Your Guide To Making Money

Do you want to make money?

Do you want to make money online?

Got a PC and a mobile device?

If you do, you can start earning by following these simple easy tips

This is Your Guide To Making Money in 2021.



The strategy

I am going to give you a strategy that will make you money and it has worked for me in the past and continues to do so. 

If you have spare cash, no matter how little, investing offers returns with the least effort and time. You can start investing with Mintos to get started easily. With Mintos you can expect returns of 8-14% with general returns of 10% on most accounts. For example invest $1000 get $100 extra within a year and with compound interest this will snowball after a number of years

This compares to the the average interest rate on savings accounts currently stands at 0.05%, according to the FDIC

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Got no money to invest? Don’t worry scroll below to find easy ways to make money online.

Step 1 – The Easy Part

If you want to make money online fast you should start with the easy solutions.

That easy solution is to sign up for paid surveys. The are simple and an easy way to start making money online. They will not make you rich but they will get you started on your road to earning some cash for yourself.


Great Get Paid To Sites

These sites basically throw money at you. They pay you to do fun things like watch videos and play games.


Here is the best paying site:

They are also very good survey panels that you can sign up to for free.



Step 2 – Not as simple but get it right and you will be rich! 

Start blogging!


How do I become a blogger?

It is simple, take some time to decide what you are going to write about for your blog. Is there a topic, subject or something that you are passionate about? Have you got extensive knowledge of something where you could help a reader if they came on to your blog site?

If so,

Set up a blog for yourself.

You can do this by getting yourself a domain, hosting plan and setting up your own WordPress blog.


The easiest and lowest price provider for a domain and hosting to get started with your own blog is to use Namecheap.

Get some articles posted on your blog. Make sure your posts offer great value to your readers and they will come back to read more posts in time.

Join a high paying ad network like


Start the snowball!


Become an affiliate

Affiliate marketing is big business and for many it has helped generate an income from their own homes!

Join the world’s number one affiliate website today –


ShareASale offer a wide range of affiliate programs from companies involved in a wide range of industries from around the world.

Check it out and find the perfect affiliate program for you to start making money today!



Sign up for a CPA Network

If you really want to make money online, you need to sign up to a CPA affiliate marketing company. Cost Per Action or CPA is a high value form of affiliate marketing. You will get paid when someone carries out an action, like sign up for an offer or complete a free trial.


We recommend as a CPA affiliate network for you to sign up to.


Quick Links

To sum up again in this guide to making money online, here are the sites you need to sign up to in order to start making money online: