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Are you looking for a get paid to website that offers surveys and no minimum required threshold for cashing out? I think the whole world is but would you believe me if I said UniqPaid could provide you with this? It is so difficult to find a GPT website that is open to people all over the world to make money online.


Uniqpaid Review


Most of the best paying GPT websites such as QuickRewards are only open to people in the US, Canada and UK. UniqPaid is open to people worldwide including India, the Philippines and exactly where you live!


A Make Money Online Today Website

If you need to make money online now or you want to earn money today, then this is the perfect website for you. If you have a PayPal account, then you could start earning right now and you could cashout by the end of the day and receive your cash instantly. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can also cashout by check but you need to have acquired $5 in earnings before you receive your earnings. Payment by check is also limited to certain countries also, so read the FAQ on the UniqPaid website.

Why you have never heard of this website

So you are probably wondering why you have not heard of this website before if it is so great? UniqPaid has been in business since 2001 and is difficult to find online for many reasons. Simply put, if you are searching “get paid to websites” into Google, UniqPaid does not get found easily as the site is not optimised for search engines. The site does look old and it seems that this company do not spend much money on web design nor do they spend money on advertising.

Earn money with UniqPaid

The company does rely heavily on referrals and sometimes for GPT sites, referrals are the best sources of acquiring new users. UniqPaid offer great rewards to their users for referring others to join. This way the company will get better sources of users rather than spending a fortune on search engines and competing against competitors in a saturated market.


How you get paid to use this website


When you sign up to the website, you must first verify your email. This is to verify that you are not an automated bot and that you can then get paid when you cash out.


As a new member you will probably be offered a bonus for completing offers for the first 48 hours of membership with UniqPaid.


You can then get paid for reading emails, answering surveys, visiting various websites and you will earn cash for shopping online as a UniqPaid member. This makes Uniqpaid a great website to help you make money from home.


The best way to make money with UniqPaid is to refer your friends to join the website. This GPT website allows you to refer as many people as you like to sign up for free and there is a 3 level referral system. The first referral of yours that signs up to the website, you will earn 10% of their earnings, 5% of their referrals and 1% of your referrals’ referrals.

An added bonus with this website is that you can earn an additional $1 for any active referral of yours that earns $5 or more.


If you have a big referral network you can essentially earn an enormous amounts of cash for doing pretty much nothing!


Cashing out


Cashing out is quick and easy with UniqPaid. To get paid via check, you must accumulate $5 in earnings.


To get paid right away, all you have to do is click cashout with your PayPal to receive your earnings to your account instantly.


Should you sign up to this get paid to website?

UniqPaid is worth signing up if you are from outside of the USA, Canada or the UK. If you are some those three countries, you are better to sign up with the best paying GPT site QuickRewards. If you are an international user, you are better off joining Swagbucks for their range of rewards.

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