Are you looking for a folding bicycle? If you are looking to get active or looking for a way to get to work without paying and waiting for public transport, a folding bike is a convenient and cost effective solution.

There are a range of folding bicycles available to buy online, however in this post we picked out some of the best value fold up bicycles in 2022.

One of the benefits to having a fold up bike is the fact that you can take your bicycle into your office or store it in your home which reduces the risk of theft.


Top 5 Folding Bicycles 2022

5) Schwinn 20-Inch Loop Folding Bike

The Schwinn is a 20 inch folding bike that is made for commuters. It is one of the oldest brands in bicycles, established in 1895. This bike has a 7 speed Shimano drive train for ease cycling up hills, has a lightweight but rugged aluminum frame, weighing under 42 pounds.

Schwinn folding bike

There are alloy linear full brakes for fast and safe stopping.

The Schwinn bike has a quality nylon carrying bag included so you can easily carry it while on a train or bus when commuting.

One of the reasons this bike on this list of best folding bicycles 2022 is the fact that it folds up neatly.

A second and most importantly, Schwinn offer a lifetime guarantee as long as you own it.



4) Vilano Urbana Single Speed Folding Bike

The Vilano Urbana folding bike is a single speed folding bicycle. It has 20 inch wheels and weighs less and 40 pounds and requires minimal maintenance.

Vilano Urbana folding bicycle


There is an option with Amazon, to purchase this bicycle assembled, otherwise you can build it yourself but caution is required to ensure it is built correctly.

When folded it only measures a compact 12″ x 32″ x 25″.

The seat can be adjusted to various sizes to suit various heights. Therefore it can adjusted to your height size.



3) EuroMini Campo Folding Bike 20-Inch

The EuroMini Campo has a 28lb Lightweight Aluminum Frame, meaning it is ultra light and perfect for commuting.


Euromini Campo folding bike

This bike has a Shimano 7-Speed gearing meaning it is good for cycling. The gear selector is a grip style shifter for easy gear selection.

The bike can be folded easily for commuting and for storing away, while also easy for a daily commute.





2) Vilano Foldable Bicycle

This fold up bike by Vilano is a fantastic value bicycle. It is a Lightweight Aluminum foldable bicycle that also comes with a rack and fenders. The rack is useful for commuters who may be taking more items on their daily commute.
Lightweight Aluminium folding bicycle
This is a light bike, at 39 pounds, however it is a sturdy one.
It has a 6 speed simple twist gear shifter so you can adjust the tension for speed and make your cycle easier over various gradients.
When folded, the bike measures 12.8 x 26 x 33.5 so it can be stored easily.

1) Columba SP26S Folding Bike

The Columba SP26S folding bike is the top fold up bike for value. It has larger 26 inch wheels compared to the others in this post. This bicycle has an 18 speed shifter which gives you a variety of choices for speed.
Columba Folding bike
This bike only weighs only 35 pounds. It is compact and very easy to fold away. You can fold this away into the office, apartment for into your car if you want to use it for a leisurely cycle.
The larger tires makes your commute easier each day.
One of the best features of this bike is the fact that it looks great and does not look like a typical fold up bike.
This bike is also one of the highest rated foldable bikes on Amazon. 
Overall the Columba SP26S is the best folding bicycle in 2022. The Sp26S offers the best value for money with the most practicality.
Overall folding bikes are a great way to save money and can help promote a healthier lifestyle.

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