Making money

It is a fact of life and it is a phase I use over and over; ‘you can spend money easier than you can make it’. Making money online or offline is no easy feat with regard to ways to make money fast. I have tried several features available online to try and make a few extra quid for myself. As I find more often than not I am left demoralized with my efforts of achieving goals online. There are no simple ways to make money fast. I recently wrote an article on self-employment where I hypothesized that using certain talents that there are many opportunities to earn a living. There I talked about writing for a living, song writing, singing, selling art, and setting up your own repair agency. The simplest way to make money is to find a job. That said in a volatile world economy at the present time, to find a good job that pays well is few and far between.

How to find a job

Let’s look at just how a person finds a job. First it is to job search, figure out what is available, and what is most suited to your skill set. As job hunting methods have changed in recent years it is essential to check into, update your profile, and do some research and networking into the area you wish to work in. After doing that, refresh your CV. Add some of the content tips you may have found online to fit with the area your in or something specific that the company your applying for would like. One thing about job hunting is that you get used to rejection. Over the summer of 2013 I have sent out numerous CV’s and so far only two invites to interviews. Experience is key in the job market today and without it, it is an extra mountain to climb to find a job that is perfect for you. With my lack of success I cannot give any tips only to keep trying and never give up. My motto when I get a job rejection, and maybe it is not the most productive; ‘at the end of the day your the loser for not employing me!’.

Making money online

Working online is no walk in the park. One of the most popular methods in which to make money online is by affiliate marketing. This method requires advertisements placed on your page. In order to profit from them you need traffic to your page, web users to click on them and in some cases to purchase the items advertised. After that you can gain commission on items sold and sometimes just on the clicks if you have pay-per-click ads on your site.
Other ways include freelance writing which I accumulated $16 USD in a week which has left me quite demoralised. A reputation online is essential and that is no different with freelance work. You get a reputation there is a better chance to make some extra cash. Making money online takes time. If you start something new today chances are you will not get too far by the same time tomorrow.
If you have a day job I would not advise you to quit it to start work from home online. Be thankful you have a job. Another option on how to make money is to make products and sell them online. Thanks to the power of the web instead of having a local market in your own country to sell to, you now have the whole world to sell to.

In conclusion, make money fast?

No matter what sort of product you can make that either has a purpose or attractive aesthetics there is a good chance of selling it online. There are few ways to make money fast, however spending time and working hard at something you are interested in can earn you money both online and offline.

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