenter, plumber or electrician? There is always be a need for a tradesperson no matter where you are living.

If you have a trade business, you can increase your profits by making your business more effective. 



7) Start earning money from online surveys has a large amount of content on Making Money From Online Surveys. This is a solution for making money in your spare time.

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8) American Consumer Opinion

American Consumer Opinion is a reliable, BBB accredited survey panel that pays members in the US, Canada and UK very well!


9) PanelPlace

PanelPlace is one of the best paying survey sites on the internet right now. PanelPlace has been listed on our top 5 surveys lists


11) Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is a solid choice for those with some free time and enjoy giving their opinions. Opinion outpost is also one of the oldest and most respected survey panels that you can find online today.


12) Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll Online is a high paying survey and well worth the time. A popular choice among those who are dedicated to making money with paid survey panels.


13) Earn Giftcards And Prizes For Browsing The Internet With Gener8 Ads

Gener8 Ads is a great way to earn Amazon and Steam gift cards by simply browsing the internet. What Gener8 Ads basically does is removes ads on websites serving advertisements and replaces them with their own. You get paid in points, the more websites that you visit and their ads that you view.


14) Get Paid To Websites

There are lots of get paid to websites that pay you for doing simple tasks like answer polls, answer surveys, watch videos, shop online and even play games.


15) QuickRewards

QuickRewards is an excellent get paid to website that will pay you to play games, answer surveys and shop online.


16) Swagbucks

Swagbucks is the king of get paid to websites. Swagbucks offer great cash prizes including coupons when you answer surveys, play games and shop online.


17) InboxDollars

InboxDollars have been around for a long time. They have thousands of active users each month and pay you for surveys and shopping online.


18) PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is one of our favorite get paid to websites in 2020. They offer high paying surveys and pay you to watch videos. You can also earn money by using their paywall.


19) UniqueRewards

UniqueRewards is a old website that is still paying people to do surveys, play games, read emails and click on ads.


20) Earn Cash Making Apps

Can you create an Android or iOS app? You can start making money by creating Android apps and earning cash through running ads in your apps from ad networks.


21) Use AdMob to monetize your app.

Do you have an app on the Google Play Store or iTunes store? If so, you can monetize the app by having Google Admob ads displaying on the app.


22) Sell Apps For Cash

There are lots of apps that will pay you to do fun activities such as download apps, watch videos and answer surveys.

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23) Use Android Apps That Pay You

There are a wide range of apps that you can find in the Play store that allows you to watch videos, fill in surveys and download promoted apps and get paid for it.

24) CashKarma

Cashkarma is a leading app that pays money to those who install it, answer surveys and install apps. You also get rewarded for logging in every day.


25) Pay Poll

Pay Poll is a mobile app that is free to install that also pays you to answer surveys. You get paid to your PayPal account.


26) CashApp – Cash App Rewards

27) CashPirate

28) AppKarma

29) Cashback Websites

30) Mr.Rebates

31) DollarDig

32) Ebates

33) Ibotta

34) SavingStar

35) RetailCashback


36) Get Free Bitcoin And Exchange for cash

You can earn free Bitcoin online buy joining free bitcoin faucets and using bitcoin apps. First of all, you will need a bitcoin wallet.


37) Bitmaker

38) Bitcoin Farm

39) BTC Safari

40) Free Bitcoin Miner: BTC Faucet


41)Earn Cash As A Freelancer

There are numerous ways to earn money as a freelancer. You can set up profiles on freelancing websites such as Upwork or just go out knock on doors, offer your services and see what happens for you.


42) Fiverr

You can make money with Fiverr by offering your skills and services to others. You can charge between $5- $400 per service if you become a level two seller by selling 30 gigs.



44) Freelancer

45) Sell your old stuff

46) Sell old scrap metal


47) Get paid to travel

Do you enjoy traveling? Would you like to get paid to travel? Read our article on how to get paid to travel.


48) Become A Babysitter

49) Become A Petsitter

50)Sell Your Blood Plasma


51) Get Paid To Play Games

There are a number of websites that will pay you to play games. See this post on how to earn money by playing games.


52) Become A Gardener

53) Set Up A Lemonade Stand

54) Set Up A Bake Sale

55) Become A Street Performer

56) Rent Out Spare Rooms

57) Rent Out Your House

58) Use

59) Become A Tutor

60) Sell Exam Notes

61) Make And Sell Crafts

62) Sell Old Books

63) Sell Old Video Games

64) Sell Old Games Consoles

65) Sell Old VCR Tapes

66) Sell Stock Photographs

67) Get Paid To Test At Usertesting

68) Do Oddjobs on Taskrabbit

69) Set up a cleaning service

70) Sell Your Time For Resume Appraisals

71) Become A House sitter

72) Apply For Movie Extra Roles

73) Mystery Shopping

74) Provide A Moving Service

75) Become a Painter

76) Provide A Storage Service

77) Pool Cleaning

78) Taxi Driver

79) Uber Driver

80) Become A Project Manager

81) Food Delivery Service

82) Fast Food van

83) Employee Referral Program

84) Graphic Designer

85) Web Developer

86) Sell GPS dog collars

A solution for all dog owners to track their pets is by having tracking devices on their collars, however this is a market that has not taken off yet.

87) Sell Business Cards

88) Website Flipping

89) Domain Flipping

90) App Flipping

91) Data Entry

92) Translation

93) Transcription

94) Social Media Management

95) Telesales

96) Field Salesperson

97) Blogging

98) Affiliate Marketing

99) Amazon Affiliate Marketing

100) Become a Virtual Assistant