Would you like to get paid to travel the world?

I think your answer to this question is a YES!

While not every job offers the luxury paying you to travel to exotic places around the world, here are a few that allow you to do so. There are also some other jobs that you can make money from while travelling.

In this post we show you the best ways to get paid to travel the world.

Jobs that pay you to travel the world

1. Work For An International Cruise Line Company




If you get a job with an international cruise line you can experience many exotic locations and get paid for it. Working for cruise line companies are known for offering poor salaries compared to the more mundane jobs however, you do get to go to many locations around the world without the travel costs.


2. Work As a Flight Attendant


If you get a job as a flight attendant you can experience various parts of the world and earn on average from US airlines $25,000 and $50,000 on a yearly basis. With this job you can travel around the world without expense and get paid a decent salary. The job is not your usual 9-5, nor is it an ideal job if you have a family. However, getting to see new parts of the world and get paid for it is a real plus. Business Insider also recommend this job as a way to get paid to travel the world.


3) Teach English Abroad


This is a great opportunity for fluent English speakers to travel the world and get paid. For those who have an interest in travelling and experiencing new cultures, this job is a no-brainer. There are many English teaching opportunities in countries based in Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. Most opportunities in these locations do not require you to be able to speak the local language.

There is a certificate that you can get known as Teaching English as a Foreign Language also known as TEFL can will equip you with the necessary skills to thrive in a foreign country as an English Teacher. This certificate is not required worldwide but it can help with securing a job.

English teachers can earn a very good salary, especially in the Middle East in countries such as Qatar, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates.


4) Make money as an Au Pair


Becoming an Au Pair is a popular job for females who travel the world. An Au Pair lives with a family for a set period of time while looking after their children in exchange for a room and in most cases a wage. Most Au Pairs are international students or who have recently graduated from college or university and are travelling around the world before starting their careers. This is a job that will help you see the world on a budget.


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5) Work As A Tour Guide


If you enjoy travelling, you can make money as a tour guide. The best way to do this is to have prior experience of various locations around the world and then search for openings with a tour operator. Alternatively you can set up tours in the location that you are staying in but you must be good with interacting with other cultures. You must also have an in depth knowledge of the location that you are offering tours in.


6) International Coach Driver


If you are a bus driver who loves driving and has an ambition to travel the world, this job could be for you. International tour operators offer bus tours to customers to destinations on different continents. So if you want to visit new place on a continent, then this job could be for you.


7) Become a Travel Blogger


Travel blogs are popular and there are several success stories worldwide of bloggers who are making an income with their travel blogs while they tour the world. This will not happen to everyone but content creation is popular among online travel companies. Even though you might not be making money from your travel blog to start with you can use it as a portfolio to approach travel companies online. You can find customers who require travel content on sites such as Freelancer and other freelancing sites.

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8) Travel Photographer


A lot of photographers have their own niche. Some just do wedding photos while others might just do PR photography. If you are a good photographer with a keen interest in travelling, you could set your sights on becoming a travel photographer. Travel photographers can work freelance or for a travel magazine or even a large travel agent.


9) Run a stock photos website


With so much emphasis on content creation for making money online and generating business through the web, there is a huge demand for stock photography. Stock photos are general copyright free images that are free for people to use on their blogs and websites. For travel bloggers,  and tour operators they often need stock photos of exotic locations and landmarks for their blogs and websites. Stock photography websites make their money in many ways including having a membership subscription and running ads on their stock photo website.


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10) International sales job


If you have experience in sales, you could land yourself the opportunity to travel the world as a sales person. Businesses that want to break into new markets often hire salespeople to try sell products and services to new customers in various countries. In many cases a business will invest in providing their staff training and funding expenses for taking the trip to the new country.


11) Travel Consultant

A travel consultant is someone who works in a travel agent and provides details of holidays and prices for their customers. While many travel agents do not have the resources to send their employees to various resorts to research places to stay, the large multi-national travel agents do. If you have experience as a travel agent and want to do further travelling and get paid for it, then you should look at applying for a job at a large travel agency.


12) International Manager


An international manager is a person who works for a large multi-national company and oversees a number of different offices in various countries. The type of manager varies but in most cases an international manager job is most often the HR manager. I am a qualified international manager with an MSC in International Management in NUI Galway.

In this role, you get paid for expenses for your trips abroad to the international offices and if required, you may get compensation from your company if you are expatriated.


13) Web developer

Web development is a job that can be done from anywhere in the world as long as you have a laptop and an internet connection. A lot of  web developers travel the world and work while they do it.

Freelance web developers who build relationships with different companies gain referrals by word of mouth marketing which helps them earn lots of money while on the go. Web designers are also able to upsell services such as hosting, web maintenance packages and SEO as monthly retainers to improve their profits.


14) App developer

Similar to web developers, app developers can work from nearly any corner of the world as long as they have a laptop and wifi connection. For freelance app developers, they can set their own work hours and they can work while they go on a trip throughout the world.


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15) Create a destination guide

If you are creating your own destination guide or hired by someone to create one, you will most likely have to travel to various destinations in order to experience the locations you are going to write about. To create a destination guide you will also need to create photos which are also critical for the success of the publication. If you are hired to create the guide, you will be able to recoup the costs of your expenses for the trip by the person who hired you.


16) Personal Chef

This is one idea that was suggested to us on Twitter. Having promoted this post previously on the social network, a chef tweeted me to say that she got paid to travel the world as she was a personal chef for a CEO of an international company. As a result she got to go to exotic countries and cook for her client when they were attending meetings worldwide.


If you have got paid to travel in your life in a way that is different from those ideas listed above, feel free to leave a comment below.


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