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In this post we look at the best pressure cushions that you can buy online.

Best pressure relief cushions

Pressure cushions are great for people who suffer from pain when they sit down or as a result of prolonged sitting.

Introduction To Pressure Cushions

Pressure cushions imply cushions that reduce, and prevent people from getting pressure sores. The vast benefit of a pressure cushion is that it is a simple, safe and affordable way to provide relief from pressure sores and pains.

A pressure cushion helps alleviate pains in your body that you would normally get after sitting for a long period of time. It is commonly used in most modern wheelchairs and is also used to assist people suffering with ulcers or hemorrhoids.


Best Pressure Cushions For Pressure Sore Relief 2019


Here are the best five recommended pressure cushions for you:

5) Homely Lee’s Orthopedic Ring Cushion

Orthopedic Ring Cushion Homely Lee is the most affordable of all the pressure cushions in this list of best pressure cushions for pain relief.

Homely Lee's orthopedic ring cushion

This pressure cushion is made out memory foam, it is extremely durable and makes for comfortable seating.

Its scientific design helps with correct posture, weight distribution when seated as well circulation of blood in the body. As well as it’s comfortable nature; there is also no fuss when it comes to cleaning as you can just place it straight into the washing machine.

Such is their promise that it will reduce any pain when sitting down; it comes with a 90 day 100% money back guarantee.

Homely Lee’s Orthopedic Ring Cushion has a rating of 4.5 stars on Amazon.



4) NRS Boneyparts Sero Pressure Comfort Cushion

NRS Boneyparts Sero Pressure Comfort Cushion has a rating of 4 stars on Amazon.

NRS BoneyParts comfort cushions

This is one of ‘Amazon’s Choice’ pressure cushions. It has been created by NRS Healthcare, the UK’s leading provider to the NHS for Clinical Services, equipment and wheelchairs.

As mentioned in the name, this cushion aims to specifically help in the ‘boney’ areas of the body where muscles needed to sit come under the most pressure.

It is suitable for the home, work or when travelling and comes with a washable cover.



3) NRS Healthcare Reflect Castellated Memory Foam Cushion

Another cushion from the NRS, it is one of the most popular cushions on the market. Made with memory foam for extreme comfort this cushion is perfect for wheelchairs or everyday chairs and comes with a waterproof cover.

NRS Healthcare Reflect Castellated Memory Foam Cushion

It is perfect to also help alleviate the risk of ulcers for those who spend a long time seated.

NRS Healthcare Reflect Castellated Memory Foam Cushion has 4.5 stars on Amazon.



2) Sero Standard Deluxe Pressure Cushion

This cushion is made from Top Grade 50 superior foam which promises superior performance and great durability.

Sero standard pressure cushion

The design of the cushion cools down the cushion itself whilst the foam focuses on soothing pressure points and ridding the body of numbness.

This hand washable cushion is perfect for all sitting purposes. An excellent cushion to give relief against pains and sores.



1) Supportiback® Comfort Therapy Donut Seating Cushion

The Supportiback® Comfort Therapy Donut Seating Cushion is the best pressure relief cushion 2019.

Supportiback comfort therapy pressure cushion

The Supportiback cushion is ergonomically designed meaning that it is designed in order to promote productivity and efficiency when seated on this cushion.

The outlines provide good weight distribution, blood circulation, posture and alignment no matter where you are seated. This cushion also disperses heat meaning you won’t sweat and will remain cool.

Supportiback love their cushion so they say that there is no reason you should not to. Their faith is shown by giving you a 30-day trial and if you don’t like it, you can just return it. This is an excellent pressure cushion to give you relief from pains and sores.

If you suffer from pains and sores, the pressure cushions mentioned above can provide you with relief from suffering.



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