Have you ever wondered how many cars exist in the world today? Some reports suggest the number of cars worldwide has exceeded 1 Billion. It is very unlikely that every single car owner in the word has time to wash their own cars. That leads to opportunities for people to start a car wash business. The best ting about setting up such a business is that it is easy, no training is required and there are not regulatory bodies involved unlike many other businesses that one could pursue.

Honda Civic gets car wash

How much could I charge?

From my own experience living in Ireland the going rate is usually €5 per wash and I would imagine it would be the same currency equivalents in the UK and the USA. If you got 12 washes per day adding up to €60 you could make a nice sum of money each week making €300 working 5 days a week.

To begin one could look at distributing flyers to get your new business known. You could also give your first customers a half-price coupon or you could offer stamp card where you provide a free wash for every 10 per person.

The investment costs

If you residence is near a busy main road it would be ideal as you should not have to pay rent for a space in which to operate. An initial investment for a car wash inventory could cost in the region of €300 or exchange equivalents. Choosing a electrical powered washer or a petrol powered machine will have a bearing on price and on running costs. Small implements such as gloves, sponges, brushes and a dish are cost effective products which can be bought cheaply in discount stores.

How to grow the business

Get a friend to set up a car wash in another location and use your name as a franchise. This can help you to grow and possibly expand to different towns and cities where you could get a cut of the profits.

In time you could start offering additional services such as car valeting, or oil, water and windscreen wash checks. Each service could be an additional source of income at the end of the week and could earn you a living.

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