Toluna is easily the most attractive survey site out there at this present time. Toluna is a dedicated market research company owned by the Toluna-Group.

Toluna paid survey review

The company is a member of all the main marketing and advertising bodies in the USA, including the ARF (Advertising Research Foundation), the American Marketing association and the MRA (Marketing Research Association).


As a member of these associations, one can confirm that Toluna is 100% legitimate and is not a scam website. To add to this, in 2014 Toluna was ranked in the top 50 most innovative market research firms on the Greenbook’s 2014 GRIT Report.

The Company was set up in 2000 and has since grown into one of the most used market research companies worldwide.

The Toluna-Group also work closely with some of the renowned market research and media agencies.



What does Toluna offer?

Toluna offers vouchers and cash to customers in return for answering surveys. A Toluna paid survey is one of the few sites of its kind offering hard cash in return for opinions. The service operates in a points system, therefore how much a certain survey is worth in monetary terms is relatively unknown. Some have argued that 3000 points is worth $1.

It is also worth noting that points expire after 6 months of in activity.

The Cash payments via PayPal are however rather quick.



What gift vouchers does Toluna provide?

There a wide number of vouchers offered from Toluna to panelists. Vouchers include money off coupons for B&Q, M&S, IKEA and many more. One of the best advantages of using Toluna is the fact that the rewards are region specific.

Therefor if you lived in the USA, you can choose coupons specific to shops and stores in that country, or if you lived in UK or Ireland, vouchers would be for British or Irish stores.



Sweepstakes and Gifties

Points awarded for surveys can also be exchanged for sweepstakes which are monthly prize draws. 500 points are required to enter a monthly draw. New users to the service can also enter smaller draws from 10 points upwards where prizes range from small items such as necklaces and USB’s to larger prizes.



Product testing

Toluna also offer free products to panelists for product testing purposes. Most of the free products are toiletries such as shampoos, however there can also be beauty products also available.



Polls created by users

There is also a free fun poll where users can ask other panel members fun questions such as ‘what games console do you own?’. This is a useful feature for bloggers to get ideas for new blog posts etc.



Joining Toluna

Joining Toluna is free and what is most impressive about this site is the amount of information about it’s services that can easily be found on the home pages when you compare it to other paid survey sites.


Surveys are fairly regular however like many other survey sites you many not be eligible to participate in all invitations that you receive. The company have an Android app and an iPhone app where you can answer surveys rather than having to use a desktop computer.


If you unsubscribe from the service you can also be guaranteed that you will not receive any spam or lingering messages afterwards.


In conclusion

Toluna is a decent survey site that offers a lot of choice in taking surveys, and polls and offer a wide choice of rewards. The product testing feature is also a bonus for users of the service. You can also try Panel Place also.

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