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The “I Say” website by Ipsos is an easy to use survey website, which rewards members for taking surveys on products an in turn redeeming prizes using their points system. The more surveys a user takes, the more points they will earn, which can be used to exchange for things such as prepaid gift cards from Visa and Amazon and donations to charity.

Ipsos Survey Review

No hard cash from Ipsos-I-Say

Ipsos I Say are one of the highest paying survey sites out there, however they do not pay in cash. The website does allow users to redeem their points for money. The points system seems restricting for the user, although the range of rewards on offer is quite extensive. As of now, the website only allows users from Canada or the United States to join, which is a little restrictive on international users.

Honest service from Ipsos

However, the website is honest, and there is no promises made that users of the website will be making the big bucks. Unlike many other survey websites, they emphasize the fact that the website is more about having an opinion and shaping products of the future, rather than making your fortune. They have a decent FAQ section which is rather helpful when first trying to navigate around the website.The loyalty program is again, a nice touch, which provides incentive to complete even more surveys.

Ipsos in a nutshell

Overall, Ispos has a good service for those who are eligible to take advantage of the service. It has a user friendly interface, and the information you need is easily available to get up and running towards gaining points for prizes. The website would be good for people with some spare time who want to earn a gift vouchers, however if you are looking to earn cash it is suggested that you look to other online services.

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