Have you ever head someone saying they made 100K last year? The letter K is used in terms of words quite often. Like using terms like “5 figures” to describe money, it can often be confusing for people to understand. 

What Does K Mean In Numbers

In this post we show you what does K mean in numbers and give you some examples like how much is 5K.


What Does The K Stand For In Numbers and Money?

K means thousand. K is derived from the Greek word “kilo” which means thousand. Kilo was a term used in the Greek metric system.

The word “kilo” is the prefix for 10^3, so K is the prefix for 10^6 or 1,000,000. So when we see a number like 1.2K, it means 1.2 * 1000 = 1200.

Sometimes the K in money is referred to as a “grand”.

K stands for 1000. It is used as a prefix to indicate multiplication by 1000.

K stands for thousand, which is the number that follows 999. This is because 1000 equals to one thousand, which can be represented as 10x10x10.


What Does Grand Mean in Money?

A grand is a slang word for a thousand. If someone said they earned 2 grand in a week, it means they earned $2000.

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How Much Is 1K In Money?

1K is the equivalent of $1,000 dollars in money. 1K is an abbreviation of one thousand.


What Does 2.3K Mean?

2.3K simply means 2,300 in mathematical terms.


2.9K Is How Much In Money?

If someone gives you a figure with a decimal point it can be confusing to figure out how much they are asking. If someone says 2.9K it means 2,900. The decimal point is the hundreds point within a thousand.

K meaning kilo or thousand, the .9 of the 2.9K figure example is .9 of a kilo. therefore 2.9K = 2900.

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How Much Is 5K?

5K means 5000. 5K is the abbreviation for 5,000.

What is 5k in money? 5K in monetary terms can be an abbreviation for 5000 dollars, 5000 British pounds 5000 Euros etc.


How Much Is 10K In Numbers?

10k in numbers is written as 10,000. 10K can denote ten thousand in money or as a distance.


How Much Is 25K In Numbers?

25K in numbers refers to 25,000 which can also be written as; twenty five thousand.


How Much Is 100K?

100K is an arbitrary number. It can be translated as 100,000. 100K in money is $100,000.

100k = One hundred thousand.


What Is 100kk?

If someone says 100kk they are referring to 100,000. This could be 100,000 dollars or 100,000 bitcoin.


Is A Thousand A Big Or Small K?

The proper way to depict a thousand is referred to as a lowercase k. The uppercase K is often used to denote a thousand, however this is improper use.

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What Is The Meaning Of 100K On Social Media

Social media networks use K as an abbreviation for large popular social media profiles that have thousands of followers or “Likes”.

Someone with 100K followers will have 100,000 – 101,000 followers of their social media page. 


What Does the K Mean in Likes?

If you are a social media user and you see a post on Facebook or Instagram with over 5K likes, the K stands for thousand. Therefore 5K Likes, means 5,000 Likes.


What Does the K Mean in Distance Running?

5k has a number of meanings. 5K can refer to money, running distance and cycling distance.

It is also worth noting that K can also mean distance in events like athletics and running. You may hear someone state: I have entered a 5K road race. The K is related to distance covered in kilometer. 

If someone has done a 5K distance range it means they have run a distance of 5 kilometers.

The first recorded 5k race was in 1954 in England. The participants ran on the track and it took them about 20 minutes to finish the race.

In America, the first recorded 5k race was in 1964 at the Drake Relays in Iowa City, Iowa. The participants ran on a dirt track and it took them about 25 minutes to complete the race.

Today, there are many different variations of this distance such as 2 miles (4 kilometers) or 10 kilometers (6 miles).

5k is a number that many people have heard of. It is short for 5 kilometers, which is about 3.1 miles. It’s also known as a 5 kilometer race or simply a 5K.

There are many reasons why someone might want to run this distance, like to lose weight, improve their health, or just because they want to try it out.


What Comes After K In Money?

k refers to numbers in thousands. Numbers in the millions are denoted with the prefix M.


What Does M Mean After A Number?

M after a number means millions. M is the Roman numeral for One Thousand Thousand, better known today as One Million.

If you follow a celebrity on social media with 12M followers, it means that they have 12 million followers.

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