We love showing people how to make cash online but for some they prefer to receive gift cards. In this post we show you the best websites that pay you the best rewards.

Get Paid gift cards

The websites listed in this run down include get paid to websites (GPT sites), cashback websites and community websites.

5 Best Websites That Reward You With Gift Cards 2021

5) PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is a website that we have recently signed up for and were impressed, nearly overwhelmed by the choice of gift cards available. Of all websites that we have reviewed worldwide, PrizeRebel by far has the biggest selection of prizes, name a popular high street retailer, there will likely be a gift card for that shop!

PrizeRebel Review

Despite the fact that there are so many prizes, the ways to earn are slightly limited. Yes there are lots of surveys and lots of offers, however, it is unlikely you will be eligible for most of the surveys. In terms of the offers, most are paid, however there are free offers including app installs.

Surveys from PrizeRebel are offered by Toluna, Peanutlabs, Research4Good and by the Consumer Opinion Institute.

There are also daily raffles, however these cost points that you earn, therefore it is a gamble.

The minimum reward is a $2 gift card for Amazon. When you accumulate more points, more gift cards will become available like CVS, Burger King, GameStop, BestBuy, Facebook, Macys, Dominos and many, many more!

If you want to try PrizeRebel, click here.



4) GlobalTestMarket

GlobalTestMarket is a leading survey panel that will pay you gift cards for answering surveys. This survey panel have been around since 1999 and remain one of the most reliable paid survey sites that you can find online today.

Global Test market survey review

The surveys that you receive from GlobalTestMarket can be interesting and require your opinions on up to date issues in current affairs, movies and restaurants. One of the benefits with this survey panel is that you get regular survey invitations.

When you reach your payout threshold, you can cash in for gift cards from Amazon, Macy’s Kohl’s and more.

Check out our full review of GlobalTestMarket.



3) QuickRewards

Quickrewards is number 1 in our top 5 get paid to websites and it is also one of the best to get paid to watch videos online websites. You might as “why is QuickRewards number 2 in this list?”. Simple, they are limited in gift cards as it is a better website to earn cash via check and PayPal.

QuickRewards surveys

QuickRewards offers the most options for earning cash when compared to many other GPT websites. You get paid for playing games, watching videos, answering surveys and for shopping online.

Gift cards on offer vary from time to time, however typical rewards include Amazon, and eBay vouchers. You may be lucky and choose gift cards for the likes of CVS, Target, Home Depot and many more of your favorite online retailers.

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2) Dealspotr

Dealspotr is a very different website to the sites that we review and what a gem it is! Dealspotr rewards their users to simply share great deals and coupons with others. In return for sharing coupons users can receive gift cards.

Dealspotr reviews

Signing up to this coupon sharing community website is relatively easy and all you need is an email and address and make sure you verify your email address.

To start earning points that you must research valid deals online including items on sale and coupons. Once you find these, log in to Dealspotr and post a deal. If you are posting a deal for an item, you will need a screenshot of where you found the deal and where else you can find the item at full or nearest best price.

When you accumulate points, you can then redeem them for Amazon gift cards. Earning points is really easy and reaching the minimum threshold is not really that hard!

What makes this website really interesting is the fact that you will find so many up to date deals that other people are sharing. Dealspotr is a win-win website. You help others, others help you and you earn and save money at the same time!

Try Dealspotr now for free



1) Swagbucks

Swagbucks is easily the most popular site to go to if you want to earn money online or receive a free gift card for your favorite retailer. They almost match PrizeRebel in the amount of prizes they have available however, the difference between the two is that it is much easier to gain points or SB’s.


With Swagbucks you can earn with their daily polls, by answering surveys, watching videos, playing games and by referring your friends. With so many ways to earn points on this site, you can easily trade them for a gift card of your choice.

Gift card choices include; Amazon, Starbucks, Steam, Facebook, American Outfitters, Foot Locker and many more.

Click here to sign up for Swagbucks

The websites listed above are the best websites to sign up to for free and earn your way to getting a gift card of your choice. Try  them all out and see how many gift cards you get to buy the things you love at your favorite online retailers.



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