Making money for free is easier than ever, thanks to the Internet. So long as you have Internet connection, a device to use, and some extra time, you are clearly on your way to making money online for free in no time.

How to make money online for free

In this article, we will look at my favorite ways to make money online for free. This includes ten ideas that I have tried out personally and that are loved by many other people. Feel free to test out which ideas work best for your time, skills, and preferences. Let’s get started.


1) Be a Market Research Participant

Becoming a market research participant allows you to get paid for your opinions. You’re probably familiar with this money-making scheme without realizing it.

Becoming a market research participant simply means that you take surveys for cash. Taking surveys online won’t make you a millionaire, but they can help you save some extra dollars while watching TV.


2) Become a Couponer

Gone are the days of clipping newspaper ads and pages from a magazine. Instead, you can become a serious couponer by using cashback apps and website extensions.

These resources allow you to save money, all while purchasing items that you already need. You can use multiple cashback sites to maximize your earnings on your different purchases.


3) Become a Proofreader

Becoming a proofreader online is really easy and completely free. All you need is some sort of typing software, such as Word or Google Docs. Google Docs is completely free. Also, use editing software, such as Grammarly. Many writers, bloggers, and website owners pay proofreaders using freelance websites like Upwork.


4) Sell Gift Cards Online

If you have old, unused gift cards lying around that you don’t plan on ever using, sell them online at sites like Raise. Of course, you will sell them at a discounted price, but it helps that you earn more money instead of wasting the money that’s already on those gift cards.


5) Sell Your Old Items Online 

Sell old items online to declutter your home and make a profit at the same time. Sites like eBay and Facebook Marketplace are great locations for selling these items. Old clothes, dishes, and other knickknacks are great choices if they’re still in good condition.


6) Sell Digital Photos Online

If you’re someone who loves taking pictures and thinks your pictures turn out pretty good, you can sell your work photos to different apps or sites, such as ShutterStock or Adobe Stock. Depending on the contract you select, you can earn royalties, or they may pay for the picture outright. Royalties are the most common form of payment. 


7) Become a Website Tester

Become a website tester to make about $10 per 20-minute testing session. Certain sites are specifically designed to help you find websites and companies in need of a website tester. All you need to do is record your screen during the test, answer some questions, and get paid.


8) Write an eBook

This idea may not be ideal for everyone, but if you are a good writer and have ideas or stories to share with the world and other people, write an eBook through Amazon. Writing an eBook will obviously take a lot of time and effort to create, but it can be well worth the effort, especially if you learn how to sell Amazon eBooks properly.


9) Tutor Online

You can tutor online if you feel you’re particularly knowledgeable or educated on a specific subject in school. There are sites like that are specifically designed to connect students with tutors in their area. You can either tutor students online or meet them in person.


10) Create a YouTube Channel

Create a YouTube channel and make money through views and ads. You will have to build up a good following to make real money, but it is a great idea if you love sharing your ideas with the world on an online medium.


Final Thoughts

I hope that one of these ten free money-making ideas can help you reach your financial goals this year. I recommend trying out all of them and sticking with the ideas that fit into your lifestyle. Becoming a market research participant, proofreader, and writer are best for my lifestyle, but other ideas may be more ideal for you.

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