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One poll is a survey website that will pay you for answering surveys. Upon joining the survey site you will earn £2.50 for registration. Once you register with the survey site, you will receive daily notifications in your inbox of surveys that you can answer for a fee. Usually there will be at least one survey per day that you will be eligible to answer. The Site is base in the UK and prices are in UK Sterling, however it is not region specific.

One Poll paid surveys

One Poll’s pricing

The surveys on the site are relatively easy and quick to complete. Surveys are normally priced at £0.15 – £0.40, however there are some rare occurrences of surveys priced above this. This survey site is to the advantage of those outside of the UK because of the exchange rates against the Pound. As £40 is the payout threshold, the conversion rate to Euro will be €45+ depending on the currency rates on the day you cash out.

To reach your target of £40 you will have to answer a lot of surveys in order to reach your target. As mentioned above, Surveys cost around £0.15 – £0.40, a lot of surveys are required to reach the £40 goal.From my own experience the normal average price per survey is usually £0.20. This will mean that as you will normally only get one to three surveys a day, it will take quite a while before you reach the minimum payout threshold.

Survey availability

Not all surveys available will you be able to answer, because you may not  be eligible or the survey quota will be exceeded by the time you click on it to start. Also some surveys eligibility are determined by your answers so you may waste your time answering some. Some will require you to input your age and area you are from. When you answer honestly (which you should), you may find that the quota may be filled for a certain age category. The way this works is that surveys require a sample of opinions from different age groups, to get a correct proportional result  all age groups must have a certain number of participants answer the survey. For example; a survey requires the opinion of different age groups on the level of satisfaction with a national government. It will therefore need:

40 people from each category:

– 18-38




When you input your age is 19 and the quota for that sample is full, you will be told you are no longer eligible to complete the survey and therefore you will not get paid.

Rumours about One Poll

There has been suggestions however that as you reach the £35 mark, less surveys will become available to you. This in turn will make it harder for you to reach the payout threshold.

If you live in the UK One Poll also have a cashback service for you to get extra money when you buy from certain UK retailers online. This service is only available to registered users from the UK.

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