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Valued Opinions is an online survey panel, available in 15 languages and available in over 20 countries which is operated by market research company ResearchNow. Members of Valued Opinions receive cash vouchers upon meeting the minimum account balance threshold.

Valued Opinions survey review

Valued Opinions payment

The minimum threshold for payment is £10 or $20. The service primarily pay out gift cards. Gift cards are for Amazon, iTunes, Visa prepaid cards and in some instances gift cards for restaurants and Macys.

Is Valued Opinions a scam?

No it is not! It Valued Opinions is probably one of the most reputable survey sites out there. The survey panel is operated by ResearchNow based in London. It is a very popular site among survey site users. The company say they have 6 million registered panelists, to back up the fact that the service is 100% legitimate. Valued Opinions parent company ResearchNow holds a Council of American Survey Research Organisation membership.

Are the surveys regular?

The service usually provide 3 surveys per day on average, however you may only be eligible to 1, depending on they way you answer the qualifying questions. Membership is free while you must submit some details in order to get survey invitations that are the most relevant to you. This saves you wasting time answering surveys that you are ineligible to complete.
Surveys usually take up to 15-25 minutes to complete, therefore answering a survey a day means you can effectively manage your time on making money online elsewhere. Rewards for a Valued Opinions survey usually range from $0.50-$5 with UK Sterling equivalents for users in the United Kingdom.
Mini surveys are offered to users which are non-paid, however, these can decide which surveys you will be sent.

In Conclusion

You will not become rich as a result of joining this survey site or any other paid survey sites as a matter of fact, however they can contribute to buying products that you may buy on Amazon or apps or music to purchase on the iTunes store. If you have 30 minutes to spare per day, by all means you should try it. Some users report that they have received $20 vouchers per month. That would amount to $240 per year on vouchers to buy products that you may want online.

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