Choi Si-won or most often referred to as Choi Siwon, is a South Korean singer, songwriter actor and model. He is best known as being a member of the boy band Super Junior. In this article we are going to look at the net worth of Choi Siwon.

Choi Siwon net worth

What Age is Choi Siwon?

Si-won was born April 7, 1986. He is aged 34 years old in 2020. He has one younger sister Ji-won.


What Height is Choi Si-won?

The K-pop star Choi Si-won’s height is 1.83 m.



Choi’s career started outside of his school at 16 when he was scouted by a talent agent. The agent recommended that he audition for Starlight Casting System which he passed which lead him to signing a contract.

From there he was cast in music videos while he was trained to sing professionally. He went on to make appearances in a number of dramas before making his debut with the boy band; Super Junior in 2005.

In 2008 Choi was put into the seven member boy-band group Super Junior M where he and the other members found much success.

Choi Siwon continued his acting career along side his music endeavours. As his status grew he attained roles in a number of popular hit movies.


Best Choi Si-won Movies

Choi appeared in the following movies:

  • A Battle of Wits
  • Attack on the Pin-Up Boys
  • I Am.
  • Dragon Blade
  • Helios
  • To the Fore

Below we will find out what Choi Si-won’s net worth is in 2020.


Best Choi Si-won

Si-won grew his Twitter following by posting quotes. As a philosophical person, here is some of his best quotes:

“Do what you have to so until you can do what you want to do”


“The pen that writes your life story must be held in your own hand”


“Create with the heart. Build with the Mind” 


” Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire”


Choi Si-won Facts

Here are some useful facts about Si-won:

  • In 2015 he became the first South Korean to reach 5 million Twitter Followers.
  • In 2016 he was listed in Forbes magazine “30 Under 30 Asia.
  • Choi Si-won is a representative for Audi. This is why you will see him driving Audi Cars.


Choi Siwon Net Worth 2020

Choi Siwon has a net worth of $35.6 Million in 2020. The bulk of his net worth came from his singing career, modelling and acting.

How did Choi Si-won get so rich?

Choi Si-won came from a rich family as his father was the former CEO of the Boryung Medicine pharmaceutical company. 

Since the start of his acting career he has had much success in the TV and film roles that he has played over the years.

Most of his fortune was built through being part of the golden generation of KPOP stars.

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