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Do you want to earn a living from home? If so now you can, by making money online. There are many ways in which anyone with access to the internet can make money online. Below is a big list of simple and best legitimate ways to make money online, which you can get started right away to generating some beer money for the weekend or even making a full time living.

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10 Best Ways To Make Money Online In 2020


Making money onlineHere are some top ways to start earning a few bob, some wonga or just plain old cash. Most are ways to make money online for free and without investment.


1) Earn money from online surveys

You can get paid for your opinions by signing up to paid survey sites and answering surveys. See how you can start making money from online surveys.

There are a number of survey panels that you can join for free. These include:

  • American Consumer Opinion
  • PanelPlace
  • Opinion Outpost
  • Harris Poll Online
  • GlobalTestMarket
  • Prolific


See also the top survey sites that pay you lots of money.


2) Get Paid To Websites

GPT sites as they are most often referred to as, are fun websites that pay you to answer surveys, play games, watch videos and sometimes even read emails!

The best get paid to websites include:


3) Get Paid To Shop Online

You can get paid to shop online if you first sign up to cashback websites. How much you receive per purchase depends on the commissions offered by the cashback website and how much the item is you are purchasing. You must click on the link to the retailer which you are going to make a purchase at on the cashback website so that you can get paid.

The best cashback websites include:

Check out the best cashback websites


4) Sell Products Online

Selling products is probably the the best way to make money online. If you are a retailer or a merchant for a particular product and do not sell online, you are missing out on a large market. The web offers sellers of the most obscure product imaginable an opportunity to sell globally. Many retailers can set up their own Ecommerce websites or they can sell through services such as eBay.

Specialized sites such as Etsy offer craft makers and artists to sell products to a targeted audience.

Setting up your own website has never been easier and the possibilities to set up an Ecommerce website of your own is endless. Setting up your own Ecommerce website means that you can start selling your own products and make more money rather than having a middleman or a third party product site selling your products.


5) Freelancing Services

The web allows you to offer services from regardless of location to businesses and customers. An example of such services includes freelance writing, graphic design and web development to name just a few of thousands of services that can be provided and purchased online.

Fiverr is an online resource where people can buy services starting at $5. This provides sellers with a great opportunity to make money with Fiverr.


6) Invest In P2P Lending Websites

If you are looking to invest money online, why not consider investing in P2P loans. There are P2P lending websites such as Mintos that offer returns of over 10% per annum.


7) Graphic Design

As mentioned above graphic design is big business online. If you check out the success stories on Fiverr, most are graphic designers, creating their way to a fortune from their own homes.


8) Make Money Online Building Websites

If a company wants to do business, they have to be online in the 21st century! If you are able to code your way around WordPress, Drupal, Magento or any of the popular opensource web platforms, then you should look at building sites to sell. If you are a competent developer you should also look at joining freelancing websites to offer your services to upgrade websites and fix coding errors.


9) Get Paid To Watch Videos

There are a number of sites online that will pay you to watch videos online. Check out this post on the 5 best paid to watch videos sites.



10) Earn Money Through Affiliate Marketing

You can earn money online by signing up to affiliate marketing programs for free. You do not handle any products, you simply promote the products or services on offered by the company you have signed up. You will get paid a commission when a purchase or an action is completed.


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