Have you got lots of free Amazon gift cards that you have not used? In this post, we show you the best 8 ways to sell Amazon gift cards for cash.


There are more than 562,300,000 different products listed on Amazon, making it the best choice for online shopping. With that in mind, there are always opportunities to find a buyer for  unused Amazon gift cards to be it online or offline.

This article provides simple 9 ways to sell your Amazon gift card for cash.

9) Try a Coinstar Kiosk

Most probably you have encountered numerous machines in sundry stores that turn loose change to bills. Cardpool, which is among the leading players in this business of buying and selling gift cards took over the machines. this process is simple as it requires you to take your Amazon gift card to the nearest Cardpool kiosk and key in the details of the card and ID information.

On the display, there will be an offer for the gift card and it goes up to 85% of the card value. If the offer is good, you can accept it then afterward get the card into the provided slot and collect the cash. If the offer is not acceptable, cancel the transaction and go your way.


8) Craigslist

It is also an easy method to find a buyer for the unused Amazon gift card by listing it on Craigslist. The moment a potential buyer is found, it is necessary to verify the balance in the card in the presence of the buyer. This method has an advantage in that the interested buyer might be someone from the neighborhood and also, you will be paid in hard cash. This is done without any transaction fee deducted on the other online websites.

To be cautious, if the buyer is a stranger, ensure you meet in a public place and only take the payment in cash.


7) eBay

Just like Craigslist, eBay is another popular online platform to get the Amazon gift cards sold. However, there are quite a number of factors to put in mind before you proceed with the listing. Listing and selling fees may be involved therefore, make up your mind after taking both fees into consideration.

If it happens that the buyer stays in another city or state, additional shipping charges might be involved too if you have the physical gift card. This must also be put into consideration.


6) Exchange it for cryptocurrency

It is possible to exchange unused Amazon gift card for cryptocurrency. There are websites which solely exchanges Amazon gift cards – for Bitcoin. On these website, there are buyers looking to purchase stuff from Amazon. Your job will be buying what they need from Amazon using your gift card.

Consequently, the person will open an escrow account as required and deposit the cash. You get paid after completing the transaction. When all that is done, the person gets his goods from Amazon while you understand his Bitcoin.


5) Zeek.me

Zeek.me is an online market place where you can sell your Amazon gift cards. It strongly affirms that it sells unused gift cards in 37 minutes and that it has sold over 700 different brands in 2019 alone. First of all, the one looking to sell his Amazon gift card is required to list his card on this website.

Even though the gift card will not happen to sell in the indicated 37 minutes, the site guarantees to sell the card within a few hours of listing, together with other gift cards posted for sale.

The seller can choose the mode of payment from multiple secure payment options that include PayPal or direct credit to the bank account of choice. On the other hand, an opportunity to exchange the Amazon gift cards for a different value of similar value is always available.


4) GiftCardSpread.com

On the GiftCardSpread.com website, the seller decides the price for the unused Amazon gift card. The website gets back to the seller within 24 hours after they consider the price as acceptable. And if not, the seller receives a counter offer from GiftCardSpread.com that can be accepted or turned down.

After the deal is finalized, upload the credit card details and a valid ID within 24 hours then enter the details of the gift card electronically. An alternative method is to ship the gift card to their Chicago location.

After they receive the card, it is verified the payment is processed and sent to the seller via ACH (Automated Clearing House).


3) GiftCardGranny.com

The renowned website offers the seller more than one way to convert amazon gift cards for cash. It can be sold or traded for another gift card at a close gift card exchange for instant payment. The seller can also choose to sell the gift card on top gift card websites, take the best offer and pocket the cash (up to 92% of the value) in days.

Another way is to directly trade it in between well-known retail gifts for a much higher payout. With the website, payments are offered by check, PayPal and ACH.

Numerous discounted gift card marketplaces sell cards that are listed on their own website online. Gift Card Granny is unique in that it shows shoppers lowest prices from many online marketplaces so that they get to spot the best deal. This can be more competitive to the seller but it is an incentive for buyers who save time by visiting one site to compare gift card prices.


2) CardKangaroo.com

This is a secondary gift card market place that provides reliable, trusted and a safe online platform to buy and sell and exchange gift cards for cash. Before the card is sold, the gift card information is shared with the website online. In turn, they get back to the seller with an offer that can go as high as 92% of the value of the gift card.

Afterward, submit the gift card after accepting their offer and when the transaction is done, the seller is paid electronically with PayPal or by a check sent by mail.


1) Reddit

There are subreddits on Reddit where you can find people who are willing to pay you cash for your gift cards. You need to be weary that there could be scammers on the site but the moderators usually do a good job of banning frauds.


Selling or trading Amazon gift cards is easy because of the steady demand from buyers. Cards are sold for the lowest trade fees but sellers still make the profit. Both the seller and the buyer win and the seller walks away with some extra money in the wallet.


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