Are you a gamer? Are you looking for the best gaming gloves for cold hands? In this post we show you the best gloves to use if cold hands are affecting your gaming performance.

Best gaming gloves for cold hands

One of the things that gamers quote as being a problem while gaming is suffering from cold fingers. When hands are cold, your fingers get stiff and this affects your reaction time to hit the right buttons at the right time on your controller. Another factor to worry about is the fact that gamers could suffer from joint pain from excessive gaming while playing in cold conditions.

In this post, we look at the best gaming gloves in March 2024 to suit all types of gamers. We look at PC, PS4 and Xbox gaming gloves. There are even gaming gloves that work for gamers who suffer from sweaty hands and at other times, cold hands.

5 Best Gaming Gloves For Cold Hands

5) Foamy Lizard – Hexotech Pro Gamer Gloves

The Hexotech Pro gaming gloves by Foamy Lizard are good value gloves for gamers on a budget. These gamer gloves are decent for gamers on a budget. Although this pair of gloves are fingerless, they help to warm up your palms which help to keep blood flowing to your fingers.

Hexotech gaming gloves

The fingerless design of gloves, allow gamers to use them for Xbox, PS4 and PC gaming. The Hexotech gloves are comfort fit and are perfect for long periods of gaming. The gloves are very soft and lightweight, some gamers sometimes forget that they are even wearing them. A solid choice for gamers suffering with cold hands in March 2024

The hexagonal traction silicon palm texture provides you the strong grip on controllers even if your palms start sweating. The material is breathable that saves from sweating and the flexibility of material unlock the wide range of controllers to use it easily from different angles.



4) CaptoGlove 1.0 Gaming Gloves

CaptoGlove are pro gaming gloves that can be used for any type of gaming including VR, and touchscreen gaming.

Captoglove gaming gloves

They have Bluetooth connectivity so they can also be used to control devices with hand gestures. They are the most expensive gaming gloves on our list, but the most functional.

The CaptoGlove gaming gloves are designed for VR gaming but compatible with multiple devices, you can even use it with PC, iOS, and all Android devices.

Gamers can achieve up to 10 hours of gaming time before recharging.



3) Yorha Gaming Gloves

Yorha gaming gloves are a good choice for gamers. The gloves are excellent value. They have anti slip properties so they do not hamper your gaming abilities. They are perfect for PC gaming, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One gaming.

Yorha gaming gloves

The Yorha gloves contain high quality fabrics to allow excellent fit and comfort. These gloves also have silicone grips on the palm area for maximum grip for game playing.

Overall these gloves are a good choice for gamers who suffer from cold hands during gaming. Despite the fact that the Yorha gloves are fingerless gaming gloves, they do cover most of your hands to keep you warm.


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2) EXCO Professional Gaming Gloves

The Exco professional gaming gloves not only keep your hands warm, but also provides wrist support.

Exco gaming glove

The gloves are designed for game lovers who experience pain during playing games. The glove supports the wrist and gives much relief from pain. Its high-quality stitching and soft edges feel comfortable when you are playing games.

The stretchable fabric makes it fit on your hand and has breathable material. 

Overall the Exco professional gaming gloves are very good and affordable choice for PC Xbox and Playstation gamers.



1) GAM3R GLOV3S EPG (Elite Performance Generation)

The best gaming gloves for gamers with cold hands are Gam3r Glov3s EPG in March 2024.

Gamer gloves EPG

These gloves are designed to provide full protection to your fingers and improve your grip when you are playing. The Gam3r Gloves EPG also keep your blood running at the favorable level for playing games for a long duration. The breathable cotton makes gloves ideal for long time gaming, also its Ven-Tech material removes moisture building in your hands.

You can even use your smartphone when you are wearing these gloves because of the sensitive fingertips. The gloves also improve your gameplay controls on the phone or any other touch devices. The gloves also help to recover from any hand injury, Exo fabric-compression fabric help to recover muscles from any injury. The flexibility of fabric allows you to maintain high gaming performance. The gloves contain a friction barrier to save your hands from any type of scratches or sore.

The gloves are designed for console controllers such as Xbox and Playstation controllers but you can use it for a range of devices for controlling.


If you suffer from cold hands, you should consider the best gaming gloves as listed above. Check out our other product reviews for more unbiased reviews.

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