Are you looking for help with generating a great team name? Perhaps you want a striking name for your quiz team, a work team name, gaming team or a name for your fantasy team? Whatever you need a team name for, one of the best ways to get ideas for team names is to use a team name generator website.

Team Name Generator Websites

In this article, we show you the best random team name generators that we have reviewed, that offer the best team name ideas.

How To Choose The Best Team Name

There are a number of things to consider when choosing the right team name. A good business team name amplifies respect and leadership whereas a funny name will not be taken seriously. 

For a sports team a good name should strike fear in opposing teams, therefore it is important to choose the right team name.

To choose the right team name for your group, you should take time to consider what you want to achieve with your name do you want to:

  • Be humorous
  • Be serious
  • Attract attention
  • Gain respect
  • Memorable name

Once you have decided on what you want to achieve with your team name, the next step is to consider what you want to be associated with.

Do you want to be associated by. Some of the common traits that team names are associated by include:

  • Country
  • Location
  • Sports team
  • Famous person
  • A popular pun
  • Color


As you are picking a team, it is important to think of common terms and keywords that would be associated by your team members? Are all your work team members;

  • From the same location
  • Same interests
  • Similar job roles
  • Like the same genres of movies or TV shows

It is a good practice to use a mind map to collect terms associated with all of the above. From there you will find common terms that could be brought together to create the perfect team name. Alternatively, you could use those key terms with the best team name generators that we have listed below.


How to Pick a Cool Team Name

There are a number of ways to pick a cool team name. Luckily there are lots of helpful tools online to help you find the right name for your team. We have a full list of the best websites that generate team name ideas.

There are also a few considerations to ensure you have a cool team name. Cool names are important for giving that image to want to project to others and leave a lasting impression. Some tips for picking a cool team include:

Keeping it Short

Cool team names are generally short in nature. By having a short and snappy name others will remember the name and most likely want to use it themselves at a later point. Long winded names on the other hand cause confusion and can easily be forgotten.

Another benefit to having a short team name is the fact that others will less likely get it wrong compared to long team names.

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Be Distinctive and Memorable

There are a lot of names that have been overused in team names in the past, whether its work team names or sports team names. Names that have been overdone in the past include examples such as:

  • Eagles
  • Reds
  • Lions
  • Warriors

Such team names as those above have been overdone and for that reason are easily forgotten. This is an important consideration in picking a name that is cool, overused names are generally not cool any more.


Best Team Name Generators 2021

What are the best random name generators online? Below we will show you some great websites to give you ideas for choosing your next work team name.

1) is the best choice for generating a team name, simply because this website offers a variety of criteria for choosing a team name.

Team name generator

This website uses a predefined database of team names which can be selected by the following criteria:

  • A team name based on color
  • A random group name based on country
  • A random generated name for a team based on a city

Another benefit to this website is that it is free to use and is quick to load up on a smartphone, so that you can generate a team name while you are on the go or not near a desktop.


2) is easily one of the best work team name generators. This generator is simple to use, all that has to be done is click a button and a team name will be generated for you.


Wordlab is useful if you need a cool fantasy football team name.

Another benefit to using this website is that there are very few ads on the website meaning you get a pleasant experience when generating the perfect name for your team.


3) is one of the leading source of name ideas on the internet. If you are looking for any type of name, you will likely find it on this website.

Fantasy Name Generator

On Fantasy Name Generators can find categories of names including:

  • Fantasy and folklore names
  • Real names
  • Names associated with places
  • Pop culture names
  • Sports team names

The website has its own database of team names so you simply click to scroll through their lists of names. This site can also be considered as a funny random team name generator. There are some funny names that you can choose from.

Overall this is a useful website for finding ideas for group names for business or for your hobbies.

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The Story Shack is a really good website to find name ideas for groups, gaming names and more. The website is simple to use. All you have to do is select the type of name you want and the website will generate 6 names at random for you to consider.

The Story Shack

The random name categories on this website include:

  • Fantasy name generators
  • D&D name generators
  • Animal name ideas
  • sci-name generator
  • Fan fiction name generator
  • Skyrim name generator
  • Place Name generator
  • Adventure name generator

With just a few ads on this website, the user experience on this website is pretty good and it is easy to use. You will find name ideas really quickly using this website.



Namelix is an AI powered business name generator that will generate a memorable name for your business or team. What is an extra bonus for using this website, is that Namelix will also generate a logo for your name.


You can choose the length of your name that you wish to generate, such as short names at 3-6 characters, medium names 6-12 characters or long names at 12+ characters.

This website is very easy to use and you can get name ideas really quickly. There are no ads on this website as they make money from selling logos and domain registrations.


That was a simple guide to the best team name generator websites on the internet with tips on how to pick a great team name.

Got a great team name to share? Why not share team names that you have used in the past with us and our readers.

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