Are you looking for the best food delivery apps 2019 to get food delivered direct to your home. With these food delivery apps you will no longer be asking “what restaurant does food delivery near me?” because you will have all the answers in the app that you use.

Best food delivery apps

Technology has taken over almost all activities that are been carried out in the world today and you do not need to leave the comfort of your homes before you can get what you need and require.


It has been made easy through the provision of online stores and food outlets to help with business transactions. You can order whatever you want and it will be delivered to you at your doorstep. We look at both Android food delivery apps and delivery apps for iOS devices that you should use to make your life simpler.


Food Deliveries Near Me

Anything you can practically buy when you go to the store in your neighborhood can be ordered online and it will be delivered to your home. The same thing goes for food.

Foods can be delivered to your doorstep now in a few minutes and in any way you want it.

Most people do not have time to cook every day of the week due to work or some other reasons. Well there is good news for people in such situations and who love their health as well as the way they use their time, the thing is that there food delivery apps that are available for people to utilize.



Best Delivery Apps

These food delivery apps are designed to provide fresh meals from local vendors around you within a short period of time and at a very cheap and affordable delivery price.

All you need to do is to get the app on you mobile device and place your orders whenever you feel hungry and need a meal but can’t prepare one yourself.


10 Best Food Delivery Apps 2019

Below are some of the food delivery apps that can be used to deliver food to your home in 2019:


This application is designed to serve the following purposes;

  • Food Delivery
  • Alcohol
  • Laundry
  • Restaurants can’t be considered to be just a delivery service for meals alone, they are into more sections than most people think. They are also into the delivery of groceries, fresh foods, laundry and so on. They create partnership with restaurants. partners offer lower delivery prices as they are partners with restaurants so they get their pay from there, also during busy times they are no price surges.

It is a small service provider and has lesser options provided, if not for this they would be considered to be #1 food delivery app.

This is an app that is worth using because they offer fresh produce to their clients.



9) Uber Eats

This app is separate from the normal Uber app on our phone that we use to order for rides although they are similar in a way.

This app will help you to locate the best restaurants that are located around you and can offer quick services. If you are a purist looking for a way to rationalize the brands you make use of.

You can anything you want from the roaster of any restaurant close to you when you slide into the Uber network to place orders. Uber Eats have an estimated delivery fee of $4.99 per delivery.



8) Foodler


Food ordering from several locations has been made easy by this app. Foodler offers you a quick, stress-free and delicious in a short period of time.

You also earn points for any order you place and get rewards, imagine getting rewards for eating what you love? This is a great opportunity for all food lovers.

Foodler is available on both Android and iOS devices.



7) Food Panda

With Food Panda you are able to choose from a wide range of options containing your favorite meals.

On this app, a tracking feature is been integrated allowing you to track the movement of your food as it is been delivered to you in few minutes.

The speed of the service is insane and it is usually considered to be the fastest food delivery app.


6) GrubHub

With this app, all you need to do is put in your location and all the restaurants that are close to you will be displayed for you in order for you to choose from.

Any type of cuisine you want whether Italian or Mexican, will be available for you to search. It is also equipped with a specific menu that will make it easier to find your meal.


5) Waitr

Waitr is a special food delivery app that brings any restaurant of your choice to your doorstep.

Whenever you don’t feel like cooking, just log into this lovely app and order your delicious local food.


4) Doordash

DoorDash is available in a number of cities such as Seattle, Boston, New York, Atlanta and many more.

It is equipped with a unique feature called the “Doordash Delight scoring system” which recommends the best restaurant available in your area by using factors like delivery time, restaurant popularity, quality of food and so on.

The price and delivery fee depends on the restaurant you choose to use.


3) Seamless

You can find Seamless available in over 600 cities in U.S making it one of the largest food delivery apps in the business.

With just a few clicks, your food will be on its way to your home. Discounts are been offered on the app and thousands of restaurants are been provided for their clients.  

You are not required to pay any amount to make use of this app.


2) Eat Purely

Eat Purely is based in Chicago and offers delivery of freshly prepared foods to areas around the north suburb and in the city.

Dishes created by Michelin Star chefs are been offered weekly in a rational manner on the menu.  

No matter your location in Chicago, in about 30 minutes your delicious, healthy and chef-made food will be delivered to your doorstep. Only a $3 tip will be charged, there is no delivery fee.


1) Postmates

This is considered as one of the oldest, popular and largest food delivery apps that are available to clients.

This app is very reliable and is worth your download because it provides a large variety of products that are ready to satisfy your needs. Although Postmates has high delivery rates, they are still going strong in their business due to the quality service they offer.

There high chances that your best local joint which you love to eat at are present on the app already so all you need to do is just place an order, they are not like most apps that get affiliated with many restaurants.

They are also into the delivery of alcohol, clothes, underwear and groceries (also fresh fruits and vegetables). They are not just for food alone.

You can order for the products on the app from anywhere you are and their delivery fee falls between $4.99 and $7.99.


That was the best food delivery apps 2019 to get food delivered direct to your home. These apps are perfect if your looking for food deliveries near me.


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