Your weekly grocery shopping will probably be your biggest expense each week. It is an essential expenditure in order to get food and necessary goods for the week ahead. There are many ways that you to save money on your grocery shopping. So how to save money on groceries is the big question.


Shop in discount stores

You could visit discount stores to pick up a few bargains on food stuffs that you may find on special offer. Discount stores usually stock the same products over a long period of time, therefore you will have an idea of how much certain groceries cost compared to the larger supermarkets. It is important to take note from receipts, the price of products from discount stores compare to the supermarket retailers. In this way you can determine where you get the best value on groceries.


Have a shopping list

You could save money on your groceries if you make a list of the things you need. When you have a shopping list you know exactly what you need and when you stick to it, it will prevent you from buying products that are not essential or what you do not need. In other words a list can prevent impulse purchases.

Most grocery stores use clever marketing techniques to tempt customers into buying groceries on products that we do not need. How to do they do this do this? Supermarkets do this by having products at eye level on “special promotion”. These special offers are communicated though vivid eye catching banners or stickers.


By having a list and sticking to it you can ignore these special offers and save money.


Purchase is the special offer is essential

If you do find a very good deal on essential products or non perishable products you could actually save a lot of money in the long run if you buy those special offers in bulk. Items such as toiletries, washing up liquids and tinned food are such products that, when bought in bulk at very low discounted prices can save you a large amount of money. Having a stock of such products will also save you a journey to the supermarkets if you happen to run out at an inconvenient time.


Choosing the non-branded items

For nearly any type of branded foodstuff there is always a competitive lower priced brand also on offer. Many supermarkets throughout Europe offer an own-brand of nearly any product available. Take for example, Tesco, Dunnes Stores, Aldi, Lidl, and Sainsburys all offer an own brand alternative on food products such as bread, biscuits, and even meat. The same goes for tinned food, washing up liquid and firelighters. In many cases, the products are as good or even better than their leading brand competitors.


Avoid food isles you don’t need to go through

Similarly if you have a shopping list you can avoid going through certain food isles that have food stuff that is not on your list. In the large shopping complexes food isles are carefully designed for customers to go through isles in order to get to the location of essential products. As customers proceed through  the various food isles their attention will be drawn to many special offers spread out all over the shopping complex.


Refuse to purchase junk food

How much of your weekly shop consists of junk food? Junk food is relatively expensive for what it provides for consumers. Junk food normally is full with sugar and fat that provides little to no nutritional value. You will also find when eating such foods, you will soon be hungry a short period after eating. Cutting out junk foods and cutting down treats are a sure fire way of saving money.


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