Do you have lots of shoes that you no longer wear? Did you know that you can sell your shoes for cash.

In this post we show you the best tips for selling old shoes for money, including the best apps and websites to sell your shoes.

sell shoes for cash

While you may no longer wear a pair of shoes you should consider your options before throwing them away. There is a booming trade online for secondhand shoes, particularly rare and branded shoes. Selling your used shoes is also a kinder option for the environment rather than sending them to landfills.


This is a step by step guide that has proved quite helpful for people like you to for selling sneakers, high heels, boots and casual shoes online. Subscribe to the suggestion given and have no doubt of earning significant returns.

Lets look at the strategy for selling your shoes online;


Take High Quality Photographs Of Your Shoes

To begin with, you have to take appropriate photographs for your online listing. Avoid taking images from other websites.

Irrespective of what you are selling, do not search for photos getting images from such sources as brand websites. Using images that are not yours will lead to loss of trust and authenticity.

Most sites aim at originality, tagged photos as aspects of their guidelines. In this light, it is essential to scribble your username as well as the date in legible handwriting, letting them serve as your individual watermark for each of your photos. For instance, some people will think of counterfeits whenever they want to make a purchase. For this reason, you need to take the time and search real vs. fake on online platforms. This will help you discern the details you must capture in your photos, making it easier for potential buyers to review them.

Moreover, this move will help a person avoid time wastage on follow up question. Always remember buyers will often demand some sorts of assurance before making purchase decisions.


Create An Enticing Listing Description

Writing the description of your listings comes next after having the photos. Honesty will be a great way of succeeding in this regard.

Just suppose you are selling second-hand sneakers and there some kinds of imperfections in them, mentioning such information in your description will be an added advantage.

The most important thing in this regard is to avail potential clients with more information than what you think might be necessary. This helps you avoid the cases of misunderstandings after the completion of the transaction. So, endeavor to include such specific details in your description.

Depending on the website that you are selling your shoes on, use keywords like: heels, stilettos and brands like Pitillos, or Christian Louboutin.


The Condition of the Shoes

Suppose your sneakers have never been used, you can appropriately list them as deadstock.

Nevertheless, you must use discretion while giving information regarding the state of your sneakers. For example, shoes are often evaluated with such terms as ‘VNDS’, an acronym for Very Near DeadStock, or other cases valued on a scale of 1-10, and so make an appropriate judgment.

The VNDS approach is quite subjective, and therefore ensure you know the number of time s you’ve put on the sneakers-be upfront with prospective buyers.

For the ones worn many times, term them ‘beaters’, though you might unlucky here.


Cleaning Shoes For Sale

In the case that you are selling second-hand sneakers, certainly, they will have some imperfections.

Since you intend to maximize the earnings from them, you have to thoroughly clean them before photographing them. They might appear to be in excellent form, but be sure they will look much better after a proper cleaning, especially the soles.

A shoe that would otherwise be categorized as 5/10 as a result of unclean soles or stained tops can possibly be advertised as 6/10 or 7/10 following a thorough cleaning.


How To Clean Shoes For Selling

To be sincere, you need to clean each and every part of the sneaker. Nonetheless, more focus should be on the mid- and outsoles, the areas which when really clean gives the sneakers fresher looks. These are also the places where dirt and wear often shows.

Once these parts are clean, look at the top parts as well. Dictated by the material, try your best to scrub out many marks and stains as possible.


What To Use To Clean

This aspect mostly depends on the material the shoes are made of. However, for most midsoles and outsoles, you can successfully use a mix of brush and soap.

Suppose leather or suede is the material used, you have no choice apart from investing in material-specific cleaning substances.

On the basis of products, there are some brands designed particularly for sneaker cleaning, such as Jason Markk and Crep Protect among others.


Pricing Your Shoes To Sell

This one of the most critical aspects. Prior to fixing a price, research on StockX to determine the value of your product. Keep in mind that the price set should be consistent with market values, so that you receive the best compensation, though not to the detriment of buyers.

If you price deviates from the market value by a huge margin, you are either underpricing yourself or overpricing the product and as a result, you may not get reaction you were looking for.


10 Best Apps And Websites To Sell Shoes Online

Selling your shoes is a great way to free up space in your wardrobe and make some extra cash on the side. Also when you sell your shoes save them from the garbage can and put them back into circulation where they can be more useful.

There are lots of places where you can sell your shoes online, we are going talk about the top ten sites or apps where you can sell your shoes.


1) Poshmark

Poshmark is a very reputable app, its free and easy to use. It makes selling your shoes online very fast, and has been known to list your shoes for sale in less than 30 seconds.

This app specializes in fashionable clothes, shoes, and accessories, however, shoes without a name brand don’t sell so well compared to the branded ones.

To sell on Poshmark you need a photo of your shoes, a description and a price. Once you have these just upload them and they’ll immediately list your shoes. Once it sells they will send you prepaid, pre-addressed shipping label and you send package the shoes to them, or they can come and pick it up.

They charge a commission on every sale which is $2.95 on sales under $15 and 20% on sales over $15

When the buyer gets the package your account will be credited after 3 days. From here you can withdraw your money.

Overall Postmark is a good choice for selling your old shoes for cash.


2) Kixify

Kixify is a website that focuses on sneakers for both casual buyers and serious collectors.

To start you need to setup your storefront. This is done by you alone and has no fees attached except for when you sell something.

Payment is done through PayPal so you will need to link your PayPal account here. You will have to set your own shipping, return, exchange, and other policies.

Kixify offers you great flexibility for selling shoes.


3) thredUP

Apart from shoes, you can also sell clothes and accessories on thredUP.

First you must open an account with thredUP. Then you must order a “clean out bag” which is free on their website. You then send your shoes to them via FedEx or USPS.

thredUP are very picky of the items they buy. They themselves say that they accept less than 40% of the stuff in an average Clean Out Bag. So make sure your shoes are clean and in good condition.

If your shoes are in high demand they will pay you right away. If they are not in demand, they will pay you when they sell the shoes (on consignment).

You choose how to accept your payment: Visa Prepaid card, PayPal, or thredUP shopping credit.


4) Tradesy

This site is just like Poshmark with their focus on designer shoes. Tradesy has a 60 second listing time.

If your shoe sells, Tradesy sends you a prepaid, pre-packaged shipping kit, complete with branded packaging. One advantage of this site is that if the items are returned, you can still keep your money.

They charge a commission of $7.50 for every item sold for less than $50 and a flat 19.8% for anything over $50. You then decide where you want your money to go, either to your account, debit card, PayPal, etc.


5) Grailed

This website focuses on mens shoes and clothing. It’s market has four sections.

  • Grailed: Which contains high-quality, coveted items from well known designers (Rick Owens, Saint Laurent, etc.)
  • Hype: This section has new streetwear stuff (Air Jordans, Supreme, Yeezy, etc.)
  • Sartorial: high-end classic menswear (Alden, Tom Ford, etc.)
  • Core: well-known, mass-market brands and vintage clothing

To sell with Grailed, you must open an account and link it with you PayPal account. Then upload photos and description of your item.

After this your shoes will be listed on the website on your seller page as well as the suitable market category and you will be notified if an offer is made.

When the shoes have been bought, the money will be transferred into your PayPal business account, with a deduction of 6% (commission).

The shipping of the item to them and the uploading of the information to both PayPal and Grailed is handled by you.


6) Heroine

Heroine is owned by the same people as Grailed and it is similar in every way except it’s for women. Heroine is a great place to sell shoes online if you have a collection of high quality and name brand women’s shoes or clothing.

The whole process is the same as Grailed, including commission and fees.

If you have an account with one, you can use your login credentials for that account to sign into the other site.


7) The RealReal

The RealReal is a site that deals with designer brands like Michael Kors, Gucci, Chanel, and Calvin Klein.

There are three ways to hand over your shoes to them:

  • Arrange a free in-home pickup that is if you stay in the area
  • Ship your stuff to them using a free, prepaid label
  • Take a visit to their office in person for a free valuation and to drop off your goods. This is more effective.

They have a team of about 90 professionals who will help authenticate, photograph, price, and sell your shoes. The amount you make will depend on how much of your items is sold, but in average you should earn 50-55% of your selling price.

Their team of 90+ experts works to authenticate, photograph, price, and sell your items. The amount you earn depends on how much you sell in any given month, but typical payouts range from 50-55% of your selling price.

You are able to cash out through direct deposit or mailed check.


8) buyMYheels

If you want to sell your designer heel shoes, then buyMYheels is a good fit for you.

You can sell your shoes to anyone on earth, due to buyMYheels being available on every continent. You don’t pay any commission, only a listing fee of about $7.

This site might not be the best for non name brands, as they have strict guidelines for them.

Although the user interface on buyMYheels might seem old, it is still quite suitable for selling your used shoes..


9) Mercari

This app allows for the buying and selling of several goods not just shoes. You can even get electronics here.

Mercari is simple and easy to use. It has no listing fee, only a 10% commission on every sale.

To get started, download the app, take photos of the shoe, write a description, your price and upload them.

If your shoe sells, you can either ship the shoe to them yourself or choose a prepaid shipping label.

After your shoes has been received by the buyer, he or she will give a review and your money will be sent to you via direct deposit or use it to shop on the app.


10) eBay

eBay is one of the most visited websites in the world so it is a great solution for selling your old shoes that you no longer want. There are lots of opportunities to get your shoes in front of potential customers using ebay.

The only draw back to this site are the fees which they charge, although with them you are assured of quality and good service.

So before you choose them, be sure of the total cost of listing fees and commissions on sales.



Just because you no longer wear a pair of shoes, doesn’t mean you should throw them away. Instead consider selling them on the various market places.

It may also be important to consider other significant variables including online market sites for shoes, issues related to consignment, appropriate negotiation, shipping of the shoes, post-shipping challenges, and communication among others.

If you have shoes that you no longer want, why not consider selling them online and get cash for the items you no longer want.

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