Ever find yourself saying I need money now? Here are the 12 best I need money now ideas 2017. If you have a bill to pay and have no money to pay it, then you will need to do something about it!

In this post we show you surefire ways to earn a quick buck (yes all legitimately). They are not get rich quick methods of earn money nor will they involve too much hard work!

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12 Best I Need Money Now Ideas 2017

The list below contains a number of the best quick ways to make money if you need cash immediately.


1) Sell Your Clothes


If you have designer clothes or items that are still in fashion you can look at selling them. You can do this a number of ways.




You can list your items on eBay to sell at a set price or put them up for auction. If your clothes are in style, you just never know, you could start a bidding war!


The RealReal


With The RealReal, they send you out a label and you post your clothes away, they put it up on their online store and you get 70%.




Thredup will send you out a bag with a label, which you can fill up and post away. Sellers get 80% of the resale fee for clothes sold.




Poshmark is an app that you can download for your Android smartphone or iPhone. The platform works similar to eBay only that it has the feel of Instagram about it. With this app it is very easy to sell clothes using your smartphone.


Clothes For Cash Shops


An alternative to selling your clothes online is to fill up a bag of old unwanted clothes and bring them to a local cash for clothes shop. They offer money per kilo of clothing that you bring in.


2) Sell Your Electronics


There are numerous ways that you can sell your electronics in exchange for cash. The best ways to sell your electronics is by selling on eBay or through Gazelle.com





eBay is probably one of the best ways to sell your electronics. You can set your price or put your items up for auction and then share on social media to get some more views.




Gazelle is a great site for selling your electronics including smartphones, tablets, TV’s and more. If you have old smartphones or electronic devices and need money now, then try Gazelle and you could get an offer within 1 minute.


3) Sell Your Blood Plasma


Only if you are desperate for cash should you consider selling your body. One of the upsides to selling your blood plasma for cash is the fact that it may save a life of another


In the US, a typical donation for blood plasma is around $20 – $50. Different clinics in different states have their own rates per donation. You can only donate once a month  according to the American Red Cross. It is important that you donate your blood plasma only at certified clinics.


4) Sell Old Books


If you have old books that you have read and are now gathering dust in your bookshelf or attic, you can sell them online. Books can be sold online and offline. How much you will get for your book depends on the condition and the edition. If you have a first edition Harry Potter book you may earn up to $6,500.


Sites that you can use for selling books include Abebooks (May recycle your books if they are not worth any money) eBay, Powell’s Books (Do not return books if in poor condition).


5) Answer Surveys

If you need money now, you could try paid survey websites. Some survey websites give you free cash for just signing up while others pay you to regularly answer surveys.


Most survey websites ask you about your opinions on products, services and everyday issues. Some paid opinions websites also offer you product testing opportunities meaning you can get free stuff to keep.


GlobalTestMarket and PanelPlace are two good examples of high paying survey websites that pay you quickly.

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6) Use Get Paid To Websites


Get paid to websites also referred to as GPT websites are a great way to earn cash quickly. Some even pay out cash to you on the day that you sign up! Websites like QuickRewards and UniqPaid pay you to do fun and random tasks like play games, watch videos, read emails, answer surveys and shop online.


Both QuickRewards and UniqPaid allow you to cash out your earnings via PayPal even if you have only accumulated $0.01.

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7) Use Apps That Pay


If you need to earn cash right now and have a smartphone, start installing apps that make you money.


With money making apps you can earn cash by watching videos, downloading apps, signing up for offers and referring your friends to join. Some of the best apps to download include CashPirate, and Bitmaker.


With these apps you can earn PayPal cash and Bitcoin respectively.

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8) Do A Job On Mechanical Turk


Mechanical Turk is a website by Amazon that you can sign up to for free and complete micro jobs for a small fee. This site is better known by its users as MTurk, and is widely used by companies worldwide.


There are many freelancers who are using Mechanical Turk full time. Jobs include testing software, websites, apps and much more.



9) Do A Paid Review


If you love writing and giving your opinions on various items and services, then you should look into doing paid reviews. There are websites that you can find that will pay you to give a review:


User Testing


User Testing is one site that you can try out. You can sign up for free and you will get invited to test a website. You will earn $10 for each website that you successfully review. You will have to give a written and/or video review of the website that you have tested from a user experience point of view.


Review Stream

A messy looking website, but they pay you $2 if it is a hot topic, you can also receive up to $0.10 per upvote for your review.


10) Work on Freelancing Websites


If you are skilled in a particular area, you should consider signing up to freelance websites. Freelancing sites including Freelancer, UpWork and Guru.com are just some that you can try for free. You can apply for work and you can post your own advert to find yourself some work.




How much you can charge depends on your portfolio and your capabilities. Generally the good freelancing websites pay you quickly which means that you can make money now if you wanted!


11) Do Odd Jobs


There are several ways that you can find odd jobs online and offline if you want to make some quick cash. If you find yourself saying “I need money now”, then doing an odd job, could be perfect for you!




TaskRabbit is a freelance marketplace that connects laborers with required work in your local neighborhood. On this site you can find a wide range of handyman jobs including packing an building furniture, cleaning, gardening and more.




Craigslist has a lot of odd jobs advertised, just look for your local area to see if there is any jobs advertised and simply apply. Craigslist is a good site to check out if you are looking for need cash now jobs.


Local Newspaper Classifieds


Have a look in your local newspapers to have a look to see if there are any jobs required in your area. Simply call the person who has the job advertised and you may get the gig.


12) Set Up A Car Wash


If you own or rent land close to a busy road, you should consider setting up a car wash. If you have access to water and electricity to run a pressure washer, then this could be a great earn cash now opportunity.


Business people who drive a car, often do not have time to wash it so they look for someone to do it for them. You can charge $5 – $10 per car.

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Have you any I need money now ideas?

Ever been in debt or just said I need money now? What did you do? Did anything work for you? Why not share with us your thoughts, use the comment form below, we would be delighted to hear your story.

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