If you are looking for a fun way to earn some extra cash, then how about getting paid to test drive cars?

While it’s hard to believe that you can earn money for cruising around in a car, it is true! We are going to show you how to get paid to test drive cars and list below companies that will actually pay you.


Car manufacturers and mystery shopper sites will pay you gift cards or money for taking a car for a test drive. The reward for test driving a car is usually around $20 to $50 and in some cases a lot more! In most cases, all you need to do is request a test drive coupon. Once you have a coupon, you can visit a dealership and request a test drive.

Once you have completed the test drive, the dealership will give you a redemption code. You can then use that redemption code to claim your reward. Here are six ways that you can get paid to test drive a car.



How to Get Paid to Test Drive Cars and Some Companies That Actually Pay


  1. Sign up to car Manufacturers Mailing Lists

The easiest way to receive offers for paid test drives is to sign up for car manufacturers mailing lists. Most of the big car makers offer incentives to test drive their latest models.

Sometimes the reward is a gift card, sometimes it is cash. Different manufacturers offer paid test drives at different times of the year. So, the best thing to do is visit the websites of the manufacturers and sign up for as many mailing lists as you can.

Big manufacturers, like Nissan, Toyota, Ford and Buick all offer paid test drives. You can usually only take up each offer once though. The more manufacturers you sign up for, the more frequently you will be able take advantage of paid test drive offers.


  1. Check Out Your Local Car Dealerships

You will often find that local dealerships offer rewards for taking a test drive too. Especially if you look like a serious potential car buyer. These offers can range anywhere between $25 and $100.


Sometimes it’s cash, sometimes it’s gift cards. Paid test drives are obligation free, so there is no risk. You are simply getting paid to take a car for a drive. To find local dealership offers, check through local classified ads and check on local dealership’s websites.


These types of offers are also often advertised on TV.


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  1. Become a Mystery Shopper

Becoming a mystery shopper will give you a lot of money earning possibilities. Mystery shoppers are paid to pose as customers and then report back on their experience.


Mystery shoppers can be asked to check out all kinds of business. You might be asked to stay at a hotel, eat a meal at a restaurant, or buy some goods from a store. All your expenses will be paid for. In most cases, you will also get paid for your time.

Mystery shopping opportunities also exist in the car industry. Car dealerships often use mystery shoppers to check up on their employees. Car manufacturers also use mystery shoppers to evaluate how dealerships are performing. Carrying out an evaluation of car dealership will take between an hour and two hours. You also get to test drive a car. Payment is usually around $50 or more. The payment of your fee will be dependent on you fully completing an evaluation report.


Mystery shopper sites that have car test drive opportunities include;


At all these sites, you will get paid around fifty to sixty dollars to test drive a car.



  1. Test Drive a Hyundai

You can also go straight to some manufacturers’ sites and get a test drive voucher that can be redeemed for cash or for a gift card. One of the manufacturers that offers test drive incentive is Hyundai.


To get a $40 reward for test driving a Hyundai, go the Hyundai site, enter your details, and the site will check if any of the dealerships near you are offering paid test drives. This offer is limited to one per household every six months.


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  1. Test Drive a Subaru

The process for getting a paid Subaru test drive is the same as it is for the other car manufactures.


Visit the Subaru website, complete the form, and then the site will check if a dealership near you is participating in the scheme. If you don’t see any details of the promotion, then your local dealership is not offering the incentives.


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  1. Start a Career as a test Driver

If you want to be a full-time car test driver, you can make a career out of it. All the big manufacturers have test-drivers who test the vehicles for performance, comfort and safety.


This isn’t a job that you can simply walk straight into, though. You will need to have training and you will probably need qualifications and be a mechanic. If you love driving, though, it would be a great career to pursue.


Getting Paid To Drive

Unless you take a full-time job as a car test driver, it’s not something that you could earn a living from. It is, though, a fun way to earn some extra cash. Most of the test drive reward schemes that manufacturers and dealerships offer are limited to one or two test drives per year.


If a dealership thought that you were a serial test driver, they would probably turn you away. If you want to earn more regular money from test driving, your best option would be to sign up for one of the mystery shopper sites. If you do a good job, you will find that you get more offers.


Mystery shopper sites will also offer you other types of money earning opportunities. Test driving as a mystery shopper will take up more of your time, though. This is because you will be evaluating the dealerships as well as the car. If you simply want to earn a quick $40, the best way to do it is to take up one of the manufacturers paid test drive offers. Then, all you will have to do is turn up at the dealership, have fun driving a car, and redeem your voucher.

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