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If you are looking to make some money online for 2015, you can do so by signing up to paid survey sites. When you complete some simple questionnaires you will then get rewarded with gift cards or money.

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Paid surveys 2015

5 surveys to sign up for today

Moneyjojo has listed the top 5 surveys for 2015 below and all surveys are free to sign up for. With survey sites, the more you sign up for, the better chance you have of making beer money over the year.

5) Global Test Market

A very reliable survey site which has been operating since 1999 and offer questionnaires to users worldwide. You must be over 14 years old to join meaning it has one of the lowest age acceptance for registration.

This is not the best of the survey sites as you must reach a high threshold of $50 before you can cash out, however payment is relatively quick. A bonus with this site is the fact that Global Test Market offer sweepstakes, where you can win prizes.

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4) CashCrate

CashCrate is a well established survey site who will pay for your opinions together with a number of other offering including cashback from shopping, using referral codes and win prizes by playing games and contests. The variety makes this site a popular and fun solution for earning online.

There is also an Android app version of CashCrate allowing you to earn as you go. However there have been many mixed reviews on the Play store.

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3) Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions is available in 15 different countries and offer rewards for opinions in a number of different languages. The surveys are usually detailed, taking 15-25 minutes each to complete.

Rewards for opinions on offer are usually between $0.50-$5. You will receive your rewards in gift cards for popular retailers such as Amazon, and iTunes.

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2) PanelPlace

PanelPlace have 440 trusted survey panels with surveys coming from Toluna, Ipsos, Valued opinions and Global Test Market.

PanelPlace operate worldwide and accept registrations from users throughout the world. With over 500,000 members, they are reliable and offer cash by PayPal or gift cards for popular retail brands.

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1) Toluna

Toluna is the Moneyjojo top survey site for 2015. Toluna have been in the marketing and research business for over 15 years and work with highly established multinational companies.

You can get cash or gift vouchers in return for giving your opinions. It is also worth noting that the company will also pay you quickly when you cash out.

Toluna also offer extra ways to earn money and gifts through sweepstakes, gifties, and product testing. A feature that is useful if you are a blogger is the user generated polls where you can create your own polls where other users can answer.

This can help bloggers generate ideas for trending or interesting topics.

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There you  have it, the Moneyjojo top 5 paid survey sites for 2015. Why not sign up today and start earning money in return for your opinions. Surveys are a good way to pass the time when you are bored and can help you feel productive!

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