Do you like saving money with coupons when you do your shopping? There are lots of coupon websites and we will be showing you the best sites that will save you cash.

Coupons can be accessible in various ways such as mobile devices, cell phones, Internet, social media, newsletter emails or sometimes directly from the retailer.  

There are lots of free extreme coupon websites that have also brought an exceptional saving for consumers to purchase products at a lower price. The list of websites that offer free coupons are endless but in this post we will show you the 20 best coupon websites 2019.

20 Best Free Coupon Websites 2019

23) Honey

Honey provides a free service that automatically finds the best coupons for its users. Honey is committed to locate the best publicly available offers and to negotiate exclusive offers that are better than any publicly available deal.

Sometimes the presented public deals on the sites can be confusing.

One good feature is the fact that Honey provides users with a range of tools to locate and obtain deals, coupons; exclusive offers, pricing information; product and other information to make informed decisions at incredible prices.

Apart from massive saving that are negotiated on your behalf, Honey offers a reward program that is created to benefit consumers.

22) is available as a mobile app and also in printable style. The nice thing about this app is that it is available to you anytime and you can shop whilst on the go.

The app enables users to browse offers and study other available money saving opportunities like cash back programs.

21) DealNews:

When it comes to shopping, you should follow the shopping experts and, in this case, DealNews is one of its kind. Getting discounts brings fun during shopping and with DealNews you are certain to find best deals and savings. The website has been created to allow consumers to shop smarter.

With the latest updates and lowest prices offered consumers trust using DealNews coupons for their shopping and you are guaranteed to make informed purchases. Make use of the trusted mobile app with all the free coupon information that you need. It is easy access for great deals, buying guides consumer news, and price trends.

20) Hip2save

Have you ever heard when people say, passion pays? Well, you just heard it here and Hip2save confirmed that statement. As a team that shares a passion, Hip2save members took advantage of what they have in common to create quality content.

They are financial saving experts, meaning their duty is to save money and time so that you as the consumer can have time to focus on other things.

The content they offer matches their services as everything is beneficial.

You can download the free app to make saving money fun and relatively the same way they do.

19) Brads’deals

The following words are a clear picture of what happens when you visit Brad’s Deals website: Aware, savings, shopping, process, become, making, choices, personal, finance. It is up to you how you put them together, so that they give you a personal meaning from  your own experience.

There is no wrong on how you put the words. Brad’s deals offer you a service to save and that contributes to your personal finance. The website has guidelines to find the best deals for any type of shopping and that is called being a mart shopper which  is a huge contributor on personal finance.

With Brad’s Deals you are surely going to get what you want for less that the full price.

18) Frugaa

As much as we set aside money for shopping during budgeting, we always have that hope of saving some dollars during our shopping, if you are like me Frugaa market place is for you.

The website is user friendly, you can shoot straight to the reviews before browsing to coupons, deals promo codes and any other products offered.

As a search engine, Frugaa is that  one stop destination you must never miss. Its style is unique and community driven. The team is so dedicated to providing users with discounted codes. Make a habit of stopping by Frugaa for your everyday shopping, you will be surprised of their daily new products.

17) SlickDeals


This is an online community that is dedicated to share, rate review, and share deals and coupons. The trusted community is so involved in the process. After voting for the deals and coupons that were shared, the community offers feedback for the best deals. This is such a great exercise because as a user you contribute a lot.

16) SmartSource

With SmartSource you get exclusive coupons, it specializes on printable coupons. If printable coupons is your number 1 preference this one is just for you get it to shop smart.

SmartSource is certainly a free coupon website that helps you save you money.

Check out the best cashback websites also!

15) The Crazy Coupon Lady

Learning is their first service to offer to their clients. The Crazy CouponLady are moms that are in a mission to teach you how to save big by collecting coupons and redeeming them.

The website is so user friendly, on the front page of the website there is a quick guide to couponing. Everything is stated clearly for your convenience and besides you are a student anyway so. Just to mention a few services that are taught, you will learn how to choose a store, get free coupon, get the apps you need and more.

14) RedPlum (RetailMeNot Everyday)

RedPlum was a free coupon website that has been taken over by RetailMeNot, but the website will be called RetailMeNot Everyday

The coupons are in a process of moving them to RetailMeNot Everyday website. The coupons are still the same great as ever on your favorite products. Consumers will still be able to print their coupons.

13) Coupon Sherpa

The website offers both online and in-store coupons. You are guaranteed that from the search results you will find what you need.

Coupon Sherpa is certainly one of the top websites that offers free coupons.

12) Amazon Coupons

This website is a gold mine for all your needs. As it is likely that you will shop on Amazon, this is the perfect site for you.

You can literally get a coupon for anything that you want. There is a link that leads you to the coupons, take time and familiarize yourself with the website it has a lot to offer.

11) ShopKick

Shopping is fun with ShopKick, they make sure that its not only about shopping it’s also about earning and enjoying, wow what an interesting passive income.

Shopkick has a reward program whereby you earn points, like any other company they want to be unique and they call these points kicks I guess that’s the app name came from. Download the app and start rolling the kicks.

10) FatWallet

FatWallet is full of variety, the deals are thing you use everyday and you are bound to money.

There are no fees paid for your registration so there is no excuse for not visiting the website.

Users all over the world are enjoying the coupons join them and be part of the saving team.

9) yipit

Everyone wins at yipit, wow what a great coupon app. Yipit has a huge variety of coupons to choose from.

Download the free coupon app and start living like winner because everyone wins with Yipit.

8) Groupon

Groupon is one of the biggest names in coupons. It has a lot to offer for the consumers and business people.

Groupon has the mobile app which makes everything easy and reachable. Their daily habit is to put customers first everything is all about long term customer happiness.

7) LivingSocial

LivingSocial is an app that was created for your convenience and being informed for latest deals and coupons for days out and more.

The app is so clever and is free to download. LivingSocial offers all the amazing things you want like great activities, events, getaways, spas, dining, fitness and more.

Download the app and enjoy the benefits, buy and redeem LivingSocial deals directly from your mobile device, and share the deals with friends and family.

6) RetailMeNot

If you are a person who loves discounted shopping, all you need is the RetailMeNot app to do your shopping. Download the app to access your Online coupon services.

There is no log-in or sign up required all you need is your mobile device and the app.

There is a large variety of stores and free coupons on offer. All you need to do is to do is use the coupons from RetailMeNot and they help will put money back into your pocket by ensuring that you are saving while shopping.

5) Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the best websites that will pay you. You can earn money through surveys, completing offers, playing games and more. What makes Swagbucks great is that they give you lots of coupons that helps save you cash.

There are cashback offers too so every time you spend money you earn money.

4) eBates

Ebates is one of the leading cashback websites in the United States. If you are a person who loves shopping and saving money at the same time is a good solution.

You will earn money for all your purchases, eBates is there to share the wealth with you. Download the app to see your favorite stores and click through and get rewarded for purchases you make. The cashback system has been designed for the convenience of clients. The money earned is added to your PayPal account every quarter after it gets reported to eBates.

Bates is a one destination for shoppers. You will find some good deals and coupon for online retail stores.

3) Dealspotr

Dealspotr is one of the best extreme coupon websites that you can find online. It is a community website where users get rewarded to share deals with other users. You can earn points and exchange them for gift cards. You can find promo codes and more to help you save money the next time you are going to shop online.

2) Mr Rebates

Mr Rebates is one of the best coupon websites 2019. You can find daily shopping deals and up to date coupons to save you money on your next purchase. You can find online coupons and printable coupons for shopping at your favorite shops.

What makes Mr. Rebates great is the fact that you can also earn cashback on all the purchases that you make when you click through the website. This site is also known as one of the best paying cashback websites.

1) DollarDig

DollarDig is the best coupon website 2019. It is cashback website that pays you to for purchases that you make at online stores listed on their site. There is a coupons section that provides all the latest promo codes and special offers for saving money on your purchases.

DollarDig is free to sign up and it is very easy to get started with making money and saving money.

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