Jobs that pay under the table are basically cash in hand jobs or jobs that you can do and earn money on the side of your existing occupation. does not endorse undertaking any certain job type in order to avoid paying taxes.


We all deserve to maximize our income in any way possible so here is a list of the 12 best jobs that pay under the table 2024. These are current jobs that you can find on the internet while for some you can start your own side business or find on large job sites.

12 best jobs that pay under the table 2024


Surveys are a great way to start earning cash on the side and from your computer or smartphone. Most pay you either by Paypal, by check or by gift cards. Surveys are one of the best under the table jobs. If you make a lot of money from these sites it would be recommended that you declare your income.

To get started try ACOP, or PanelPlace which are all great surveys for people to earn money easily.

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Get Paid To Sites

Get paid to sites are an easy way to make money online and can generate a nice side income for you as a result of doing fun things from your computer or smartphone.

Websites such as Quick Rewards and Swagbucks pay you for doing fun activities such as watching videos, listening to the radio online, shopping online and reading emails.


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You get paid when you reach the required amount of credits you accumulate in get paid to sites and how you get paid depends on the website that you are using.



Smartphone Apps That Pay Cash

Using smartphone apps that pay you has become a popular way to get paid under the table in only the last 3 years. These get paid to apps help you make money just by using your smartphone in your spare time. Most of the best apps pay you under the table via Paypal.


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Tutoring is one of the most common Jobs That Pay Under The Table and is a great source of income working on a part time basis. If you are competent in a particular area or you have successfully completed a university course, you can start teaching people for a fee.

Teaching university students and school kids are some of the most popular types of tutoring, however you can teach music lessons, IT and much more.


Selling Products From Home

You can sell products from your home in many different ways. You can sell items online using your own website or simply by using the various online marketplaces such as eBay and Etsy etc.

You can also sell items from your home by simply putting an advertisements in classifieds paper and magazines and simply sell to people who phone or get in contact with you.

You can sell just about anything from your home, whether you make products to sell or if you are a direct sales agent for a certain company.


Selling At Carboot Sales or Garage Sales

Continuing on from the point mentioned above, you can sell items by having a garage sale outside your home. This however only works if you are living in an urban area that sees a lot of people passing your home by car or walking.

Carboot sales are also a great way to make money on the side. If you hear of a carboot sale in your local area, pack up your car or van with products you no longer want or items you create and sell them to people who might want them.


In Home Make Up And Hair Salons

If you love make up and beauty and you are competent in giving people makeovers, then you could set up your own make up studio or hair salon in your home. A popular choice for female Jobs That Pay Under The Table, a salon is easy to set up and requires an initial investment in equipment.

When you do not have to set up a business premises outside of your home you have a better chance of getting paid under the table.


Do you love working with kids? If so, you can get paid under the table for being a baby sitter. Baby sitters are usually paid cash in hand when they do a number of hours looking after kids. This is a good option for teenagers who are looking for jobs that pay under the table.

Baby sitting normally involves looking after children in a family home or babysitters sometimes look after kids in their own home.


Car Washing

Those who make money with a car wash business normally get paid in hand for their work. As payment for washing cars is normally small, in most cases, they owners usually get paid under the table.


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Freelance Writing

Another example of Jobs That Pay Under The Table is freelance writing. Freelance writers are often paid under the radar for completing work for others. You may work with other companies and choose to get paid with vouchers or under the table.


Graphic Designing

Similar to freelance writers, graphic designers sometimes get paid under the table. In some cases users complete work such as logos that might not cost too much, people may just pay you under the table.


Dog Walking

Dog walking is becoming a popular job in the major cities around the world. It simply involves walking dogs for people that do not have the time and how much you charge is up to the dog walker.

Dog walkers can get paid under the table for the work that they do.

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Job Sites For Finding Under The Table Jobs

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Getting Paid Under The Table

Cash In Hand

Getting paid cash in hand is the ideal situation when getting paid. You get your money immediately rather than having to go to a bank or cash machine to get it. When you have your cash you can do what you want with it. Most under the table jobs are cash in hand paid jobs.



Ewallets and Electronic Payments

If you are getting paid by working online in most cases electronic transfers are the only options. If you do not want your payments paid into your bank account, sign up for free to e-wallet and electronic payment companies.


The best solutions to get paid for online work include Payoneer. This service is free to sign up, however you get charged a small fee when you receive money.

If you are making an money under the table, you should consider declaring this to avoid tax penalties. Remember, tax evasion is considered a crime and repercussions will differ depending on the state you are living in.


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