Ever thought about how you could work from home as a travel agent? In this post we are going to show you how you can put your travel expertise to work and earn a good income from it!


Working as a travel agent is one of these work from home opportunities that attracts many people’s attention, particularly since it is doable as well as rather exciting at the same time.


Is a travel agent job a good work possibility for you?

You might be asking yourself, would this be the right kind of job for me? What qualities would you need to have to be a good travel agent that can be based in his or her own home?

Here are some points which you would like to consider so as to decide if this could indeed be a good work opportunity for you:


1) Have you ever planned a whole trip on your own?

If you are the kind of person who manages to find good travel deals, or takes care of every possible aspect of a trip abroad, then you already have some experience at how to be a great travel agent.

Planning a trip has become so much easier with the introduction of so many sites which offer you an array of information about every place imaginable. You can find hotels, flights, and any other thing you could possibly need to book online.

Most people book easily after having compared different options, and in most cases one gets to save a great deal of money by taking care of the holiday planning on his or her own. These planning skills can be put to practice and allow you to earn money, because you might as well use them to plan a trip for a client.


2) Do you love to travel and have considerable experience with different kinds of trips and countries?

In that case you are already quite knowledgeable and know some great places as well as traveling related aspects. If you traveled a lot you would know what such countries have to offer in terms of attractions, hotels, airports, transport options, food and much more.

This knowledge can be applied to see to the planning of your clients’ trips.


3) Have you got good communication skills?

It is important to have good communication skills, and certainly, you will need to be a good researcher. Finding deals is not easy, and neither is planning a trip in a country that you have never visited possibly.

However if you have the passion for traveling, and the skill of looking out for great deals you will actually enjoy this job.


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How to start off as a work from home travel agent

Starting off as a work from home travel agent is not that difficult. There are home based travel agents who work for host companies. However they are still considered to be independent contractors. Otherwise you may opt to work as a travel agent as part of a consortium.

Indeed have a section for work from home travel agent jobs.


At first you are bound to check the types of commissions being offered, but you will also need to take into account other factors, such as the reputation of the host agency, whether it is a national or a local one, and if they offer any form of training.


There are various companies that hire travel agents to work from home on a regular basis, so look these up so as to find the one most suitable for you.

Companies that pay you to work from home as a travel agent

There are a number of companies that pay you to work from home as a travel agent as mentioned above.

Some companies that offer jobs and actually pay you to work from home:

  • Alaska Airlines
  • U-Haul
  • Holland America Line Inc
  • Wyndham Destinations
  • NCL Corporation


Primary Considerations for this type of job

You will need to decide whether you would like to focus on a particular type of travel, or if you are going to avoid specializing. Some home based travel agents specialize in cruises only, for instance, whereas others offer their services for more elaborate niches such as destination weddings, or luxury travel.

There is also corporate travel, family trips and trips which are more ideal for young people who want adventurous settings and activities.

Travel agents will basically earn a commission for the arrangements that they see to.

As time goes by you will have access to certain deals which can then be passed on to your clients and so this will make your services more profitable as you will be attracting more customers too.


What will you need to get started as a travel agent?

It is worth noting that a work from home as a travel agent job is a kind of business which does not involve any considerable start-up costs, and so it is indeed a great start-up opportunity.

Basically all you will need is an office based in your own home, with a computer with an internet connection, a phone and a printer.

It is very important to focus on your online presence, so setting up a website and seeing to online advertising will be indispensable to help attract prospective clients to hire you as their travel agent.

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What tasks will the travel agency job involve?

Your job as a home based travel agent is to provide traveling solutions to your clients. So you will be seeing to your customer’s specific requests with regards to the country, the type of trip and what he or she is looking to do during this vacation or trip.

Clients’ needs and preferences are bound to vary a lot, and these will also depend on the type of country they will be traveling to. You will thus need to be open to listen to their demands and preferences, as well as be flexible and innovative in setting up a trip that will strike just the right balance between their preferences and of course, their budget.

You will then be handling all of the research, and subsequently, the bookings for the flights, transportation, hotels, and anything else that needs to be booked for prior to the trip. You will need to find good deals of course as you see to all of these aspects.

You will also need to be open to resolve any problems or issues which might arise.


In Conclusion

As you can see, work from home as a travel agent is interesting, and very challenging at the same time. You can earn a good income, and the fact that you will be based in your own home offers you convenience as well as flexibility, and this is something many people look forward to.

Besides, there is nothing more satisfying and motivating than seeing a happy client enjoying his or her trip thanks to your help!

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