There are many smartphone apps that have been made for bloggers and writers. Many of the apps from the Play Store and Apple Store can help you with productivity and help you to write faster. These best mobile apps for bloggers and writers can also help you generate more income.


25 Best Mobile Apps for Bloggers and Writers

Continue reading on to learn about the 25 best mobile apps that bloggers and writers can use.

25 Best Mobile Apps for Bloggers and Writers


1.    IFTTT

If This Then That or IFTTT as it is better known is a web app and smartphone app to help with automation. Users are guided by a process to make simple scripts, i.e. “recipes,” this is where some event within one device or even service automatically triggers an action within another.

One example of a recipe; when you post a new article on WordPress the feed can be sent to post on Facebook or other social network.

Pros- It has been claimed that most of the recipes work well and that without modifications, nevertheless, some need a bit of fiddling to fit one’s needs.

Cons- Some channels tend to only work within one direction, this means they will trigger an action, nevertheless this will not work the other way around.


This app can be integrated with other sales apps like Salesforce.



2. HubSpot Sales

This app lets one build a library precisely of personalized email templates along with sales content which one can access directly from their inbox. Hubspot is perfect for bloggers who are looking to invest in lead generation.


Pros- Sales as well as a marketing function better together with HubSpot.

Cons- This app is not ideal for new bloggers as the software is rather costly.


This app works well for high end bloggers who want to invest in lead generation and customer acquisition.



3. WordPress

WordPress is the leading blogging platform. The WordPress smartphone app lets you do nearly everything that you would usually do from the desktop. It is great for blogging on the go.


Pros- This app is easy to use for beginners who are starting out with their blog.

Cons- Formatting your posts can sometimes be a little difficult on the app.


If you are blogger that likes to be productive on the go, WordPress is a good choice for you!


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4. Pinterest

With this app, you can discover, search and save amazing content present across the web. Get lots of inspiration for your next blog post with the Pinterest app.


Pros- This app is inspirational and fun.

Cons- Pinterest is such that it does not always translate to one’s real life.

If you are looking for something fun and inspiring, then try out Pinterest.


5. Aweber

This app can be used to check results of email marketing campaigns, autoresponder sequences as well as broadcasts right from your mobile phone.


Pros- This app lets it be very convenient to check one’s stats. It also looks great.

Cons- This app has no special function.


Aweber is for those who need just to check their email open rate stats while they are on the go.



6. Google Analytics

With this app, you can access all your Google Analytics web plus app data precisely from your phone. You can monitor recent changes to your website, traffic behavior and much more with real-time reports. You can share reports with whoever you want.


Pros- This app is free of charge. It can be employed on different digital environments.

Cons- Slow to use and you will have to take out time to learn all the intricacies.


If you have time to learn, then you may find this app helpful.



7. Evernote

You can dive in and take notes, make to-do lists and save things that you find online into this app. Another point about this app is that it will sync everything between one’s phone, tablet, as well as computer automatically. This app is great for those like to take notes for upcoming blog posts.


Pros- Your content will all be in one place and that in a searchable format. This app is also cloud-based.

Cons- Sometimes the app and desktop do not sync quickly between devices.


This app is simple as well as lightweight, great for keeping track of ideas for content.



8. Writer Create Docs, Share by Zoho

Writer Create Docs, Share by Zoho Corporation is one of the best blogging apps for Android.This is an online alternative that you can use in place of Microsoft Word. It is free to use and create documents on both mobile or desktop.


Pros- It has a sleek as well as the easy-to-use interface. This is a versatile app. You have some formatting options. There is also a useful plug-in which ties Word and Zoho Writer.

Cons- This app does not possess all the features that are found in word processors that are classic and desktop ones.


If you are a writer, who travels and likes to stay productive, you will like this Android app.



9. ProWritingAid

You can enter the work you have written into this app, and then you will get a level of feedback. A good proofreading plus editing tool. Spellcheck features are present. If you get the Premium version, you will get a plagiarism checker.


Pros- Easy to use app for spell checking.

Cons- To enjoy the benefits of the plagiarism checker, you will need to buy the premium version.


If you are looking for a proofreading and editing tool, you will find this app helpful.



10. Scrivener

This app is made to take its users through every part of the writing process. It is an essential blogging app for your smartphone.


Pros- This is a comprehensive tool which is about project management as well as word processing. This is a well-paid word-processing software.

Cons- You will need to purchase this app. You will need to take time to familiarize yourself with it so that you can enjoy its features.


If you are willing to spend money, then this app may help you create excellent content for your blog.



11. yWriter

This app will automatically break your work into chapters as well as scenes allowing you to focus only on writing. This is a good Android app for bloggers who are looking to turn their blog posts into ebooks.


Pros- Useful when word count becomes higher. This app also tracks your alterations through saving daily log files.

To edit you need to drag plus drop chapters, scenes, locations as well as characters to re-organize according to your needs. Good for chopping your work and changing it.

Cons- This app does not have many functions.


If you are looking for an app to help you create an ebook which you can sell to your readers, then this is a decent app to try.



12. Fade In

This app formats the draft of one’s script into proper screenplay styling and that while you type.


Pros- It’s regarded as being feature-rich having many customs along with layout options, real-time collaboration, plus bookmarks, and even more. This is a professional screenwriting tool which lets one insert images directly into their document.

Cons- You will need to buy this app.


If you are looking for good screenwriting software, certainly, try this app out. We think it is worthy to be in our list of best mobile apps for bloggers and writers.



13. LibreOffice Viewer

Writers may love this app’s word-processor, having its support for opening older file formats plus old-school layout.


Pros- If you use LibreOffice on your desktop, you will be able to open those files on your Android smartphone.

Cons- You cannot save edits that you make, only preview changes.


If you want to work on your desktop but view documents on your smartphone.



14. Ulysses

This app has a lovely minimal interface. Ulysses has a simple, text-only editor which is good for writers who want to focus on content instead of layout and formatting. Ulysses is an essential blogging app for Apple smartphones.


Pros- Good for blogging, simplicity plus all-around design. Writers writing material for their WordPress blog will see that they can publish work there plus to Medium and that directly from inside Ulysses.

Cons- You will need to buy this app that is available for Mac and is in the App Store.


If you are looking for a simple app for Mac, then try this one out.



15. Writer

This Android app aims to strip away any extra bells along with whistles of any other writing apps so that you do not have distractions.


Pros- Clean and no-fuss space to enable writers to write, store along with view some simple stats for instance word count as well as estimated reading time.  

Cons- This app is only available for Android.


If you want an app for distraction-free writing, then Writer may be the one for you, but you can only use it if you have Android. Writer is one of the best mobile apps for bloggers and writers.



16. AP Stylebook

The AP Stylebook is for journalists who can have an Associated Press Stylebook that is inconvenient digital form, and that online or on their phone, with this app.


Pros- You can have to receive ongoing updates. Questions can be submitted directly. Therefore, you do not have to stress about not being in-date with latest practices.

Cons- This app is mainly good for journalists.


You will need to pay to subscribe to get the AP Stylebook Online through their site, plus download the free companion app if you want it for iOS.



17. MindNode

Mindnode is one of the best iOS apps for bloggers. It helps you to brainstorm and visualize your ideas. It is a great app for helping to generate content ideas.


Pros-If you are employing this app for productivity, then take advantage of its ability to sync tasks with other “to-do“ apps that you have, or upload interactive versions precisely of your document specifically to the MyMindNode servers leading to collaboration.

Cons-MindNode is available to buy through the Mac Store plus the App Store.


If you need an app for mind-mapping and are willing to buy it, then you may find this app helpful.



18. Merriam-Webster Dictionary

A dictionary app is vital for bloggers who want to make their content sound more interesting. If you have the free version only, you can get the full Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary.


Pros- You will get a comprehensive amount of synonyms as well as antonyms if you get the $3.99 version.

Cons- You will only get a limited thesaurus in the free version.


If you want a dictionary, then this dictionary is a good choice for your smartphone.



19. Dragon Dictation

With this app, just press “Record” and your diction will immediately transform into text. Press “Done” and then you are all set. You will then need to copy plus paste the text into your word processing program by a simple double-tap.


Pros- Certainly one of the best mobile apps for bloggers for those who want their thoughts to be written quickly.

This app has a feature that directly puts lengthy text into SMS or email. It is easy to also publish to vital social media platforms, for instance, Facebook plus Twitter.

Cons- If you want an app that focuses on more than dictation, then you may need to get another app.



For those who want their diction to be transformed immediately into words, you may love this app.



20. Help Me Write

This app encourages one to write. It connects those working writers precisely with a community of helpful kindred spirits.


Pros- Can be connected to Twitter. Therefore, you can get help from here.

Cons- This app does not do much, and you may need other apps with it.


If you need the encouragement that this app claims to give, then you can try it out.



21. SelfControl

It is easy to turn away from one’s research and look at other things online. This app aids in creating a “Whitelist” precisely of sites to keep things focused as well as on the track.


Pros- You can “Blacklist” major distractions. You can set this app’s timer until whatever time you wish to focus.

Cons- This app’s timer can only be set for 24 hours or less.


If you easily get distracted, then SelfControl may aid you in being able to focus on your work. We know how difficult it can be to stay focused so this app does help, therefore we have it listed in this run down of the 25 Best Mobile Apps for Bloggers and Writers.



22. Spice Mobile

Spice Mobile gives one inspiration at the time that they are not finding the correct words to use. This app can tap into the comprehensive collection it has of famous literature to aid you.


Pros- You may get some inspiration when you have writer’s block.

Cons- You may not get inspired by the collection of inspiration this app has.


If you often need some inspiration, then Spice Mobile may be able to provide this for you.



23. Feedly

You can read websites as well as blogs while traveling via Feedly.


Pros- You can read websites you have subscribed to, on any device. A good RSS feed reader. You can get a clean along with clear reading experience and also track things you have read.

Cons- This app does not do much and may not help you with say, for instance, formatting your writing.


If you want an app for reading your subscribed websites, then Feedly may help you.



24. Pushbullet

This app lets users share files among their devices. This is useful for bloggers who use more than one device to create content.


Pros- It functions on every operating system and all major browsers. You will find this useful when you need to send some file from a device to some other one and that without syncing all your precious files.

You can see notifications coming from your phone precisely in your browser and desktop. Users can see as well as send text messages, particularly to their phone from their desktop.

Cons- Sharing files can take time depending on how strong your WiFi connection is.


Writers who often need to share files among their devices can try out this app.



25. Hootsuite

Default social media apps function fine for many users, but if you are a blogger or even a business owner, online marketer then you may miss out on certain features. Hootsuite is much deserving of its place in our list of 25 Best Mobile Apps for Bloggers and Writers.


Pros- This app gives the above features and that under a simplified dashboard.

Cons- This app may not help writers directly with their writing, as some of the other apps mentioned above.


If you need the above features to help you with your blog, then try out Hootsuite.



Above are some apps that writers and bloggers can try out as we have listed a number of free and paid apps. These smartphone apps are great for bloggers and those working for content agencies.


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