Paid surveys are a great guaranteed way for people to make money easily online. In 2015 many of our readers generated an income from giving their opinion and 2016 looks to be even better. Last year we created a list of the Top 5 Paid survey Sites in 2015. In that list, sites that were in the top 5 included Global Test Market, CashCrate, Valued Opinions, PanelPlace and Toluna. Below are the 5 best paid surveys 2016.

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5 Best paid surveys 2016

5) CashCrate


For 2016, CashCrate has dropped one spot from 4 – 5, however it remains one of the best sites to make money from giving your opinion. One of the reasons why it is listed is simply because it is fun and gives you various ways to make money apart from just filling in surveys. You can also earn money by referring friends, playing games, competing in contests and with cashback from shopping online

Another great advantage to being a CashCrate user is the fact that there is an Android version available in the Google Play Store that you can download for free.

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4) Toluna

Toluna paid surveys

Toluna was the number 1 survey for 2015 but has moved down the pecking order since the surveys are not the most frequent. When surveys are not that frequent users make less money. Toluna still remain in the top 5 because they are one of the most reliable panels in the world.

One advantage of using Toluna and the reason they were the top paid survey in 2015 was because of how quickly they pay when people reach the payment threshold. When cashing out you can choose to receive cash or payment via a gift voucher for a popular online store.

Toluna can be a fun website for panelists as they also offer chances to win gifts with their sweepstakes. The survey site also provide product testing where those who have signed up to the site may be selected to receive a free product to test.

Toluna may have dropped to 4th in the top 5 surveys for 2016 but the site is still worth signing up to.

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3) QuickRewards

QuickRewards surveys

QuickRewards has made it into the top 5 best surveys for 2016 because the site has numerous great ways to earn money online. The site is only available to those in the USA, Canada and the UK. If you are from these countries you are in luck because QuickRewards is a site that you can make a lot of money with. If you are not from the countries listed above move on to number 2 because if you sign up to QuickRewards you will get banned from the site.

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The way the site works is simple. It is similar to CashCrate as mentioned above, you can make money in many ways such as answering surveys, playing games, watching videos and getting cashback from shopping at your favorite stores online.

Another reason that the site made it on the Moneyjojo list is the fact that QuickRewards are also quick to pay their customers when they reach the cash out threshold.

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2) PanelPlace


PanelPlace was at number 2 last year and the paid survey and remains in the sae position this year. The survey panel is undoubtedly one of the best in the world as they also offer surveys from other highly respected survey panels including Toluna, (as mentioned above) Global Test Market and Valued Opinions. Since PanelPlace offer more surveys than most survey panels, you can therefore earn more money when you sign up to the site.

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What makes PanelPlace so popular is the fact that they are not limited to just a few countries. They have surveys for people who sign up to the panel from all over the world. Signing up to the site is very simple and quick when compared to some other paid opinions sites.

Payments are made via PayPal and gift cards for popular online stores from around the globe.

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1) American Consumer Opinion (ACOP)

American Consumer Opinion

American Consumer Opinion has made it into the top 5 list for the first time and at number 2 for 2016 because it is easily one of the highest paying survey panels you can find online. ACOP accept panelists from a number of different countries including the US, Canada and UK.

You should take advantage of signing up to this survey as American Consumer Opinion is one of the oldest survey panels that can be found online. Set up in 1986 they were one of the first online paid surveys putting their website live back in 1996. With BBB accreditation, they are on one of the most reliable panels that can be found anywhere online.

The site has not been talked about too much online and is a hidden gem. For this reason the panel has not been promoted by the owners Decision Analyst Inc. who prefer to have quality panelists rather than quantity.

The surveys they offer last on average around 10 minutes while there are also regular short surveys that they will also pay you for. 

American Consumer Opinion pay panelists by cash, by check or by trading your points for a gift.

What makes this site different is the rate of surveys and the frequency of which they given.

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That is the Moneyjojo 5 best paid surveys 2016. The best option now for you is to start signing up for free to each of these sites and start making money online today in your spare time.


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