Grocery receipt scanning apps are an easy way to make some extra cash. It only takes a minute or two to scan your receipts and you could get free money for doing it.

The reason that you can earn money this way is that marketing companies want to know what people are buying and where they are buying it from.


If you want to earn some money the easy way, here are 9 of the best apps that will pay you to scan your grocery receipts.


Best Apps That Will Pay You To Scan Your Grocery Receipts


9)  SavingStar

SavingStar used to be an app for linking loyalty cards. The app still does that for you, but it now it also has a receipt scanning feature. The cash-backs that SavingStar offer are very competitive.


They also usually have a lot of offers available. The amount of cash that you can earn for scanning your receipts with SavingStar can be as much as $5 on some products. That’s a lot higher than some other apps.


You must buy the products from certain stores, but the list of participating stores is big, so it’s not too much of an issue. The time limit on SavingStar offers is short, though. You need to make sure that you scan your grocery receipts within three days of an offer expiring.

You can sign up to SavingStar on their website or you can install the SavingStar Android app.


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8) ReceiptPal

ReceiptPal is an app that pays you to take photos of your receipts. This receipt scanning app allows you to claim rewards on virtually anything that you buy.

Receipt pal get paid to take photos of your receipts

It starts out at a limit of getting paid for 20 receipts when you first join, but it will increase as you use the app more. When you have scanned 4 receipts, you will be credited with 100 points. You can exchange your points for gift cards or other special offers.

The value of ReceiptPal points is not as high as some receipt scanning apps. But, you can save your points and claim higher value rewards. 17,000 points, for example, will get you a $100 Amazon gift card.



7) Punchcard

The Punchcard rewards app pays you points when you shop at participating stores. They also pay you points when you shop at some local businesses.


Major stores that you can earn points at include 7-Eleven, Target and Subways. When you scan a receipt, you spin a wheel to see how many points you have won.

You need to scan your receipts within five days of making a purchase. Points can be exchanged for prizes, gift cards or cash.

You need 5,000 points to be able to claim a reward. The list of stores that you can earn points at includes many stores that other receipt apps don’t include. Punchcard also offer discounts and special offers from some of their retailers.


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6) Ibotta

Ibotta is the most popular of all the grocery receipt scanning apps. You can earn cash at more than 275 stores with Ibotta, including:

  • Walmart
  • Walgreens
  • CVS


You can also earn money when you shop online at:

  • Amazon
  • Apple Music

Rebates can be quite high on Ibotta. Sometimes as much as $5 for one item. Most of the offers that you see in the app are for everyday items, like eggs, milk and cereal.

Offers are sometimes for specific brands, however most are for generic items. Ibotta also offers rewards for in-app purchases.

You earn real money with Ibotta, not points, and, you get a $10 welcome bonus just for opening an Ibotta account.


5) Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is quite a new app, so you may not get as many offers as you would with Ibotta. The good thing about Fetch rewards, though, is that you can buy the products at any store.

Fetch Rewards

The Fetch Rewards app is very easy to use. You simply scan your receipts and you will get points for any purchases of brands that the app partners with.

There are currently more than 250 brands that you can earn points on.

When you have collected enough points, you can redeem them for gift cards that you can use at some of the top retailers. The only thing to be careful about with Fetch Rewards is that you need to scan your grocery receipt within 14 days.

You can join Fetch Rewards on their website or install the app to your smartphone by using the Play Store or the iTunes store.



4) Checkout 51

The Checkout 51 grocery receipts app works similar to Ibotta and Fetch Rewards. But, the range of products that you can earn cash on is not as wide as Ibotta. The app does, though, include fruit and vegetables, which many other apps do not give rebates on.

Checkout 51


Each week, Checkout 51 is updated with new offers. You just need to pick the offers that you want to take advantage of, and then you can buy the products from any store. This website and app is a great way to help you save money on grocery shopping.

When you scan your store receipts, cash is credited to your account. When you reach $20, you can redeem your money. When you cash out, Checkout 51 will mail you a check.

Checkout 51 is available on Apple smart devices and Android smartphones and tablets.


3) BerryCart

BerryCart is a receipt scanning grocery app for people who like healthy food. The app gives you rebates on selected organic and non-GM foods.


You can only earn points on products that are promoted in the app, but you can buy those products from any store. The app will show you stores near you are selling the products. It also gives you facts about the products.

BerryCart is a very specialized grocery receipt scanning app. People who like to buy healthy food will love it.



Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is an app that lets you scan receipts from any store. You can earn cashback on all your receipts, but most of the offers are on grocery store purchases.

Receipt Hog

Receipt hog gives you 10-20 coins for each receipt you scan. The amount of coins depends on how much you spend. When have collected 1,000 coins, you can redeem the coins for cash. Payments are made via PayPal.

To make things a bit more fun, Receipt Hog has an in-app slot machine. If you are given a spin on the machine, you can win more free coins.

Receipt Hog has an Android App for smartphones and tablets which has a good reputation and a large user base.



1) Shopkick

Shopkick is a receipt scanning app and more. It gives you several ways to earn points, or Kicks. You earn Kicks for walking into a partner store, and you can earn Kicks for simply scanning the barcodes of selected products in those stores.

shopkick get paid to scan groceries app

You can earn more Kicks when you buy products using a linked in credit or debit card, and you can earn on some selected items by scanning in your receipts. The Shopkick app is not limited to groceries. But, you do have to buy selected products from specific partner stores.

Shopkick gives you more ways to earn cash than other receipt scanning apps do. You can even earn Kicks by watching videos and viewing online products.


Get started with getting paid to shop

As you have seen in this post, there are a wide range of ways that you can get paid to shop both online and with your smartphone. Getting paid to take photos and scanning your receipts is easy money and you should certainly try out some of the apps that have been mentioned above.

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