Get My Ollo Card is a credit card company that offers Mastercard credit cards. In this post we will look at Ollo Card as a company and give you a review of their Mastercard credit cards.

Ollo offer a platinum card that provides 2% cash back on your shopping. We will be looking at their cashback offers and will recommend whether or not you should apply for one.

Get My Ollo Card Review

The website for Ollo used to be, however it is now Previously, Ollo offered credit cards on an invitation basis. Those who were invited had to go to in order to complete their sign up and to request their credit card.

The Mastercards were, and still are issued by The Bank of Missouri under license from Mastercard® International.

This payment card is a popular choice for individuals who have a poor credit rating.


Who are Ollo Card

Ollo Card is a product of Fair Square Financial Holdings LLC. This company was founded in 2016. Fair Square Financial Holdings LLC are still considered to be a startup company as they are only 2 years in business.

The website has a blog that offers a lot of advice on educating their visitors on credit building and how to reduce their level of debt. The blog posts are easy to read and provide some insightful reading.


If you are struggling with debt, you should read what are the best debt consolidation services.


Why Would I Use Ollo Card

Ollo Card is a useful credit card to build your credit. It is marketed as a “credit building card”.

This card is useful if you have recently filed for bankruptcy. They may give you a high limit on your credit card after bankruptcy as it may be difficult for you to get funds as a result.


Should You Use Ollo Card?

There are some alarming reviews on Trustpilot for this card. The reviews as of 2018 are only 4.5 out of 10 which is not great. Other review sites give Ollo Card a 4/5 rating which is decent.

Like all credit cards, you need to read the fine print to see exactly what all the terms and conditions are.


What Is Ollo Platinum?

The Ollo Platinum card is referred to as an entry level credit card product. This card is a good solution for those with a poor credit rating. With the Platinum card you will not earn rewards however there are no card fees. There will be a credit limit, but Ollo may increase this for you.

The benefits of this card include:

  • No annual fee
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • No over-limit fee
  • No returned payment fee

Ollo Card holders will receive free FICO credit score updates each month.

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