Gratian Schindler is the owner of a hedge fund and investment company. In this post we look at the bio of Gratian Schindler and we also look at Gratian Schindler’s net worth.

Gratian Schindler

Who is Gratian Schindler?

Gratian Schindler is a Swiss son of billion dollar owner of Schindler Group. He is the director of Schindler Asset Management Ltd. The company is registered at Level 30, The Leadenhall Building, 122 Leadenhall Street, London, United Kingdom, EC3V 4AB.

What is Gratian Schindler’s age?

Gratian Schindler was born in September 1995, meaning he will be 24 in 2019.


What is Gratian Schindler’s Email?

His email address has not been disclosed. As he is a Swiss national, he will not have EU GDPR protections as Switzerland is not part of the EU.

If you do find his email address you will be able to contact him and not have to worry about breaching GDPR. Ask a legal advisor first before you do this.

If you cannot find his Gratian Schindler’s email address he does have a Linkedin profile however and you can consider using InMail to contact him.


Does Gratian Schindler have a LinkedIn profile?

Gratian Schinlder does have a LinkedIn profile. When you search for “Gratian Schindler” on you will find a profile “Gratian S.”. This is the profile of Gratian Schindler, currently a student of Harvard University.


Does Gratian Schindler have a hedge fund?

Gratian Schindler is the owner of a hedge fund also known by some as Gratian Schindler Investments but actually Hedge funds are set up usually as private limited partnerships, that speculates using credit or borrowed capital. Schindler Asset Management Ltd deals with the investments and the hedge funds.


What is Gratian Schindler Investments

Schindler Asset Management Ltd is colloquially known by many as Gratian Schindler Investments. What companies have received investment from this company is not yet known.


Gratian Schindler Portfolio

His portfolio has not been disclosed. Some would assume that the portfolio consists of real estate, and investment in tech and manufacturing.


Gratian Schindler Net Worth

Gratian is the son of a Billionaire. Schindler Holding is worth $23.3 Billion in June 2019. He has grown his own wealth from an early age from investments. Some would suggest that Gratian Schindler net worth is $92,000,000 – $400,000,000.

When more information becomes apparent, we will update this page with more information. 

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