Love using the internet on your smartphone but hate paying for it? In this post we show you how to get free internet data for your smartphone.

how to get free internet data

With the advancement of technology, internet has become a normal household thing that is paid for. This is because at $40 a month, internet data bundles seems quite normal. But for those of us working from home, $40 a month can be a liability.

You will be happy to hear that there are several ways, to get free Internet access even from the comfort of your house. These methods to get free WiFi are completely legit.

Before reading you should note that some of these options have eligibility requirements.

1. FreedomPop

The FreedomPop app is an awesome application for use on your computer or smartphone and it has only been around for a little while. Its a pretty good choice for people with low data usages.

First, you must register an account with the app and pay in the first deposit. Then they will send you the equipment needed for a connection. The first month gets you two gigabytes of free data; its meant for low data users.

The second month on the 4G network gives 500 megabytes free. This is fine for people who just want to check their emails and watch a few videos on YouTube.

Another great feature of the FreedomPop app apart from the fact that you get can get it free, is that it’s portable. The device they’ll send to you is a personal hotspot meant for one person. This means its easy to carry around.

The idea of freedom pop is good but of you’re looking for more data then you should try their low cost plans. They also distribute their own smartphones that come with reliable data plans so if you’re not too attached to your phone you should consider getting one of theirs.



2. NetZero

These guys used to dominate the industry back in the day of dail up connections. They’re surprisingly still around and are great for people who are looking for free internet.

They still use dail-up connections so the internet will be slow if you use them. If you have a smartphone line you will be able to use NetZero to get access to the web at no cost at all. Only downside about this is that you’ll only be able to use ten hours of data per month,  you’ll have to start paying after this time.

If the free plan doesn’t go well with your lifestyle you can always use their paid plans. These paid plans usually have lower tariffs than regular internet providers. The problem is the fact that they still use dail-up so it won’t be as fast as the other ISPs. If you don’t mind the speed or power if the network then dail ups are a solution to cut down the price of the Internet.


3. WiFi Map

This smartphone app work as a register for all the free WiFi hotspots in the world. It operates on pretty much every continent so its great for travelers and tourists. The downside with this is that in the free version, you can only detect networks within a two and half mile radius of your current location.

You can also watch ads and see user provided passwords to nearby WiFi hotspots. Not all users are ready to chose this path but the option still remains.



4. Check With Your Internet Service Provider For Free Packages

Not everyone knows this but most big internet service providers have internet plans at a very low cost. Its just a matter of uncovering free internet bundles like TV and phone.

You can alternatively get your hands on very low price internet packages that will have every thing you want and still have a low price. Most of these kind of plans are not advertised and so you probably wouldn’t know about them unless you ask the ISP customer care for low cost data plans.

There might be something you’re leaving out; tons of ISPs out there have free WiFi hotspots around their areas of service. You may be able to get some free WiFi if your mobile phone carrier has it’s own hotspot. It is worth it to ask about them. You might even get free internet when you’re outside and not even know it.



5. All Free ISP

All Free ISP doesn’t give you free Internet. It only connects you to free internet service providers. In its simplest form, a database for all the free Internet service providers in a country.

Just type in your state or zip code and it will dish out a list of all the cheap internet service providers around you. The also include reviews of the different service providers (a great feature, mind you) so you can check them out before actually registering with them.

The big problem here is that the still use dial-ups so it’ll give you slow internet speeds. Not great for your modern internet use.


6. Gigato

Gigato can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Its one of the best know services in this list. And its provably the most established. This makes it your best bet for getting free data on your devices.

Here’s how it works:

Download the Gigato app from Google play store and install it on your device.

The interface of the app displays loads of other apps you can download and as a reward, you get free data to use. The more apps that you install, the more free data you will get.


Using any if these apps and services will help you get free data to browse the internet on your smartphone. So if you really need to get in touch with your friends o the social media networks, then these free ways to get internet data are some solutions that you can try  today.



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