Do you need a credit card but have bad credit? Reflex card could be an option to suit your financial requirements.

Reflex Card Review

In this post we take a look at Reflex Card in 2022 and weigh up to pros and cons of using this Mastercard for payments.


What is Reflex Card?

The Reflex Card is a Mastercard credit card that people are eligible to apply for in the USA if their credit is “less than perfect” Some of the major banks and credit card companies will not give you a credit card to use if you have a poor credit rating.

Reflex Mastercard credit cards are issued by Celtic Bank.

You will have to verify your details if you proceed to make an application. You will have to prove your name, address, date of birth together with some additional information.

There are fees associated with using this credit card so you need to consider whether or not you can afford to pay those fees.

Reflex Card works similar to My Ollo Card which we reviewed before.

For Reflex Card applications, the site that you had to use previously was This domain now redirects to Continent Finance. You can login here if you have a Reflex Card or if you need to register one.

The applications website is the new domain:



Why Use Reflex Card?

In theory, the Reflex Card can help you make payments for your essential purchases and pay off bills. Reflex state that if you make minimum payments to them on time and maintain your credit balances under the limits you may be able to rebuild your credit rating.

You are not going to reestablish your credit quickly using this credit card. If you need a quicker fix, perhaps you should look at debt consolidation or another solution to managing your debt.

Remember that there are fees associated for using this card so if you are struggling with debt already, you need to think twice about applying for a Reflex Card. Fees for this card changes over time so it is important that you check the fees before making an application.



Should you Use Reflex Card?

This is entirely up to your own preference, whether or not you should apply for this credit card.

Ask yourself the following questions: Will I be able to make payments using an alternative payment system? Can I afford to pay the creditcard fees? Can I afford to get a little deeper into debt?

These questions are all serious ones that you should be asking yourself before you consider using such a credit card.


Can I Get A Reflex Card With A Poor Credit Score?

If you have a poor credit score and need access to a credit card, then Reflex card is an option for you.

If you are worried about debt, perhaps you should look at getting some free advice from debt counselling companies to get a better direction on where to go next on your road to a debt free life.

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