Summer camps can be a great way for your children to learn new skills, increase their knowledge, make friends and prepare them for their future. In this post we look at the 17 best international summers camps for 2024. These summer programs are based worldwide in locations such as the UK, Spain, Ireland and Switzerland to name just a few locations.

Best International Summer Camps

Some of the benefits of sending your children to an international summer camp include chances to immerse themselves in captivating cultures, learn a new language, boost their self-esteem and independence.

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Summer camps programs have proven to be an opportunity to gain invaluable experience in many different aspects whether it be educational, personal or social.


17 Best International Summer Camps 2022


17) Lake Bryn Mawr Camp for Girls

Based in Honesdale, Pennsylvania, Lake Bryn Mawr captivates four main values under an ‘Angel Code’; Loyalty, Beauty, Merit and Comradeship. Lake Bryn Mawr is a safe haven for girls to express themselves and grow into independent women.

Campers will get the opportunity to develop their leadership and teamwork skills through an adventure course and the Annex hiking and biking trails.

Lake Bryn Mawr have a range of facilities such as two temperature controlled swimming pools, an equestrian center perfect for experienced and novice riders, a gym and a fitness center to keep the girls active throughout the duration of summer camp.


16) Raquette Lake Camp

Raquette Lake Camp is a well renowned international summer camps first established in 1916, the camp is keen on making lifelong memories for campers in a safe and fun environment enabling children to grow emotionally and physically. Camps are divided into a boys’ camp and a girls’ camp, separated by the lake.

Campers will learn how to make new friends, learn valuable skills and become more independent. Every activity has a professional instructor to give children the best experience so that they can learn and improve their skillset.


15) Canoe Island French Camp

Canoe Island French camp is an excellent way to get your child immersed in the French language whether they are a beginner or have a vast knowledge of the language already with morning classes in five levels from débutant to avancé.

Canoe Island French Camp is not only a French language experience, children will get the benefit of attending a summer program learning valuable skills, making new friends and increasing their self-confidence and independency.

Campers choose their own activities allowing them to make their own decisions on what they want to do whether it’s trying something completely new or continuing an activity they already enjoy. Activities vary from kayaking, archery, art, rock climbing and a range of sports.


14) Education First: Language Immersion Summer Camps Abroad

Education First allows students to immerse themselves in different cultures and learn the background and language of the country they go to. Students have the option of various locations such as Paris, Munich, Barcelona, Rome and Tokyo to name a few.

Students can travel independently or as a group and travel together. The language immersion summer programs provide students with an academic advantage by attaining an officially recognized language qualification, whether you’re applying to university or enhancing your CV.

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13) Camp Suisse

Camp Suisse is a brilliant camp located in the Swiss Alps allowing campers to develop skills, knowledge and understanding in sport, languages, team work and culture.

Campers will get to go on cultural trips like the glacier day where campers get to go husky dog sledding on the snow or going to the chocolate and cheese factories of Gruyères and experience Swiss and European culture.

Although Camp Suisse is an English-speaking camp, campers are welcome to practice their language skills with classes dedicated to Spanish, French, German and English.


12) Brant Lake Camp

Brant Lake Camp is a private resident camp for boys aged 7-15 in New York’s Adirondack Mountains. They aim to providing physical and emotional safety for their campers, an astonishing experience backed up with tradition and good values and sports done right.

Campers can expect a wide range of land and aquatic sport facilities, emphasising a thoughtful approach to sports where the promotion of participation and good sportsmanship remains paramount.


11) Surval Summer Camp

Located in the Montreux, Switzerland; Surval Summer Camps is a camp for girls aged 10 – 16. Campers will be presented with an array of outdoor activities such as learning to sail, banana boating, hiking or a treetop assault course.

Campers also get the opportunity back in the classroom ranging from cooking lessons to impress parents to language lessons to further advance upon future employment skills. Make-up classes have proven to be a popular activity for many of the campers.

Excursions are also available at Surval Summer Camp with locations such as Geneva, Lausanne or Bern for weekend visits.


10) Tripp Lake Camp

Tripp Lake offers a full-season summer camp for girls aged 7 – 16 including a wide-ranging selection of activities tailored to each girl whether it’s sports, drama, dance, or just simply to have fun and make new friends.

Trip Lake aims to foster a culture built on timeless values, helping nurture and encourage girls to try new things in order to build confidence, diversify their skillset and gain valuable transferable skills.


9) La Garenne Summer Camp

Founded in 1947, La Garenne summer camps is one of the leading boarding schools in the Swiss Alps. Their philosophy is based on the traditional values of responsibility, kindness and security.

Campers aged 5 – 14 years old can enjoy cultural activities, horse riding, archery, water skiing and hip hop classes. The camp has a bi-lingual approach to learning giving campers the opportunity to expand their vocabulary with French or English language courses each morning.


8) Timber Lake Camp

Timber Lake Camp in Shandaken, New York promotes values such as integrity, responsibility and respect. It is an ACA-certified camp, which offers various activities such as land and water sports.

Timber Lake focuses on the experience each camper will have, emphasising creating memories that will last a lifetime. Campers will learn how to make new friends, build their confidence and become more independent at Timber Lake.


7) Point O’Pines

Campers at Point O’Pines will learn a vast range of skills tailored to each camper. Point O’Pines is a girl only camp, offering lots of activities such as tennis, arts and crafts, horseback riding and a water trampoline. Point O’Pines has a greenhouse facility giving the girls a chance to learn about organic gardening.

Point O’Pines reinforces structured activities with choice, for example as campers grow older they are allowed to choose which activities they would prefer to do allowing them to focus on what they are passionate about.

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6) IES Abroad in Barcelona

IES was named the number 1 study abroad organization by, they offer 140 programs worldwide in 30 global locations. One of their programs is based in Barcelona, where students can be housed in homestays with local residents or live in student apartments with other IES students.

Students have the chance to earn up to 7 academic credits during the seven-week program whilst learning about the captivating culture of Barcelona and topping off their fluency in Spanish while enjoying the glorious Mediterranean Sun.


5) Syracuse University

Syracuse University offers a wide range of international study courses where students get the opportunity to go to countries such as Belgium, England, France, Spain, Switzerland and Russia and many more.

Syracuse offers multi-city traveling seminars for students who don’t want to spend their summer stationary in one location, for example with the Olympic odyssey seminar students will get the chance to go to London and see the impact of the 2012 Summer Games and travel around various countries relating to the Olympics.

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4) Institute of Study Abroad Ireland Culture and Adventure Camp

The Irish culture and adventure program was established in 1996 for teens aged 13-17 years old, since then it has become one of the best study abroad programs for international students. Students have the opportunity to make friends from all over the world while indulging in Irish culture.

The program offers a mixture of Irish culture classes, field trips around the Northwest of Ireland, sports and outdoor adventures.

Students also get the benefit of personal development and self-esteem building through group work activities, social engagement and help get teens out of their comfort zones.

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3) Oxford Royale Academy

Oxford Royale Academy is one of the highest ranked summer camps around, they have even won an award from the Queen herself. There courses are aimed to help students achieve their future goals, whether academic or personal. Royale Academy students get the chance to make friends from all over the world, and try new hobbies such as African drumming, parkour not to mention social events.

Students get the opportunity to expand their knowledge with courses such as the Global Leadership Programme and the Oxford Enterprise Programme and pick up essential transferable skills like teamwork and communication.

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2) Rustic Pathways: High School Programs Costa Rica

Rustic Pathways offer a wide range of Summer programs for teens, students have the opportunities in more than 20 countries such as China, Costa Rica, Laos, Peru Thailand and Vietnam.

Costa Rica being one of their largest operating countries, programs range from Spanish language immersion camps to leadership building camps.

Students have the chance to gain real world community service and adventure experiences abroad in new and multi-cultural settings.


1) Camp Walt Whitman

Camp Walt Whitman, located in the picturesque White Mountains of New Hampshire is a traditional camp that hosts 200 boy and 200 girl campers. Campers will learn how to improve in physical skills at camp whilst also focusing on developing themselves to reach their full potential.

Camp Walt Whitman offers many activities which include outdoor hiking, camping and adventure schemes and a range of sports like tennis, gymnastics, swimming, art and music. 

Famous alumni include Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

As a result of the facilities and all the available activities available to students we have listed the Camp Walt Whitman as the best international summer camp 2024.


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