Is Lady Luck on your side or have you been experiencing bad luck? Do you feel discouraged because a series of negative events have followed you in your life? Surely you have thought that you are going through a streak of bad luck.

You look at lucky people who seem to have been blessed by good fortune, everything they do goes well, that they have wonderful families, good jobs, have 6 figure salary incomes and you ask yourself, why am I not like that? In this post we look at luck, superstitions and show you steps to increase your luck


Research On How To Attract Good Luck

Richard Wiseman is professor of psychology at University of Hertfordshire and bestselling author of many books including: Luck Factor. Wiseman studied over 2000 people and taught unlucky people how to act more like lucky people.

Around 60 percent of people attending Luck School reported increased luck. This average person’s luck gained more than 40 percent. But after that both children were more luckier because results of their testing showed that they were also happy. That’s Richard’s advice about getting lucky. Luck isn’t an paranormal thing of nature. Research shows the idea is made up of our thoughts and actions.


Why do bad things happen to me?

The reality is that we tend to attribute everything that happens to us in life, the positive and the negative, to luck.

Luck by general definition is an external force which controls our lives and destinies. It’s chance, fortune, and the feeling of being predestined and directed by a force greater and more powerful than you, that controls your reality. The good news is we will reveal 8 ways to increase your luck below.

To change your life and your luck you have a secret weapon: you. Have you noticed that lucky people are happy, optimistic, persistent, active and safe? And that unfortunate people are negative, depressed, critical, self-conscious and always in a bad mood?

Do you think they are like that because they are the product of their luck?

Not at all, their positive or negative luck is the result of their way of being and acting. If you understand that you are capable of transforming your reality through your own actions, thoughts, and attitudes, you would surely feel luckier.

In other words, if you really convince yourself of that, you can change your present and future circumstances, and you will be one of those people that everyone perceives as blessed, because you will get everything what you dream and desire. There are people who have superstitions when it comes to luck, but in reality it is through your own actions that you can build your luck levels

To this end, below are 8 ways to increase your luck:

8 Ways To Increase Your Luck

Whether you want to increase your luck in love or financially, here are practical ways to increase your luck and good fortune.


1) Positive Thinking Is Key To Luck

It is not a blind and unrealistic optimism. No. It’s about learning to think positively. Thinking positively is one of the leading solutions to increase your luck.


Our thoughts determine our habits and behaviors, so if they are positive, we will tend to act positively, good things will start to happen, we will think even more positively, and a virtuous luck circle will be generated.

Positive affirmations and a positive outlook also serve this purpose in particular. Reaffirm in your mind all the qualities you have, how capable you are, that you know you can achieve everything you want. Convince yourself of it.

Take some time alone to meditate and visualize yourself getting all the things you want, use your senses to connect with that desired reality, imagine that you have already achieved them and how you feel with them.


Stop Complaining About Your Bad Luck

Lucky circumstances accompany people who possess positive thinking traits and attributes. Positive workers create an aura around themselves which attracts lucky circumstances. It’s not about the accident – it’s the result of what you’re doing. Complaining is never the answer to an iterating based problem.

If you apply yourself for a certain solution in your life it is natural that luck will follow for you and you will become a lucky person.

You never should lose confidence. Set goals and get moving towards them constantly be active and disciplined and aim to set goals for yourself never leave fear behind.

Never criticize others, never complain like how unlucky people suffered, always be a contribution to others. Look to an answer to see how to help others around you be disciplined and always in action.


2) Good Luck Come With Optimism

You cannot keep doing the same things and hope your current situation will improve. Increase your luck by being open to change, accept it, carry out different activities, change your routine and your habitual attitude towards life, in front of people. Luck favors those who are positive.

Learn to take calculated risks, that is, knowing in advance what you can win or lose, but remember that the one who does not take risks does not win. It is also important to take things calmly. Anxiety and worries are enemies of good luck because they paralyze you and prevent you from taking the opportunities that are presented to you.

There is an old saying that lucky thinking comes from optimism and lucky people tend to notice opportunities. It is so important to be a great believer in yourself, try your new ideas and be that self fulfilling prophecy that you dreamed about.

Be proactive

Stephen covey says we need to stay proactive. Don’t blame others in your life if you have failed and a poverty, misdeed or failure. By being proactive rather than reactive it stops blame and it regains its true power in your life. Take charge of your life. There is no single angle to be proactive, rather, try a new hobby it may lead to chance opportunities, a new friend, or financial success in the future.


3) A Lucky Person Will Strive And Be Persistent

To have good luck, you must strive and be persistent. Look at high-performance athletes. They may have a lot of natural talent, but if they do not practice and train daily, it would be difficult or impossible for them to stand out.


Many successful and world-renowned people failed not once, but many times in their first attempts. Some went bankrupt several times before being successful with their companies, others were rejected, what they all have in common is that they never gave up. If an athlete decided to just give up, they will be forever regarded as unlucky not to have succeeded.

They persisted in their dreams even though they had all the circumstances against them and finally they succeeded. Luck plays a role in persistence, it helps your gut feeling and those how remain persistent usually get their reward and become lucky people.


4) Get Organized To Work Smarter

That is one of the qualities that will help you improve your luck. You ought to organize your thoughts and daily activities to give each one the priority and the necessary time. It is important that you work smarter by working harder on the things that will reward you in the long run.

Unlucky people are scattered with their thoughts and their hard work is rarely rewarded. Thomas Jefferson once said; “I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.”

You do not need to be hard working to become luckier, instead have focus on what your goals are, this will reward you in the long run. Work hard on the stuff that give you better opportunities and make you feel happy.

Learn to give priority to the really important things so as not to waste time on things that do not have much relevance for your life. Concentrate your energies on what is really productive for you and your family. Set aside time for yourself, for some activity you enjoy


5) Be Alert To Opportunities

Sometimes opportunities arrive at your doorstep but you’re too scared to open it. Sometimes it takes willingness to step from your comfort zone to let luck invade your life.


To have good luck is to trip over an opportunity, take it and be prepared enough to take advantage of it. The business opportunities always appear, they are counted by thousands, in fact, the world is full of them, but there are people who let them pass for fear of being wrong, or for not taking the risk or because they are just so busy with other things that neither they even perceived the good opportunities. If you see a good opportunity, take advantage of it and always have an open mind.


6) Create Networks Of Lucky People

A person with luck knows many lucky people. It is not necessarily about creating close ties with everyone, but about being open to meeting new people all the time and keeping in touch with them. Positive people can in some sense become lucky charms. Who knows, knowing the right person and being at the right time, it may be one of those other people who give you an opportunity.

If you’re surrounded by successful people with confidence that you can face big and challenging tasks. Make connections active to help you attain success: Your friends defines who you are and can influence increasing luck.

See this list of South African Billionaires


7) Trust Your Instincts

Detect when your “reason” is trying to silence your heart. Trust that little inner voice that guides you and guides you in your life, those hunches that tell you if something is worth it or definitely does not work for your purposes.

Listen to that voice and act based on what your sixth sense or intuition tells you, this might be the key to helping your odds of getting luckier. Most likely, do not make mistakes and in case you did, at least you can start over with the main memory tasks: the lesson learned.


8) Lucky People Expect Good Fortune

In studies we’ve observed that the use of the Lucky Charms does enhance performance either by improving physical skills like playing golf or mentally improving memory. If something should go like that, you persevere on. And if you are resilient you will allow opportunities to take longer before they become favorable.

A variety of research has shown that delusions can be good for your health: the world can be difficult. It can feel strange and even random in our lives. But the fact that you feel in control helps. If you feel that you have control — although you can’t — you are powerful. Be a big fan of your ambitions, stop counting your losses and expect the silver lining to come that fortune of money.

Believing that good things happen to you is an attitude that you need to have. The odds are that you will notice that you will achieve more in your future.

Other Things to Consider – Karma

Increase your Karma score

Karma’s deepest roots include Hindus in Buddhism. Good intentions and good actions contribute to good karma and future joy. This is a similar answer to the Golden Rule or Law of Reciprocity. Don’t be shy when it comes to volunteering and expressing yourself. Always be nice to everyone. Make sanely interesting donations’.


Practice gratitude

Let your day begin immediately after a nap by thinking of 5 things that have made you grateful. It may be a job paying bills a loving home giving you joy within your heart or a friend who laughs when you cry.

By expressing your point more people will like doing it because they know it’s really valued. Try this: Think of five things to be thankful for this day before you go to bed: five things to be thankful for this day. Practice peace by putting and attitude of gratitude high on your list of priorities.



When we’re stressed and lazy the ambitions and the optimism seem a lot smaller. We orient the focus to our goals. When we’re relaxed and cheerful we’re able to expand outward and recognize opportunities more immediately. I highly recommend considering mindfulness meditation. It has a maximum of results.


Believe that you’re lucky

Believing that you are lucky helps your response to opportunities increase. Always pay attention when you get lucky and just stop and recognize it. Soon you’ll realize that you’re lucky. 


Start Getting Luckier

In conclusion, things do not fall from the sky; neither do they happen by chance. It’s up to you and only you to achieve your goals and dreams.

People with luck know it and practice it daily, sometimes instinctively and for that reason, they are lucky in life. Even if you feel that you have not had any luck so far, it’s never too late to start changing it.

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