Are you looking to start a business or make more money in Zambia? In this article we look at some of the best business ideas in Zambia for 2021.

We have set out simple ideas that do not require a college education or too much investment to get started. Whether you are a teenager in Zambia looking for business ideas or you are looking for a new career, below are some great opportunities waiting to be taken advantage of.


10 Best Business Ideas In Zambia 2021

10) Waste Recycling Business

Waste recycling is a huge opportunity in Zambia. Like most other countries, Zambia is a large consumer of plastic and metal waste. There are lots of ways in which plastic and metal can be recycled and reused for a new purpose.

To get started with this business, you will need access to plastic and metal waste, invest in machinery to process the waste.

When you have processed the waste, you want sell the new product overseas to material distributors.


9)  Solar Panel Supplier & Installer

One of the best business ideas for 2021 is to start in Zambia in 2021 is to start supplying and installing solar panels. Solar panels are a low cost, environmentally friendly solution to generate electrical power. If you have funds on a PayPal account to can source solar panels online for a low price and sell them to Zambian customers at a higher price.


If you do not feel comfortable installing solar panels on the homes of the Zambian people you could also look into sourcing and selling solar phone chargers which are a great option for anyone on the go with a smartphone.

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8) Mobile Money Agent

Anyone can earn good money from becoming an MTN Mobile Money Agent in Zambia. You do not need to have a university qualification to become an agent for MTN Mobile Money. 

The role of a MTN Mobile Money agent is to process money transfers and withdrawals for customers. They also educate new users on the service and provide safety measures to reduce fraud.

To become a MTN Mobile Money agent you must first:

  • Register a business with Patents and Companies Registration Agency in Zambia (PACRA)
  • Receive a T-Pin from the Zambian Revenue Authority
  • Make a application through the Ministry of Trade and Commerce City Councils in Zambia for a Trading License
  • Have capital available of 5,000 ZMK
  • Get your certification from an MTN Zambia Center to start trading.

As an MTN Mobile Money agent you could easily make up to 6 figures in income.


7) Blogging

There are lots of opportunities to make money as a blogger in Zambia with lots of people looking for information online and also making purchases for items they need from the internet.

Earn Money Blogging

Blogging is becoming a popular side hustle for young Zambians. To start blogging as a side hustle all you need is an internet connection and a flair for writing.

It is important to choose a niche for your blog before you start creating content. Do some research into what is trending, the types of products that are selling well in Zambia

To get started with a blog you need to invest in a domain and website hosting. You can get started with who offer cheap website hosting and low cost domains.

Once you have a niche in mind you can create content around things people want help with. You can use keyword research tools to provide you with content ideas. The blog can be monetized in many ways including, affiliate links, ads and product sales.

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6) Graphic Designer

Are you a creative person who can create eye-catching visuals? You can make a lot of money online as a graphic designer. Not only can you sell your services locally but you can find lots of online marketplaces where you can find customers who need graphics created for websites and marketing campaigns.

All you need to be a graphic designer is a laptop and access to a graphic design software. Graphic design links closely to other business ideas in Zambia like web design as mentioned below.

Websites like Fiverr is a good way to dip your toes into a graphic design business.


5) Business Marketer

Marketing plays a huge role in sales and revenue of a business. You can find lots of opportunities online to work as a marketer and there are lots of ways to start up a marketing business in Zambia.

Do you understand how sales work? Are you interested in what makes people proceed to make a purchase? There are lots of resources online where people like you can learn the skills required to start a marketing business in Zambia.

Some of the richest people in Zambia, have learned how to make sales and they have used this to their advantage to become wealthy.

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4) Web Designer

Nearly every business needs some form of presence on the internet if they want to grow their revenues. One of the best ways for businesses to grow is to have a website that gets found on major search engines. This is where the opportunities arise. Web design is a profitable business ideas in Zambia 2021.


If you have a computer and access to the internet you can easily learn how to become a website developer and offer your skills to people and businesses in Zambia and throughout the world.

By starting a web design business, not only do you sell a website, but you can sell hosting packages, and services like SEO, PPC and social media management. 

Even the richest musicians in Zambia need a website to help them get more exposure online.


3) Mobile Food Stall

Mobile food stalls are a great opportunity to cash in on highly populated towns and cities across Zambia. Selling food, snacks and newspapers in highly populated areas provide traders with a good source of income. 

To set up your food stall you need to invest in an apparatus for selling food. Once you have your food stall, you can source goods to sell from suppliers and then you can set your margins for profit.

Finding the perfect place to set up your stall is key to making money in Zambia. Be sure to set up somewhere a car can park and pedestrians can safely purchase items from you.

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2) IT Specialist

One of the latest business ideas in Zambia is to start an IT business. IT systems can help businesses grow substantially. To start an IT business, you need to have good knowledge of computers and systems. As an IT specialist you can provide:

  • Business Computer systems
  • Telephone systems
  • Epos systems
  • Internet connectivity

As an IT specialist business you can supply Zambian businesses with IT systems at profitable margins and offer on-going support packages, meaning you can have a steady profit stream for your business.

Another idea is to start selling business TV packages to companies that require TV for their customers.


1) Sell Imported Electronics

If you are interested in electronics, selling electronic items could be a great business idea for you. You can source cheap electronics on websites like eBay and sell them in Zambia for a profit.

Sell imported electronics

Items that can be bought cheap and sold for a profit include:

You can set up a physical store to sell your items or you could simply set up an online shop and sell throughout Zambia.

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How To Make Money As A Teenager In Zambia?

You can make money as a Teenager in Zambia. If you have the motivation and ambition to earn money, you can try any of the business ideas listed above even if you are a teenager living in Zambia.

Some of the popular jobs for Teenagers in Zambia 2021 include:

  • Shop assistant
  • Blogging
  • Web Design

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If you are looking for the latest business ideas in Zambia 2021, then the list above is a great place for you to start. There are lots of opportunities for anyone to start getting richer. 

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