If you own a cell phone, it is highly likely that charging it contributes to your monthly phone bill. Smartphones require regular charging and the time it takes to recharge the battery, will have an adverse effect on your bill. A great solution to charging your phone is by using a solar phone charger. The best thing about solar chargers is the fact they they charge the battery on your phone for free.

solar chargers

How A Solar Phone Charger works?

The chargers work by simply by collecting energy from the  sun. The devices contain mini solar panels that collect energy from light and this energy is then used to charge up the battery in your smartphone.

Generally the chargers will take 4 – 12 hours to charge your smartphone but true charging times will depend on the charger that you use and your smartphone device.


Overall Benefits

Saves you money

Generally solar chargers will save you money on your electricity bills. The phone chargers will provide you with a free source to charge your phone.


Can be used on the go

By using a solar phone charger, you can charge your phone when you are out and about. There is no need to look for a socket to plug in your charger when you are in a restaurant or any other public location.


Backup when you need it most

If you are away from your home and need to make a call, you can use your solar charger to provide you with some essential charging if you need to make an urgent phone call.


Where can I find one at a good price?

Amazon.com have a big selection of affordable solar phone chargers that are modestly priced.

Here are just some highly rated solar chargers to choose from:


PowerMate Solar charger 5000mAh Solar Power Bank

Solar phone charger

This is a water resistant charger that will power up your phone, mp3 player or bluetooth speaker.

iBeek® Portable 12000mAh Dual USB Solar Battery Charger

Solar powered phone charger

The iBeek charger has a sleek design which is perfect for when you are on the go.


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