Do you need to make money fast on the internet? Have you got bills that need paying?

It’s OK!

There are legitimate ways for you to start earning money online fast!


There are many ways that you can earn money fast, however we are keeping this post strictly to using the internet from your desktop or smartphone. The jobs below are also perfect work from home jobs, so if you are unemployed, a stay at home mom or you just prefer to be your own boss, then these quick ways to make money fast on the internet will be perfect for you.


Here are the 9 Best Quick Ways To Make Money On The Internet 2024:

9 Quick Ways To Make Money On The Internet 2024


9) Surveys

Surveys are an easy way to make money quickly online if you sign up to the best free survey panels. Only with survey panels such as The Nielsen, and QuickRewards you may be able to earn a little extra income within your first day of signing up.


If you like expressing your opinions and you would like to make an income from home, then trying surveys are definitely a good solution for you. Some survey panels only offer you a survey per week and you may be answering questionnaires here and there over the course of a number of months before you get paid.

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8) Article Writing

If you are creative and good at creating written content, then article writing is something you should try. This is one job that is easily to get started with online. However, do not expect to be earning a lot of cash to start with, however you can earn little amounts fast!


If you are serious about earning money online through article writing, then you should try iWriter or Fiverr. Both sites do not pay much, however they are easy platforms to get started with. On iWriter, you sign up for free and you must create a piece of content as a screening. Once done, you will be able to take on work as it appears on the job board.

Once you build your portfolio, you can then look at joining other freelance websites or you can start your own online writing business.

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7) Web Development

Web development is an easy way to make quick money on the internet and you don’t have to go spamming people like a lot of idiots do. One quick way to get new business is to use a scraper or a program like Scrapebox to scrape websites that contain malware.

Once you get your list of websites, you can contact the owners of each of the websites offering to repair the website or build one from scratch.

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6) App Development

Apps are a big deal right now, we even make them. Android and iOS apps are highly complex and are prone to problems when phones upgrade. For this reason, there will always be a need for app developers.

There are a lot of freelancing sites where you can find work for app developers. Such sites include Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr, People Per Hour etc.


It is good practice to have your own website with a portfolio of your work. Customers can get an insight into your abilities, if you can impress them, you can charge whatever fee you think your work is worth. If you have a good portfolio app development is a good way to make money fast.

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5) Data Entry

Some consider data entry as a tedious task, for others it is a fantastic and legitimate way to make money fast. Data entry can consist of imputing data to a spreadsheet or copying and pasting from web pages. You can find data entry jobs right now on odd jobs websites including Craigslist and Fiverr.


The pay for this type of work is normally low, however, if you like this kind of job then this could be the perfect work from home job.

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4) Rent A Room On AirBnB

If you are looking for an “I need money now” idea, then you should look at renting a room using AirBnB. AirBnB is a simple to use website that allows you to advertise your room to let out for whatever period of time you require.


Depending on where you live, especially in cities, you can easily rent your room as AirBnB has a large member base looking for cheap accommodation for their trip away.



3) Sell Stuff You No Longer Need

If you have lots of stuff and need money, then you should look at selling your old stuff online. eBay is the perfect place for you to try and sell your items.


If you don’t want to sell your items your items online, you can also go to car boot sales or simply host your own garage sale if you live in a busy neighborhood


If you are really stuck for cash and need money, you can go to a local pawn shop and exchange your items for cash that way.

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2) Get Paid To & Rewards Websites

There are a number of GPT sites, or get paid to websites out there that will pay you to do lots of fun activities that you probably do in your spare time. Activities that you can get paid for with GPT sites include answer surveys, play games, watch videos, read emails and shop online.


Websites such as QuickRewards will pay you for doing fun and interesting tasks. With QuickRewards, you will get paid for playing games, watching videos, answering surveys and shopping online at your favourite online stores. You must be from the USA, Canada or UK to join. If you are from the US, you can cash out from as little as $0.01. The QuickRewards Network is a great way to make money fast online.

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1) Sign Up To Free Money Websites Or Begging Websites

There are numerous begging websites online where you can ask people for money. Fundraising websites like GoFundme and Begging Money are websites where you can actually ask people to support you financially.

Begging Money is one of the best websites to use to get help from wealth philanthropists who are looking to help out those in need of financial assistance.


If you need to make money fast, above are 9 great ways to help you get started. These I need money ideas will help you generate extra income which will allow you to pay your bills or buy the products that you love.

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