Zambia is home to a number of talented music artists, but who are the richest? Learn who are the 10 richest musicians in Zambia 2024 in this article.

10) Mic Burner

Michael Mandona is one of the top 10 richest Zambian musicians in 2024. Better known by his stage name Mic Burner is a Hip-Hop/Dance hall recording artist.


Mic Burner’s hit songs include “Thought of You”, “So”, released in 2015 and “Fuss” released in 2020.

Born in 31 May 1990, in Ndola, his record label is Crystal Bal ENT.

His music is well regarded in Zambia, Namibia and South Africa. Music videos by Mic Burner trended on BET, MTV and MTV Base.


What Is The Net Worth Of Mic Burner

Mic Burner has an estimated net worth of $275,000 in 2024.

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9) Cleo Ice Queen

Cleo Ice Queen is one of the richest female singers in Zambia 2024. Born Clementina Mulenga on 14 June 1989, she became famous through her appearance on Big Brother Africa.


Cleo got the name “Ice Queen” through her love of jewelry.  Cleo works as a Hip Hop artist and also makes appearances on Zambian TV and Radio stations.

Cleo Ice Queen married Kalale Masengu in 2019 but separated in early 2021.


What Is The Net Worth Of Cleo Ice Queen

The net worth of Cleo Ice Queen is estimated to be $295,000 in 2024. Cleo Ice Queen is the second of the richest women in Zambia.


8) B’Flow

B’Flow, whose real name is Brian Mumba Kasoka Bwembya is one of the richest Zambian singers in 2021. Together with his music, B’Flow is also a media personality and social justice advocate.


B’Flow has been recognized internationally for his work as an ambassador in the fight against HIV / AIDS and was named one of the 16 voices of activism against gender-based violence around the world.

He has been nominated and won several African music awards.


What Is The Net Worth Of B’Flow

The net worth of B’Flow in 2024 is estimated at $300,000.


7) Mampi

The richest women in Zambia 2021 is Mampi Queen Diva. Mampi is the 7th richest Zambian musician in 2024.


Born Mirriam Mukape on 4 August 1986 in Lusaka, is best known as Mampi Zambian Pop and R&B singer. She signed her first record deal in 2003.

Mampi appeared on Big Brother Africa series 7 and was evicted after 21 days.

Mampi is also one of the most viewed female Zambian musicians on YouTube.


What Is The Net Worth Of Mampi?

The net worth of Mampi in 2021 is $310,000. Mampi grew her net worth through her career as a singer and income from YouTube.


6) King Kayo Kayombo

King Kayo is a wealthy music artist and business man in Zambia. He is famous for his song: “Magnetic Force” which continues to be a popular hit on YouTube.

He is one of the most experienced Zambian music artists, having been around for a number of decades.


What Is The Net Worth Of King Kayo Kayombo?

The net worth of Kayombo is estimated to be in the region of $450,000.


5) Chanda Mbao

Chanda Mbao is a popular and influential Hip Hop star from Zambia. Chanda Mbao has been recognized as one of the hardest working artists in Zambia.

His most popular songs came from his 2017 album The Patriot including; “Who” “Wave” & “Too Much”.

Mbao has a popular presence on YouTube.


What Is The Net Worth Of Chanda Mbao?

Chand Mbao has an estimated net worth of $595,000 in 2024. Mbao’s wealth grew from his music career and presence on YouTube.


4) Chef 187

Kondwani Alias Kaira better known as Chef 187 is the 5th richest artist in Zambia 2021. Chef 187 is the younger brother of Macky 2.

Chef 187 was born 23 May 1986 in the copperbelt province.

He recorded his first song in 2005 and is well known for collaborating with Macky 2 on the diss track “I Am Zambian Hip-Hop” targeted at Slap Dee.

Chef 187 is married to Yolanda Kaira.


What Is The Net Worth Of Chef 187?

The net worth of Chef 187 in 2021 is estimated to be in the region of $650,000.


3) OC Osilliation

OC Osilliation is a Zambian recording artist and producer. Born Siame O’Brien in Lusaka, on 25 August 1984.


His albums include:

  • My Name Is OC
  • Wangu Ni Wangu
  • Goose Bumps
  • Folo Folo

OC Oscilliation is the CEO of the label Obama Records and Entertainment.


What Is The Net Worth Of OC Oscilliation?

The net worth of OC Oscilliation is estimated at $715,000 in 2024. His wealth has accumulated over the years through his music and through the record label Obama Records and Entertainment.


2) Slapdee

Slapdee is one of the most famous music artists in Zambia. With this fame also comes wealth. Slapdee also known as Slap D, born Mwila Musonda in 27 April 1987 is one of the wealthiest musicians in Zambia in 2021.


Slapdee is regarded as one of the pioneers of Zambian Hip Hop. Slapdee started his music career with musician Hamoba and made his music debut in 2006.

Slapdee is the winner of multiple music awards has been nominated on many occasions.

Slapdee has clashed with fellow Zambian rapper Macky 2.


What Is The Net Worth Of Slapdee?

The net worth of Slapdee is estimated to be worth $800,000.


1) Macky 2

Macky 2 is the richest musician in Zambia 2021. Mulaza Kaira born 10 October 1984 is the most popular music artist in Zambia since 2011.


He is also known by the following stage names:

  • Macky II
  • Macky 2
  • MK Macky 2
  • DJ Bugar
  • Flava Boy

Macky 2 is famous for his appearance on Big Brother Africa having finished third in the 9th season of the show.

Macky 2 operates the Macky 2 Hope Foundation, which supports orphans and vulnerable children.

His most famous songs are “Banono” and “Ma Lucky”.


What Is The Net Worth Of Macky 2?

Macky 2 has a net worth of $945,000 in 2021, making him the richest musician in Zambia 2021.


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