If you get a nasty scratch on your car one of the first things you want to do is remove it! Ever get your car washed at your local car wash only to notice there are swirls on your paint work? If either of the above has happened to you, then you are going to want to get the best car scratch remover.


There are numerous car scratch removers that you can buy online, however there are many that are not worth a crap! In this post we show you the 5 best car scratch removers that money can buy you online.


5) Ultima ULT-4012-130 Paint Prep Plus


Ultima Paint Prep Plus is an cost effective solution for treating swirl marks on your car. It is also good for bringing dull, faded paint back to life again.

Ultima ULT

This car scratch repair solution by Ultima contains a fine and non-abrasive polish. It is best used with the Ultima Polish Easy Grip Applicator. The applicator is a molded open-cell applicator that provides maximum absorbency to give you the best results for repairing swirls on your paintwork.



4) Scratch Paint Repair By Color Enhancer


The Scratch Paint Repair solution by Color Enhancer is top rated scratch remover. Color Enhancer is a brand that you will find in most body shops across the world.This is a car scratch repair product that is used by professionals to fix regular and mildly deep paint scratches. One of the best features of this automotive paint repair product is that fact that no sanding or buffing is required to get you the results you require for your car.

Color enhancer

Scratch Paint Repair by Color Enhancer can be used on any car color. It works by filling in scratches on your paintwork and no further polishing or painting is required once you apply the solution according to the instructions. The application is simply wipe on over the damaged paintwork.


One container of this product can be repair up to 50 cars. It is essential car body shop equipment.



3) 3M Imperial Hand Glaze


The 3M Imperial Hand Glaze is an affordable product that is effective at removing swirls on the paintwork of your automobile. The solution removes oxidized pigment scratches and faint swirl marks when you hand apply on the bodywork of your car. Imperial Hand Glaze by 3M is one of the best car scratch remover 2019.

3M Imperial Hand Glaze

The Imperial Hand Glaze can be used on any color of car to give it a show car finish. It is recommended that this product is applied to your car one or two times per year to keep your motor looking great.



If you are planning on purchasing this product, we also recommend purchasing the 3M 39087 Scratch and Scuff Removal Kit. This is a very cheap car scratch remover and also comes with Kit rubbing compound, scratch remover, abrasive square and foam pad. With both products you can easily enhance the look of your car.

3M scratch scuff removal




2) Blackfire Total Swirl Remover Kit

If the paintwork on your car is starting to look tired or you have a number of nasty scratches, then you need the Total Swirl Remover Kit by Blackfire. For best results with this kit, you should apply the solutions with a polisher.

Swirl remover kit

The Blackfire Total Swirl Remover Kit contains applicator pads, including a number of formulas that you will need to take away unsightly swirls on your car’s bodywork.


To get results, you just simply wipe on the car scratch remover compound and then you buff it off and you should be left with quality paintwork that is free from streaks and hazy patches.




1) Wolfgang Total Swirl Remover


Wolfgang Total Swirl Remover is the best and most highly rated car scratch remover that you can get for a relatively low price. Wolfgang Total Swirl Remover is the best car scratch remover 2019. This product by Menzema from Germany has many positive reviews online, including at Amazon where a lot of people are saying it “works perfect”

Wolfgang concour series

By applying this product to your car, you will achieve total paint correction in as little as one polish.


One of the best features of this product is that it is easy to apply and you can get results by wiping off or buffing off the car scratch remover. The product can also be used if you are a beginner and not familiar with removing scratches from your motor.



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