If you love throwing parties or just crave a good vibe in your home, then you need a subwoofer to amplify your music. There are many wired versions on the market, however a wireless subwoofer gives you more flexibility. You can get wireless subwoofer kits that make your wired subs wireless, however they may not always give to the best results.

5 Best Wireless Subwoofers

What are the best subwoofers that are wireless in 2023? Which would be best to connect to an audio system or home theatre system? Below are the top 5 best wireless subwoofers 2023.


5) Bose Base Module Wireless Subwoofer

The Bose Base Module is one of the best wireless subwoofers 2023. It is designed to be paired with the Bose Sound Bar 700.

Bose Wireless Subwoofer

This wireless subwoofer offers cinematic type audio with its dramatic bass.

This subwoofer offers low notes audio to give you the the full effects of movie scenes and your favorite music playlists.

If you are a fan of Bose products, then this bluetooth subwoofer may be the best choice for you.

A nice feature of this audio device is glass top finish add elegance to your own home cinema setting. Overall the Bose Base Module subwoofer is the best option if you have a Bose sound bar 700.



4) Klipsch R110SW/WA2 Bundle 10″ Powered Subwoofer and Wireless Kit

The Klipsch R110SW/WA2 Bundle gives you the best of both worlds as it comes with a wireless kit. This means you have the advantage of having a wire and wireless subwoofer.

Klipsch subwoofer wireless

This sub has received a lot of positive reviews online, however one of the reasons the sub is number 4 on the list is because it is one of the more expensive subwoofers that you can buy.

Klipsch R110SW subwoofer offers excellent bass quality. This sub comes with a 10” copper front woofer with an output of 200 watts. The sub offers excellent sound quality and you can enjoy your music the way you want to.

With the WA2 wireless adapter kit, you can place the Klipsch R110SW anywhere you wish in our room. The styling of the Klipsch means it can blend into your room decor easily.



3) Velodyne DPS-10

The Velodyne DPS 10 is a fantastic 10 inch wireless subwoofer that is also affordable for any music lover. You can easily use the Velodyne’s WiConnect System to connect to you audio device. The wireless design means you can place the DPS-10 where ever you wish.

Velodyne DPS-10

This sub has a one touch auto EQ room bass correction feature that makes it easy for you to get the perfect sound output. There are also 4 one touch listening presets to choose from that provides simple controls.

The DPS-10 has a down firing ported cabinet to give a superior bass. This works very well if connected to a home theatre system.

This wireless subwoofer provides 390 watts of output for a high volume level with minimal sound distortion.



2) MartinLogan Dynamo 700W

The MartinLogan Dynamo 700W is simply an awesome wireless subwoofer that can be used to connect wirelessly to your audio device or home cinema system. The MartinLogan Dynamo 700W is the second best wireless subwoofer in 2023.

Martin Logan

This sub is compact, yet provides outstanding sound quality. The Dynamo 700w offers 300-watt RMS and 600 watt peak amplifier with a 10 inch woofer.

You can experience the exceptional sound quality when you connect the MartinLogan Dynamo 700w to your home theater where it can deliver deep bass.

The down firing configuration can also be converted to a front firing setting to allow you to hide the subwoofer in a corner of your room to avoid obstruction. This is one of the best features as it means you can have a minimalist, uncluttered looking room with the Dynamo 700w hidden away while enjoying the fantastic audio output at the same time.


1)  Klipsch R-10SWi 10″ Wireless Subwoofer

The Klipsch R-10SWi 10″ Wireless Subwoofer is the best subwoofer that money can buy you in 2023.

Klipsch R-10SWi

Unlike the R110SW listed above, the R-10SWi is a fully wireless subwoofer that does not require a wireless subwoofer adapter kit. This sub by Klipsch can be placed anywhere in your home and regardless of your room’s layout.

To feel the quality vibes from this subwoofer, all you have to do is plug the Klipsch R-10SWi into an outlet and connect the transmitter to the LFE of your audio component. This sub can be easily connected to your home theatre system and you can enjoy the incredible bass that you get from this device.

One of the best features of this Klipse subwoofer is the design. The R-10SWi has a quality polymer veneer finish which makes it easy to fit in with the decor of your room and/or home cinema system.


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