Are you a student looking to do a study abroad program? In this post we look at the 18 best study abroad programs for 2024. These study programs include a mix of summer camps and college credited courses.

Best Study Abroad Programs

Benefits of going on this type of program includes opportunities to experience new cultures and learning new skills while visiting new countries that you may have never been to before. Another benefit is the fact that these international study abroad programs can boost your resume, especially for prospective international employers.

18 Best Study Abroad Programs 2024


18) Hamilton College

Hamilton College offer a study program in France, known as “Hamilton in France” based in Paris. This program for students offers and international experience in the French capital city.

One unique feature of this international study program is the fact that students are required to sign a pledge to speak French for the whole duration of the activities. The reason behind it is to ensure that students who partake in this program make improvements to their linguistic skills.

Together with the pledge to speak French, the Hamilton in France international study abroad program is perfect for students who are looking to immerse themselves fully in the French cultural experience.


17) Skidmore College

Like Hamilton College, Skidmore College a private, independent liberal arts college in Saratoga Springs, New York, also offer a French experience for students looking to embrace French culture.

This program is suited to students with an interest in France but who have very little experience of the French language.

Classes are taught in English and French and are offered at two IES program centres.


16) Eastern Illinois University

Eastern Illinois University offer a variety of study abroad opportunities for students. There are partner programs and faculty led programs for students looking for an international study experience.

With over 583 programs to choose from in 56 countries, this University provides great opportunities for prospective students looking for international study opportunities.

Eastern Illinois University students can participate in short term, long term, field studies or go on a practical study adventure.


15) College of Charleston

Students from the College of Charleston can choose an international residential study program to Cuba, Chile, Spain, or Argentina.

This institution offers excellent opportunities for students who are looking to experience the culture of South America or mainland Europe with excursions and more.


14) Syracuse University

Syracuse University offers some of the best study abroad programs in the US. There are a variety of international study courses in over 60 countries including educational trips to London, Madrid, Beijing, Hong Kong, Istanbul and many more fantastic and popular cities around the world.

Syracuse students can choose from internships, seminars, language studies and homestays while there are many academic specialties programs also available.

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13) Dartmouth College

Dartmouth College is a popular choice of University for students who are looking for study abroad programs. There are language and literature courses to choose from including study abroad programs to France, Italy, Argentina, Germany, Brazil, Russia, Peru and China.

Students get the opportunity to immerse themselves in local culture to learn new linguistic skills and learn about the heritage of the location.


12) Taylor University

Taylor University have their own study abroad programs to two fantastic countries; Ireland and Ecuador. The trip to Ireland features and wonderful experience of the Irish culture while also learning about the fine arts in the country.

The Ecuador trip takes students to the Andes Mountains and experiencing the Amazon Jungle.

Overall, Taylor University offers once in a lifetime study abroad opportunities and are highly recommended.

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11) Ave Maria University

The Ave Maria University have international programs to Villa Serenella, Rome and Nicaragua.

The study classes on these programs include, writing, theology, fine arts and history.


10) Goshen College

Goshen College are one of the best-known colleges for international study programs. Since 1968 there are over 7,900 students who have participated in worldwide study programs from Goshen College.

Over 80% of students at this college participate in the Study-Service Term (SST) program. There are study trips open to China, Peru, Senegal, Tanzania and Cambodia.


9) University of Delaware in Newark

The University of Delware, offer 100 study abroad programs in over 40 countries. Trips include study programs to Antarctica, Vietnam and many more locations worldwide.

There are also semester long programs for students worth 12 credits.


8) University Of Portland

The University of Portland offer an array of study abroad programs including trips to Ireland, Italy, Spain, the UK and Australia. Students will also earn credits for participation on these courses.

Students studying in Salzburg, Austria will stay in the University Of Portland residence hall which also contains a library and classroom.

Programs include courses in art, theology, philosophy, literature and history.


7) Connecticut College

Connecticut College offers the opportunity to work with a faculty in a joint enterprise studying in developing nations through the SATA program (Study-Away, Teach Away program)

Students can experience field trips to Vietnam, Peru, South Korea and Italy and more.



6) Boston University

Boston University offer an expansive range of study abroad programs. Most programs are also available to non-Boston University (BU) students.

You can find over 90+ programs in 20+ countries spread across 6 continents including London, Paris and Sydney.

Students can choose from language, fine arts, business, science and engineering programs while also experiencing new and exciting places.



5) University of Washington

There are hundreds of faculty-led study abroad programs on offer by the University of Washington in a wide variety of countries in different continents.

The University of Washington’s website offers an abundance of information including pre departure checklists, funding information, their study abroad blog and application forms.



4) Guilford College

Guilford College’s Brunnenburg Semester offers a magical experience to the Italian Alps.

Only 14 students are chosen for the Brunnenburg Semester where they will reside in the Castle Croft.

This semester contains excursions in to the South Tyrol region for a culture rich experience while there are also trips to other popular landmarks.



3)  University of Evansville

This international study abroad program is one of the leading programs in the US, best known for the picturesque Victorian manor house in England. There are also programs to China, Israel and Trinidad.

All courses offer expansive cultural experiences which are known to be well structured, highly engaging and affordable.



2) Wake Forest University

Wake Forest University offer a semester living at Casa Artom in Venice, Italy. This is one of the best study abroad programs where students get the opportunity to attend the Venice Film Festival.

Courses on art, history and literature are taught in both English and Italian. On completion of this semester, students will come away with an understanding of Italian culture.



1) Drew University & Institute Of Study Abroad Ireland

The Drew University and Institute of Study Abroad Ireland have developed one of the best study abroad programs for US students. Students get to experience the Northwest of Ireland while gaining an in depth cultural experience of Irish history and culture. The Institute of Study Abroad Ireland is the best study abroad program 2024.

This excellent residential study abroad program is designed for students who are aged 15 – 17. It is one of the most popular study abroad programs for high school teenagers.

One of the best features of this program is the fact that students will experience Donegal, voted the number one coolest places in the world.

The study abroad program includes lectures, field trips and assignments that also earn college credits.

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