Swagbucks is an online rewards program that offers gifts, gift cards and Paypal payments when users reach points targets for completing tasks.

Is it worth trying?

The simple answer is yes! Here is why:


Swagbucks online rewards review


The service offers you an array of activities that you can undertake in your spare time to gather up reward points, which you can then swap for rewards.

Get points for watching videos

For every 9 videos you watch on Swagbucks you will get rewarded points. Most videos on the service are short and most under 5 minutes. Videos include fitness, entertainment and food information or how-to’s.


Rewards for searching the web

You can earn rewards by searching online using Swagbucks search function, like you would using Google, Bing or Yahoo. You can also download a Swagbuck’s search bar to your browser to earn more points however, from personal experience the search results are not as good as using Google. The search results that you will receive are similar to that of Ask.com.

Still you will get paid for using the search engine!


Points for answering surveys

The rewards program does not offer suveys for cash however you do get decent sums of points for answering them. There is a daily poll where you get 1 point for answering one simple question. Other surveys you can choose to answer regarding those of interest to you. Like all other paid survey sites, you will not be eligible to answer all surveys. You may find yourself half way through a survey and clicking an answer may mean that you are not eligible to continue and complete the survey.

Swagbucks review 2014


Special offers

Swagbucks will give you reward points for taking advantage of special offers on the website or if you sign up or make a purchase by clicking through the Swagbucks site. The rewards are usually quite high for these activities.



You can trade points to enter sweepstakes to earn extra points or to win prizes such as games consoles, gift cards, electronics and many other prizes.


Play games

You can also win points by playing games. Swagbucks have a whole host of games from puzzle to racing games. Games can earn you lots of points by completing them successfully or you can enter tournaments with other users to earn more points.

If you want to get paid to play games, see our list of best websites that pay you to play games



When you refer another person to sign up to Swagbucks you can earn extra points. For every point up to 1000 that your referral earns you will get the same amount. The referral program is pretty good and that is why Swagbucks is a top get paid to site.


The rewards store

Swagbucks claim to have paid out over $60 millions worth of prizes to users. Gift cards can be chosen to use when shopping on amazon or can be used in shops such as Foot Locker and cafes such as Starbucks to name just a few.

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In conclusion

Swagbucks to a great service if you are bored and looking for a way to pass the time an earn a little from it. Some have done really well out of the service but by using referrals you can gain alot from it.

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