The Safeway Monopoly game is an exciting way to win many cash prizes. There is a prize fund of $250 million with two $1 million prizes up for grabs for lucky winners.

Safeway Monopoly

The 2018 version of Safeway Monopoly starts on February 2018.

In this post we show you everything you need to know about this opportunity to win money!

Where can I get Safeway Monopoly Tickets?

You can get the game boards and Monopoly tickets at all Safeway, Albertsons, United  Supermarkets, Tom Thumb, Jewel-Osco, VONS, Amigos, Carrs, Star Market, Pavilions, Acme and Randalls stores across the US. This game has the potential win money.


What Are the Safeway Monopoly Prizes?

Here is a list of the Safeway Monopoly prizes worth $250,000,000:

2:  $1,000,000 Cash prizes
4:  $1,000,000 Vacation home
15: $100,000 Cash or a luxury car valued at $100,000
25: $40,000 Car of your choice
35: $25,000 Kitchen makeover

50 : $20,000 College tuition bursaries
50: $10,000 Cash prize
50: $7.500 Family vacation
50:  $5,000 Cash prizes
50: $5,000 To spend on groceries
50: $2,600 Movie vouchers for a year

100: $1,500 Gas & groceries
100: $1,000 Cash prizes
100: $1,000 Grocery gift cards
100: $1,000 Weekend getaway
100: $1,000 Laptop Computer

350: $500 Grocery gift cards
600: $300 Spa day prize
750: $200 Family picnic prizes
750: $200 Cash

2,500: $100 Grocery gift card
2,500: $100 Cash prizes
5,000: $50 Grocery gift card

10,000: $25 Grocery gift card
10,000: $25 Gift card
10,000: $25 Cash prize
12,500: $20 Cash prize

25,000: $15 Grocery gift card
40,000: $10 Grocery gift card
40,000: $10 Cash prize
900,000: $5 Grocery gift card
900,000: $5 Cash prize



How To Play The Safeway Monopoly Game:

First you must get the monopoly game board from your local Safeway Store.


Secondly, each time you shop at a Safeway store you will be given a game ticket. Be sure to ask the cashier for one if you have not been given one after your purchase.

You can also get additional bonus tickets for the Monopoly game by purchasing products that are marked as bonus ticket products.

You will find inside the game tickets, 4 game markers, and either an in-store coupon, an Online Game Code, Instant Win Prize or 2 free Game Tickets Prize.


Thirdly, tear the tickets and find the matching code on the Monopoly board that you got at the first step above. There are glue strips on the back of the game markers so you then must wet that glue strip and place it on the prize area.


The game can also be played online at There is also the Monopoly Shop Play Win app that you can use also. With the app you can simply scan the online game codes that you receive including tracking your game markers. This is a much easier way to play the game rather than typing the codes on the website.


The app is available on the iOS and on the Google Play Store. They can only be downloaded in if you are a user from the United States.


Does Anyone Ever Win Safeway Monopoly?

Yes they do and in fact, the winners for each prize category prizes get published online. This ensures that there is transparency that the game is fair and is not manipulated. The McDonalds Monopoly game was embroiled in a scandal a few years ago, where it was found that employees were able to give winning pieces to their family members


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List Of Safeway Monopoly Winners 2018

We cannot publish the full names of the winners for privacy reasons.

We are only listing some of the top range prizes.


Safeway Monopoly – ACME

Name & Prize
Jeffrey B. $40,000 Vehicle of Choice

Leslie M. $20,000 College Tuition

Erin M. $10,000 Cash

Lori P. $10,000 iHeart Country Festival

Karen C. $7,500 Fan Pack & Red Carpet

Lori J. $5,000 Groceries

Christian P. $5,000 Instant Win Cash

Frances S. $5,000 Cash

Thomas D. $5,000 Cash

Krystene R. $5,000 Cash


Safeway Monopoly – Albertsons

Name & Prize

Billy M. $40,000 Vehicle of Choice

Erin D. $40,000 Vehicle of Choice

Vicki W. $32,459 Progressive Jackpot

Susan G. $27,673 Progressive Jackpot

Kristin S. $25,000 Kitchen Makeover

Aaron R.- $24,975 Progressive Jackpot

Patricia K. $20,000 College Tuition

Helen E. $20,000 College Tuition

Janet M. $11,623 Progressive Jackpot

Cheryl V. $10,000 Cash


Safeway Monopoly – Albertsons Market

Name & Prize

Melanie R. $40,000 Vehicle of Choice

Ande M. $6,606 Progressive Jackpot

Shane G. $5,000 Cash

Roberta L. $1,000 Grocery Gift Card

Barbara S. $1,000 Cash

Amy M. $500 Grocery Gift Card

June K. $500 Grocery Gift Card

Frances M. $500 Grocery Gift Card

Ruth E. $300 Spa Day

Hermelinda H. $300 Spa Day


Safeway Monopoly – Jewel-Osco


Name & Prize

Larry A. $40,000 Vehicle of Choice

Antoniette S. $25,000 Kitchen Makeover

Richard K. $20,000 College Tuition

Holly U. $10,000 Cash

Suzanne D. $10,000 Cash

Mark G. $5,913 Progressive Jackpot

Wendy V. $5,000 Instant Win Cash

Cathy T. $5,000 Groceries

Manisha S. $5,000 Groceries

Ruth S. $5,000 Groceries



Safeway Monopoly – Market Street

Name & Prize

Cassidy S. $20,000 College Tuition

Ryan B. $5,000 Groceries

Jonathan O. $500 Grocery Gift Card

Kyrsten G. $500 Grocery Gift Card

Jennifer M. $300 Spa Day


Safeway Monopoly – Pavilions

Name & Prize

Ruben O. $1,000 Weekend Getaway

Lori F. $1,000 Grocery Gift Card

Stephaine D. $500 Grocery Gift Card

Faith G. $300 Spa Day

Tammy-Anne F. $300 Spa Day


Safeway Monopoly – Randalls

Name & Prize

Liz B. $3,600 Special Event

Daniel R. $2,600 Movies For A Year

Carole P. $1,000 Weekend Getaway

Rogr F. $1,000 Grocery Gift Card

Alan W. $1,000 Grocery Gift Card

Martie H. $1,000 Cash

Nancy N. $500 Grocery Gift Card

Deborah C. $500 Grocery Gift Card


Safeway Monopoly – Safeway

Name & Prize

Greta H. $51,228 Progressive Jackpot

Michelle L. $44,324 Progressive Jackpot

Diana P. $40,000 Vehicle of Choice

Eileen G. $40,000 Vehicle of Choice

Audra Z. $40,000 Vehicle of Choice

CJ S. $40,000 Vehicle of Choice

Anita M. $40,000 Vehicle of Choice

Julie C. $40,000 Vehicle of Choice

Blake Joseph H. $40,000 Vehicle

Patricia T. $28,408 Progressive Jackpot



Safeway Monopoly – Shaw’s

Name & Prize

Chelsea M. $40,000 Vehicle of Choice

Kathleen D. $20,771 Progressive Jackpot

Libby S. $20,000 College Tuition

Jeanine W. $20,000 College Tuition

Suzanne M. $16,095 Progressive Jackpot

Suzanne M. $16,095 Progressive Jackpot

Caroline W. $10,000 Cash

Darlene J. $10,000 Cash

Pamela U. $7,500 Family Vacation

Matthew A. $5,000 Groceries


Safeway Monopoly – Tom Thumb

Name & Prize

Angela F. $40,000 Vehicle of Choice

Cheryl B. $21,719 Progressive Jackpot

Allison S. $20,000 College Tuition

Rachid S. $10,000 Cash

Mary S. $7,500 Family Vacation

Laura K. $1,500 Gas Grill & Groceries

Rachel Renée B. $1,500 Gas Grill & Groceries

Laura K. $500 Grocery Gift Card

Veronica S. $500 Grocery Gift Card

Cynthia A. $500 Grocery Gift Card



Safeway Monopoly – United

Name & Prize

Joan M. $3,600 Special Event

Amy P. $2,600 Movies For A Year

Kenneth B. $1,000 Grocery Gift Card

Terry A. $500 Grocery Gift Card

Ryan M. $500 Grocery Gift Card

Jovita M. $500 Grocery Gift Card

Katelynn W. $500 Grocery Gift Card

Allison H. $500 Grocery Gift Card

Jacqueline M. -$500 Grocery Gift Card

Trista K. $300 Spa Day


Safeway Monopoly – Vons

Name& Prize

Karen T. $100,000 Cash or Luxury Car

Deborah W. $67,782 Progressive Jackpot

Bradley J. $40,000 Vehicle of Choice

Teressa U. $40,000 Vehicle

Kim K. $25,000 Kitchen Makeover

Elizabeth R. $20,000 College Tuition

Rosa F. $10,000 Fiesta Latina

Tammara S. $10,000 Cash

Stephen C. $7,500 Family Vacation

Jorge M. $5,812 Progressive Jackpot



Has Anyone Won The Million Dollar Monopoly Prize?

Yes there has been a number of players who have become millionaires as a result of playing this Monopoly game by Safeway.

A loyal shopper at Oahu in Hawaii won the $1 million prize in 2018. Tiana M. won the top prize playing the game at Safeway Kapahulu.


What Are Safeway Monopoly Fandango Tokens?

The online codes that you use, you may be awarded Fandango tokens or Fandango points as a consolation. You need to accumulate 30 Fandango tokens to claim a prize. The minimum of 30 Fandango points will get you $5 off theatre tickets


Safeway Monopoly Rare Tokens

Here is a list of all the rare tokens that you could potentially find including the token number:

$1,000,000 Cash 108AH

$1,000,000 Vacation Home -110BB, 116BH

$100,000 Cash or Luxury Car 181TA, 182TB

$40,000 Vehicle of Choice 189VD, 190VE

$25,000 Kitchen Makeover 193WC, 194WD

$20,000 College Tuition 199XD, 200XE

$10,000 Cash 203YB, 206YE

$7,500 Family Vacation 207ZA, 209ZC

$5,000 Cash 179SC

$5,000 Groceries 173RA

$2,600 Movies For A Year 172QD

$1,500 Gas Grill & Groceries 166PB

$1,000 Cash 164OD

$1,000 Grocery Gift Card 159NC

$1,000 Weekend Getaway 154MB

$1,000 Laptop Computer 149LA

$500 Grocery Gift Card 145KA

$300 Spa Day 144JD

$200 Family Picnic 138HB

$200 Cash 135GC

$100 Grocery Gift Card 132FD

$100 Cash 126EB

$50 Grocery Gift Card 121DA

$25 Grocery Gift Card 119CC

$25 Gift Card Mall 213AB

$25 Cash 218BC

$20 Cash – 220CA

$15 Grocery Gift Card 227DD

$10 Grocery Gift Card 228EA

$10 Cash 235FD

$5 Grocery Gift Card 237GB

$5 Cash 242HC


Be sure to use this reference to check if you have found a prize winning rare token.


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How Can I Win At Safeway Monopoly?

The game is like the lotto, the odds of winning a huge cash prize is near impossible unless you are extremely lucky.

That being said, it is still worth trying and at least have some fun with it.


If you shop at the stores that offer tickets then you should try it at least, because if you are not participating, then you cannot win.

Be kind to the cashier where you are shopping at, as you never know, they may be generous to give you an extra ticket. If you notice a person refusing to take their tickets, who may be ahead of you, kindly ask them to give them theirs. This could increase your chances of winning.


Remember don’t spend money unnecessarily for this game, because you could lose more money than you gain.

Treat it as a hobby and enjoy the excitement of shopping!

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