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You do not have to leave home any more in order to earn money. By working online, you can earn as much as you would within an office depending on your diligence and hard work. And without a doubt, being able to make money online is the most interesting innovation that technology has ever brought about.

However, even with this great news, some individuals are doubtful about the truthfulness of the different ways

To earn money online, especially the unusual or strange ones.

As a guide, here are five legitimate work-from-home opportunities and money making ways to consider that can suit your passion, lifestyle, and skills.


  1. Selling your trash/old items online

What do you do with your old stuff at home? If you just throw them away or give them away to any random person, then you may be missing out on a chance to earn extra money from it. Such old items may still be useful to another person according to the adage that goes, ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’.

Though you will be selling it at a lower price, it would still be better than getting nothing from it at all. Just remember to sell it in good working condition at the right price so that you will attract sellers and gain positive feedbacks on your profile.

There are different sites online where you can do this. There is craigslist.org where a lot of sellers and buyers come together. It is not just that as there are also job opportunities and business opportunities that are being offered on the site.

Ebay.com is one of the oldest and most trusted online selling website. You will need to make an account and register in order to buy and sell. Then, as you sell your items, your customers will be allowed to rate your items and provide feedback about you. The more positive feedbacks you have, the more customers you can attract.

Aside from just posting your items to sell them, you can also take advantage of buy-back offers. For example, you have an old cell phone that you want to get rid of to buy a new one. Then, you can open the website of your cell phone manufacturer or any of its affiliates and check for their buy-back offers. The good thing about this is that they will buy your phone back for whatever its condition is and may even offer you a trade-in deal.


  1. Put your opinion to work

Yes, your mind is your most powerful and important tool. With websites that need your opinion, you will surely earn money. The Find Focus Groups is a legitimate online site that pays you to participate in their focus groups, which are commissioned by legitimate recruiters and research companies.

Depending on the study you are participating in, you can be paid between $50 to $400 for each study, although the common range of pay is from $75 to $100. That is not bad at all! All you have to do is go to their website and search studies by state.


  1. Sharing economy

This may sound particularly new to a lot of people. And yes, it is a new way to make money online in a not very unusual way. The sharing economy enables people to share human and physical resources as well as share the creation, production, distribution and consumption of goods and services. Basically, it allows peer-to-peer exchanges through technology.

With sharing economy, you can swap, exchange, lend, rent, borrow, purchase, and trade items and a lot more.


On another side of earning money in the sharing economy concept, you can also try using Eat Feastly through https://eatfeastly.com/. This is a unique website that allows you to host your own dinner parties which does not limit your guest list to just your friends. Anyone who wants to try out your dish can certainly come and pay for your efforts.

So, if cooking is your interest, you can visit the site and create your menu. Include detailed information on your menu and attach some pictures to make it more enticing. Then, set a date for this meal. Those who visit the site and find your menu interesting will book a seat. When they leave happy and satisfied, word goes around and you gain more guests and patrons. It is always a great feeling to do what you love to do and make it a way to make money.


  1. Rent out your car

Do you always use your car? If not, then this would make a good income source for you. There are a lot of tourists and business people who goes to different places and prefer driving a rental from an independent provider since it is less expensive.

Advertise your car on legitimate websites like craigslist.org or OLX.com. Describe the services you offer, whether you provide a driver or not, and post pictures of your car. Post the ad and then wait for inquiries and bookings.

It is that easy! The downside, however, is that you have to make sure that the renter is not bogus. Otherwise, your car might be the subject of a car theft. So get the necessary papers and documents from the renter.


  1. Reduce your weight and earn money

What can be better than having both worlds in your hands? This is very interesting especially for women who want to shed a few pounds in a very fun way. For example, you can go to www.healthywage.com, which features a weight loss betting game.

You simply have to decide how much weight you want to lose and how much you wish to bet. Then, decide how much time you need to do it. If your goal is high and the wager is high too, then the payout is obviously bigger too! That is why you need to lose that much within that particular period to win.

Another site that works the same way is dietbetter.com. The mechanics is quite very simple. First, you have to put money into the pot along with the others who are joining the game. The members of the group who lost 4% of their initial weight will win the pot money. If there is more than one, then the pot is split. What can be better than getting sexier and richer in just one way?

There are actually many great ways to make money online. You just have to be resourceful in finding new and legit ways to earn. However, a word of caution is to always make sure that the website and program are legitimate.

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